December 15, 2012

Who is ruling my life?

I know this sounds crazy, but for many years I have felt that I have no controll of my life... that it's like someone is interferring all the time. And this feeling has become stronger for every year.

In 1998 my boss at work said to me that I should write a book about my life, because I have had so much bad luck and gone trough so many extreme things. And how many strange things haven´t happend since that day!

Often these "bad things" comes in periods/cycles. I can almost feel that; now its beginning again... And right now - I'm just in middle of a cycle like that. Electric equipment has stoped functioning, my health is suddenly worse and other real bad things are happening. And - I have got scrathes every day.

My friends cannot believe it's true, all strange things that are happening in my life. So, is it just "bad luck"? I dont think so.

When the hauntings began in 2008 I got some help from that dowsing man. He really work with some strange methods. I remember he talked about grey and dark clouds, that are invisible for us. He also talked a lot about invisible strings that are attached to us and used to controll us, strings that goes to other "beeings", other forces. Sometimes he helped me to cut these kind of strings, and I could notice a relif.

So, do we live in a Matrix? Are we just like puppets on a string?

Sometimes I can feel like I'm in some kind of experiment, like "they" are testing me and how much I can handle. Maybe they are feeding on my feelings, so they WANT me to be sad/upset?

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