December 28, 2012

Raped by aliens?

Today I will tell you about something that I have only told one friend. It happend in 2009.

As I have written before the hauntings began in 2008. That's when me and my daughter got the first paranormal scratches. Our electric equipment in the apartment went crazy and strange sounds were heard. We left and moved in to my mothers house, but that didn't help - the hauntings followed us.

In 2009 (before I sold the apartment) I got help from some ghost hunters and a priest. I could really feel a huge diffrence, the air felt much lighter. So we moved in again. That night I slept on the floor in my daughters room, right beside her bed. Suddenly I woke up with pain-  in my rectum. It felt like somehing was pushing it's way up through my behind all the way up to my stomach! The pain was terrible and I was so scarred. What the hell was happening!?

My daughter slept through the whole night and I never told her about what I had experienced. But the pain in my body didn't go away for two days.

A couple of months later we moved to another apartment, temporary. One night the same thing happend - again!

So what was it? During that time I had contact with a dowser. He believed that it was spirits comming into my body. Well, I have never experienced something like that before or after. I felt as if I was raped, but it was also a feeling of that something forced it's way in to my body and to my stomach, to stay there. About two years later I got ovarian cancer. I wonder if there was a connection...

Anyone else who had experienced this - or have heard about something like this?

December 15, 2012

Dreaming about Parasites...

Two months ago I went to rehab for cancerpatients, it was great. But while I was there I had such a strange and unplesant dream.

I dreamed that I was in that pool we used to swin in. But in my dream there was only very little water at the bottom of the pool and - there were lots of white worm-looking almost transparent things moving around. I thought: "Oh! I well never use that pool again".

When I came back home I had another dream like that. I dreamed that I walked in to my bedroom and saw all my bed was wet by water - and those worms, or what it was, crawling around on my bedsheets!

Next week I went to hospital and met another cancer patient. We talked about alternativ treatment for cancer and she told me that almost all cancer patients have parasites and that the parasites build like nests and that start up the cancer! What? I have never heard about a connection between cancer and parasites, but suddenly I begun to understand what my dream wanted to tell me.

The next day I contacted a well known nutrition specialist that I know, and she confirmed; there IS a connection between cancer and some parasites! She also told me about some products that could help to remove the parasites.

Two days ago I visited my therapist. I told her about my dreams and asked her to check me up multidimensial. She did some kind of distant check up and - found parasites in my blood. She also removed them from my body (multidimensial). I really hope I helped. Then she gave me an article about this, an article about Istvan Vig and his herbal drug Zervital, that is used to treat cancerpatients from parasites.

Well, isn´t this interesting? It feels like my dreams have led me into something real interesting!

Two weeks later I had a new dream about these worms/parasites. This time they were just under my skin and I removed them with a knife. They looked much as hook worms. Cannot understand why these dreams keep on following me.


Someone at my door?

Yesterday my daughter came back home from her father. Later that evening she showed me a strange mark on her left arm. It looked like someone had put a pressure on her arm, like several extravasation...

I took some pictures and will try to publish them here as soon as my stationary computer is repaired.

This morning I woke up at 04:50 AM because I have heard a door bell. I run up and looked through that little "check out hole" in the door. (Don't know the english word for this.) And to my surprice the light in the stairwell really was on - but there was no one there. And no sounds. Strange.  I looked out through my window, to see if anyone has left the building, but no - no one was outside. The next moment I looked out in the stairwell it was all dark again. (The light only goes on when you open your own door, or the elevator comes up.)

Have I just imagend, was the sound only in my dream? For a moment I thought about my childhood friend Ann, who i talked to yesterday. She told me that her father had died after two hearth attacks. Visited by a ghost? No, ghosts don't use to show up like that... using the door bell. Mostly they show themself in my dreams. And now my daughter sais she didn't hear any door bell. So... maybe it only was a dream anyway..or maybe we will get a visitor today? :-)

Who is ruling my life?

I know this sounds crazy, but for many years I have felt that I have no controll of my life... that it's like someone is interferring all the time. And this feeling has become stronger for every year.

In 1998 my boss at work said to me that I should write a book about my life, because I have had so much bad luck and gone trough so many extreme things. And how many strange things haven´t happend since that day!

Often these "bad things" comes in periods/cycles. I can almost feel that; now its beginning again... And right now - I'm just in middle of a cycle like that. Electric equipment has stoped functioning, my health is suddenly worse and other real bad things are happening. And - I have got scrathes every day.

My friends cannot believe it's true, all strange things that are happening in my life. So, is it just "bad luck"? I dont think so.

When the hauntings began in 2008 I got some help from that dowsing man. He really work with some strange methods. I remember he talked about grey and dark clouds, that are invisible for us. He also talked a lot about invisible strings that are attached to us and used to controll us, strings that goes to other "beeings", other forces. Sometimes he helped me to cut these kind of strings, and I could notice a relif.

So, do we live in a Matrix? Are we just like puppets on a string?

Sometimes I can feel like I'm in some kind of experiment, like "they" are testing me and how much I can handle. Maybe they are feeding on my feelings, so they WANT me to be sad/upset?