March 14, 2017

Strange Ghost Rocket in Sweden

In 1980 a young swedish couple had a strange sighting at the lake Nammajaure. Still the mystery isn't solved but maybe it will be this year.

But first lets begin in May 1946, that's when a "ghost rocket" was first reported in an area north of Stockholm. Then, in the summer 1946, people outside Örebro saw a strange thing in the sky, it looked like a giant silver shimmering cigarr. Totally 997 observations were reported during that summer. 

Searching for the "ghost rocket" in Sweden, 1946.

But lets go back to 1980, that's when Liz Hellström and Bo Berg spend some time by the lake Nammajaure. They rested by the lake when they suddenly heard a strange whining sound from above. A giant cigarr shaped object flew over the lake. It was like someone manoeuvered it as it turned around and then sank down to the lake and disappeared under the water. The couple got so afraid that they left the area.

Drawing made by Liz and Bo after the event in 1980.

From Bo's diary July 31, 1980:

"Then something happened very strange! Suddenly, sweeps over our heads about 100 meters up in the air, some kind of robotic vehicle, at high speed. It goes out over the lake and then make a neat turn to the left and down and land on the water with a big splash and then drops. I would think that it was about 3 meters long and looked similar to this that I remember [subscription]. During the course of the time I saw it, I had time to think that it was an airplane, a cruise missile, a UFO. It sounded like an airplane but much weaker. The eerie thing was that it landed in the lake, we were sitting at. Both Liz and I saw it and thought it was weird. "

The couple contacted the Swedish Defence Research establishment FOA, but not much happend after that. Not until 1990 when a UFO researcher found the report and discovered similarities with the ghost rocket reports from 1946.

Since 2012 expeditions have been searching for evidens in the lake Nammajaure. The third expedition will take place in the autumn 2017. They already have found some tracks on the radar echo. It will be interesting to follow this and see if it maybe is some kind of early russian missile from 1946.

Radar echo showing something metallic.

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