December 28, 2012

Raped by aliens?

Today I will tell you about something that I have only told one friend. It happend in 2009.

As I have written before the hauntings began in 2008. That's when me and my daughter got the first paranormal scratches. Our electric equipment in the apartment went crazy and strange sounds were heard. We left and moved in to my mothers house, but that didn't help - the hauntings followed us.

In 2009 (before I sold the apartment) I got help from some ghost hunters and a priest. I could really feel a huge diffrence, the air felt much lighter. So we moved in again. That night I slept on the floor in my daughters room, right beside her bed. Suddenly I woke up with pain-  in my rectum. It felt like somehing was pushing it's way up through my behind all the way up to my stomach! The pain was terrible and I was so scarred. What the hell was happening!?

My daughter slept through the whole night and I never told her about what I had experienced. But the pain in my body didn't go away for two days.

A couple of months later we moved to another apartment, temporary. One night the same thing happend - again!

So what was it? During that time I had contact with a dowser. He believed that it was spirits comming into my body. Well, I have never experienced something like that before or after. I felt as if I was raped, but it was also a feeling of that something forced it's way in to my body and to my stomach, to stay there. About two years later I got ovarian cancer. I wonder if there was a connection...

Anyone else who had experienced this - or have heard about something like this?

December 15, 2012

Dreaming about Parasites...

Two months ago I went to rehab for cancerpatients, it was great. But while I was there I had such a strange and unplesant dream.

I dreamed that I was in that pool we used to swin in. But in my dream there was only very little water at the bottom of the pool and - there were lots of white worm-looking almost transparent things moving around. I thought: "Oh! I well never use that pool again".

When I came back home I had another dream like that. I dreamed that I walked in to my bedroom and saw all my bed was wet by water - and those worms, or what it was, crawling around on my bedsheets!

Next week I went to hospital and met another cancer patient. We talked about alternativ treatment for cancer and she told me that almost all cancer patients have parasites and that the parasites build like nests and that start up the cancer! What? I have never heard about a connection between cancer and parasites, but suddenly I begun to understand what my dream wanted to tell me.

The next day I contacted a well known nutrition specialist that I know, and she confirmed; there IS a connection between cancer and some parasites! She also told me about some products that could help to remove the parasites.

Two days ago I visited my therapist. I told her about my dreams and asked her to check me up multidimensial. She did some kind of distant check up and - found parasites in my blood. She also removed them from my body (multidimensial). I really hope I helped. Then she gave me an article about this, an article about Istvan Vig and his herbal drug Zervital, that is used to treat cancerpatients from parasites.

Well, isn´t this interesting? It feels like my dreams have led me into something real interesting!

Two weeks later I had a new dream about these worms/parasites. This time they were just under my skin and I removed them with a knife. They looked much as hook worms. Cannot understand why these dreams keep on following me.


Someone at my door?

Yesterday my daughter came back home from her father. Later that evening she showed me a strange mark on her left arm. It looked like someone had put a pressure on her arm, like several extravasation...

I took some pictures and will try to publish them here as soon as my stationary computer is repaired.

This morning I woke up at 04:50 AM because I have heard a door bell. I run up and looked through that little "check out hole" in the door. (Don't know the english word for this.) And to my surprice the light in the stairwell really was on - but there was no one there. And no sounds. Strange.  I looked out through my window, to see if anyone has left the building, but no - no one was outside. The next moment I looked out in the stairwell it was all dark again. (The light only goes on when you open your own door, or the elevator comes up.)

Have I just imagend, was the sound only in my dream? For a moment I thought about my childhood friend Ann, who i talked to yesterday. She told me that her father had died after two hearth attacks. Visited by a ghost? No, ghosts don't use to show up like that... using the door bell. Mostly they show themself in my dreams. And now my daughter sais she didn't hear any door bell. So... maybe it only was a dream anyway..or maybe we will get a visitor today? :-)

Who is ruling my life?

I know this sounds crazy, but for many years I have felt that I have no controll of my life... that it's like someone is interferring all the time. And this feeling has become stronger for every year.

In 1998 my boss at work said to me that I should write a book about my life, because I have had so much bad luck and gone trough so many extreme things. And how many strange things haven´t happend since that day!

Often these "bad things" comes in periods/cycles. I can almost feel that; now its beginning again... And right now - I'm just in middle of a cycle like that. Electric equipment has stoped functioning, my health is suddenly worse and other real bad things are happening. And - I have got scrathes every day.

My friends cannot believe it's true, all strange things that are happening in my life. So, is it just "bad luck"? I dont think so.

When the hauntings began in 2008 I got some help from that dowsing man. He really work with some strange methods. I remember he talked about grey and dark clouds, that are invisible for us. He also talked a lot about invisible strings that are attached to us and used to controll us, strings that goes to other "beeings", other forces. Sometimes he helped me to cut these kind of strings, and I could notice a relif.

So, do we live in a Matrix? Are we just like puppets on a string?

Sometimes I can feel like I'm in some kind of experiment, like "they" are testing me and how much I can handle. Maybe they are feeding on my feelings, so they WANT me to be sad/upset?

