December 15, 2012

Someone at my door?

Yesterday my daughter came back home from her father. Later that evening she showed me a strange mark on her left arm. It looked like someone had put a pressure on her arm, like several extravasation...

I took some pictures and will try to publish them here as soon as my stationary computer is repaired.

This morning I woke up at 04:50 AM because I have heard a door bell. I run up and looked through that little "check out hole" in the door. (Don't know the english word for this.) And to my surprice the light in the stairwell really was on - but there was no one there. And no sounds. Strange.  I looked out through my window, to see if anyone has left the building, but no - no one was outside. The next moment I looked out in the stairwell it was all dark again. (The light only goes on when you open your own door, or the elevator comes up.)

Have I just imagend, was the sound only in my dream? For a moment I thought about my childhood friend Ann, who i talked to yesterday. She told me that her father had died after two hearth attacks. Visited by a ghost? No, ghosts don't use to show up like that... using the door bell. Mostly they show themself in my dreams. And now my daughter sais she didn't hear any door bell. So... maybe it only was a dream anyway..or maybe we will get a visitor today? :-)

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