December 28, 2013

It's all about frequency...

Today me and my friend Sandra went for a trip in my car. We do so at least twice every month; take a trip to another town, drink coffee, take a walk and talk about strange stuff. But I think that some of the things we discussed annoyed "them"... because suddenly I got a deep scratch mark and blood all over my fingers.

First Sandra told me about Michael Tellinger and his research in South Africa; thousands of interesting stone circles from ancient civilizations. That led us to talking about frequencies, because much is about that. Remember that my home became haunted in 2008, after that companys testings in the basement of our house? They had a small EMF-lab were they tested engines and that caused terrible low frequency sounds in my apartment. And that's when the hauntings started. So since 2008 I have been very interested in learning more about frequencies. What happens in our bodies when we are exsposed for low frequences? And is there a connection between low frequences and paranormal events? Could these frequencies open up a portal to other dimensions? Maybe.

Here is the video Sandra told me about:

(Doesn't the sound he gets from the stones reminds you of Church bells?)

Then we went from discussing Tellinger to talking about religion and catolicism. And it was after that I got the scratch mark. I didn't feel any pain but suddenly blood was dripping from my right hand and all over the steering wheel. I haven't had any scratches like this for a long time... so I guess that it had to do with something we had just talked about. Was it the frequencies, the symbols, the catholic church or...? Well i don't know. Yet.

Anyway, I hope you watched the video about Tellinger, because I think his researches in Africa are very interesting.

December 15, 2013

Black hooded figure

One of the scarriest things I have experienced is the event that took place in my bedroom in 1997, when I was visited by an evil black hooded figure. Now I understand that I am not alone with this kind of experiences.

I have written about the event here

Today I found Zack's story, at BUFOG Contact Case Reports: Merthyr Tydfil Contact Case

It seems like we are visited by lots of different aliens. But are they from another planet - or from another dimension? Or both?

December 04, 2013

Strange bruise

Tonight I got a bruise on my left leg. Because of yesterdays post? I often get scratch marks or bruises after posting here on my blog - or after digging to much in Alien stuff.

The video I posted yesterday was very interesting. I even told my friend Sandra to look at it, because we have discused much of the things that were brought up in the video. So I am not surpriced that I got this mark on my leg. It has happend before.

During 2008-2009, during that terrible hauntings in my old apartment, I got lots of these bruises on my legs. It always happend during the night and often on both my legs at the same time. But I have also got bruises while I have been awake. The one you see below (on my arm) I got while I talked to my mother about some recordings (EVPs) I did in my apartment. I didn't feel any pain, but suddenly it was there. I think it's because "they" don't like what I am doing. Maybe an attempt to correct me. But nothing can stop me now. I am just so fed up with these harassment that has been going on for so long!


December 03, 2013

Is this how "they" work?

Wow, this is my 100 post! :-) Something to celebrate maybe?

Well, watch this interesting video about aliens and abductions. Much fits in to my own experiences and thoughts about it: