January 22, 2014

The Alien Council

"They" don't like when I write about this. But I will do it anyway; write about my hypnotherapy session last week. And the trip back to the time before I was born into this life.

For many years I have felt that "someone" is controlling my life. So many strange and bad things have happend. Also my friends have been concearned about me. I have also had a strong feeling that I must not get involved, in a realtionship. That I am ment be alone. I am a very romantic person and I have had boyfriends, I have been married... But, still that feeling that I am not supposed to "get involved". Why?

Since 2008, when the hautings began, it became more clearly. The more research I did on aliens or UFOs, the more scratch marks I got. It was as "someone" punished me everytime I tried to learn more about aliens. As if I wasn't allowed to know anything about it. Even now, when I write this, I can feel that pressure coming in to my right ear. The beeping sound is almost gone, but I can still feel the pressure...

Since 2009/2010 I have done a lot of hypnotherapy. And I have found out that some kind of aliens have had controlled my life - even before I was born! But why and how could I stop them?

During the session last week I found myself in another world, in complete darkness. Standing, waiting like a soldier. I (my soul?) could hardly move. I  was standing in some kind of black cylinder, like an ammunition cylinder. A tall dull (lustreless) black cylinder, with a pointing top. And I was waiting.

Suddenly the cylinder opened up. Bright, strong light from some kind of lamp. Coldness. I was in front of "the Council" (Gods?), but it was so light so I couldn't see them. I think they were 5, and they were studying me. If I was ready to go on a mission. I saw the earth, on long distance. I didn't want to go, but I knew I had no choice. These cold beeings didn't care about me.

So what was my mission? Well, I THINK that it was to be an "observer". And somehow "they" could observe (or study) the earth through me. And there were others, send at the same time. About 35 others.

Crazy? Yes, it IS crazy! :-) But I know that there are other people who share my experience. Others who have met the Council. But what does it mean for me now? Well, this "group" have been revealed now so I hope they will leave me alone now. 

Update January 30th, 2014:
Read about the Council of 5 on a page here (and notice the picture with 3 dots in a triangle)

January 12, 2014

Hidden story about the human race

Have you heard about Klaus Dona? He is an Austrian scientist who devotes his live on explaining the mysterious discoveries of ancient times.

Find out more at www.unsolved-mysteries.info