October 19, 2012

Beep signal after watching videos

Two days ago I watched this interesting video about abductions. When I went to bed I got real disturbing ringing in my right ear. This time it was almost impossible to "bounce it away", as I use to. I guess that mean that "they" didn't like that I watched this video.

Gosh! I am so tired of this. It happens everytime that I go out searching for information about aliens and UFOs  - or when I talk to others about alien stuff! A friend of mine have the same experience.

Here is another interesting video, about ringing in ears:

October 18, 2012

Movies like this really makes me scared

Today I found this clip at the blog Ufos and Alien Abductions i LA. I don't know why but I think this scene is very scary. Maybe because it reminds me of something?

In 1997-98 I had two scary experiences in my bedroom. They seemed so very real but I told myself it was only dreams. It wasn't untill recently that I understood that it must have been real experiences. I have written about it here.

I belive that I have had experiences like this when I was child. I remember feeling the presens of some kind of beeings in my bedroom and that I was very scarred. I tried to play dead. Once I woke up under my bed. I don't remember seeing anything, but some things came up during hypnosis last year.

October 14, 2012

Safe places underground

I guess you all heard about it; that USA, Canada, Norway and several other countries are building safe areas underground. But is it really true - and is there enough place for all of us? 

I think it was in 2008 when I first heard about that seed vault in Spitzbergen, Norway. I also found information about safe bases (underground) in other countries.

During that time I started having problems in my home. Strange low frequency sounds were heard inside my apartment but I could not locate it.  Then I began getting strange scratch marks. All my electric equipment went crazy and I really felt that my apartment  was haunted. Ghost hunters who came to my home said that they believed that the ghosts came to the house because of that low frequency sound. It was as a light house that attracted all ghosts in the area to my house, they said.
I did some research I found out that there was an EMF in the basement of my house and I believed that the disturbing noice come from that place. I contacted that company but they denied that the sound came from them... so I gave up and moved out.

Well, I got away from that terrible low frequency sound, but... the hauntings followed me where ever I went. I got bleeding scratch marks on my hands and body and my daughter and mother were attacked too.

Anyway, when I lived in that old apartment I also heard so underground explosions almost everyday but I knew there weren't any buildings/constructions going on in that area. I really tried to check it up, but no one seemed to know anything about any drillings or so underground. They were building a new train tunnel close to the Royal Castle, but I lived far away from that area. So nothing could explain the underground explosions that I heard. Maybe they were building safe places under Stockholm too?

In the USA they seems to have been building safe places underground since the 90ies:

I get the feeling that something is going on. That our governments knows more than they are telling us. And that they are preparing for some kind of cathastrophe. Is it for sun/solar storms or that polar shift? Or is it something else, something connected to extraterrestials?

Well, this maybe is just a fake, but it's scary:

I have seen UFOs 3 times; in 1977, 1978 and - in 2008, shortly after the hauntings started.  Isn't that a bit strange? Maybe there were not just ghost haunting me, maybe there were aliens too? And maybe they have been after me my whole life, but I took me almost 50 years to understand it.

More scratches

These last 2-3 weeks I have noticed several scratch marks on my hands. Mostly on the fingers on my right hand.

The scratches are smaller and not as deep as they were two years ago, that feels good. But it still bothers me why this still is going on - and where they come from. Animal spirits? Ghosts? Aliens?

This past two weeks I have also noticed that the beep tones in my ears have come more frequent. And it keep on changing after every time I have "bounced it away". When I was child this tones/ringings were quite loud and they lasted for more than 30 seconds. But since I started to kick them away mentally in 2010 the signal has changed and become weaker every time. Isn't that strange? It's like someone tries to change the frequency so that I will not notice it. Well, I do notice it. Everytime. And I still get angry when I hear it. I try to block it out mentally - and it works. It goes away immedately after only 2 seconds. But then it comes back after a couple of days again, but weaker. Now I can almost hear the signal, but still I feel that pressure in my ear so I notice it anyway.

Since I wrote this post earlier today I have got 2 more scratches. I am not surpriced. I cannot talk or write about... Do you experience this kind of signals in your ears? And have you ever tried to block them out mentally? If you have - did you make any difference? Please write a comment below.

September 07, 2012

Strange objects in the sky - again

Do you remember my post from last year; Strange object in the sky over Sweden? Well, today I saw two other strange objects. Maybe military planes/rockets.

It strange, but sometimes it's like an inner voice tells me to pick up my camera and go to a place. This happend today at 4 PM. I sat down in my bedroom with my computer when I suddenly got the idea that I should go out on my balcony with my camera. I did so and found this:

Strange objects in the Sky in Sweden
I see planes from my apartment every day, but this looks very different. And it looks similar to the one i saw September 10th 2011 - and today it is September 7th 2012! One year later and I have never seen something like this before 2011. They seems to go extremly fast and very high up in the sky. Is it some kind of military plane?  People all over the world have seen this strange things that almost looks like rockets.

