October 17, 2013

Strange alien voice in my phone

Two weeks ago I was on my way to France. I ran like crazy in the shops here to find a dress I could wear on the trip. Just when I arrived to my home my phone rang, it was my friend who I was going on the trip with. We talked for a minute, then something strange happend.

Suddenly my friends voice was lost and instead I heard something else, like a strange angry metallic voice that talked extremly - fast but it was a language I could not understand. It sounded so angry and I was so surpriced, so I held the phone towards my daughter. She listened and was as surpriced as me, then suddenly the voice stopped and the line was broken.

I immediatly remembered a video with Karla Turner, when she talked about what happend in their home and that strange phone call. You can see it here below, listen to the part that begins at 0:08:00 to about 0:11:15. She discribes the same thing as I heard:

Next day I got a big scratch mark on my left hand.