Here are two more pictures from today:

September 05, 2012

More mysterious scratches

Yesterday evening I was out for a walk with my daughter. Then suddenly she said she felt that ghostly feeling on her right leg. Like something was climbing up her leg. Today I woke up with a small scratch mark on one of my fingers.

I do not understand why I got this mark now, because I do not get them so often now. But I have noticed one thing; when I talk about scratches, or look at old pictures from my old apartment - then it starts all over again. It seems that I cannot even think about that time (2008-2009) without getting this scratch marks.

Here is a video that I found on Youtube today, about scratches. Don´t forget to read the comments below the video.

Unexplained scratches (Youtube)
Unexplained scratches on the neck (Youtube)

July 24, 2012

Small scratch mark

Yesterday I got a scratch mark on my right hand. I haven't had any for a month now, so I wonder why. Maybe because I have been feeling a bit depressed lately, thinking a lot of my cancer... I have noticed that before; strong feelings (of sadness or anger) seems to attract bad energys.

I have also felt a strange kind of "touching", or what to call it, against my skin for 2-3 days too. Same thing as I felt in my old house as i became haunted. I feel it mostly against my feets and legs. I feels almost like a very easy touch from something with fur, something invisible. Like a cat.
As you can see the scratch is very small but it has that typical look. It is very unusual that I get them on my hands, I use the get them on my fingers. 

June 22, 2012

Visited again...

In my last posting I told you that it has been very calm since I got my diagnosis and had my operation. Well, now it has started again.

I think it began two days ago. I had cleaned the whole apartment together with my daughter and sat down tired in the sofa. Then I felt a burning sensation on one of my fingers, but I didn't see anything. Maybe because it was dark, or because I was wearing my contact linses and couldn't see closely. But the next morning when I woke up I saw it; the scratch mark on my finger.

Later that evening I heard sounds from a paper bag where I keep glass (for recycling). It reminded me of the sounds I had heard before, around the floor, in my old apartment. But then I thought that maybe I hadn't placed the glass bottles properly... so that they have fallen because of that.

This morning a strange "popping" sound right above my head woke me up! And during the day several "bad" news had come up. It almost feel like I am haunted by some kind of evil/bad luck spirit again.

Life is hard enought now, having done this cancer operation and getting the chemotheraphy. So I really just want to be left alone. I don't want to deal with these bad energies that has been following me for such a long time. Again I feel like I am only living in a Matrix, that I am just a puppet on a string - lead by strange forces from outer space or another dimension. And it feels like they are just testing me how much I can handle. No one of my friends have gone through so much bad things as I and it feels like it's never going to end.

Why now?
I have noticed before that I have got scratch marks after cleaning my apartment, like "someone" doesn't like the vaccum cleaner. And when I had left it in the livingroom I have heard strange sounds around it.

But there is another thing too. Just 2-3 days ago I met my friend who also is into this paranormal stuff, and we talked a lot about it. She has started to use a new theraphy, some kind of trauma release therapy called TRE. And she told me that since she had started using that method she has got lots of problems with ringing in the ears. She thinks that "they" don't want us to get rid of our problems, that they don't want us to grow mentally and that's why she is under so much observation now. Is that why I get visited too? Because of our discussions about this and that she have told me about an very effective method to get stronger? Well I don't know... but everytime I learn new things like this I get that beep tone (ringing) in my ears.

May 15, 2012


I am back home from the hospital and recover after the operation. I really hope that I will manage this and get well...but I think it will take a very long time. And life will never be quite the same.

It's a bit strange... since April 29th there has been no paranormal attacks to me. No scratches or strange creatures jumping on my back (while sleeping). It's almost like I am protected. Maybe someone is watching over me during this hard time? Or... maybe the entities has got tired of me and left?

May 01, 2012

Ufological researcher Karla Turner

The medicine and all the pain makes me so tired, so I can hardly sit by my computor. But today I plugged in my ear phones and went to bed where I listened to a very interesting video with Karla Turner. 

Dr Karla Turner (1947-1996) was an american Ufological researcher. I find her research very interesting, because I have experienced it myself. She too believed that some of the aliens seems to feed on fear. They try to scare you, but don't give them fear - fight back and show strength instead. That will help you.

It is said that Karla, who was in perfect health and had no genetic history of cancers of any kind, died 48 years old of an unidentifiable cancer on January 10, 1996. She had been repeatedly threatened and harassed because of her research.

Read more at Karla Turner Memorial

Ann Livingston was another abductee and MUFON investigator. She too died in cancer. A fast-acting form of ovarian cancer.

Update 30/6/2012:
Today I found this information on Clarissas site In2worlds (pdf-file, page 173):

"Death/injury threats and attempts To me, the most disturbing facet of all concerning alien/MILAB abductions concerns prominent researchers and authors being physically maimed during abductions, instilled with disease Part III – Expanded Insights 173 programming, or flat out being taken out. Cancer seems to be a biggie. Alien/MILABS researcher and author Karla Turner died prematurely of breast cancer. And in the book “Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator” she has this to say about the cancer programming: “I’ve made a wide circle of friends all across the U.S.A., most of whom were somehow involved with UFOs. Too many of them are dead or dying. Cancer seems the favorite method of ridding the world of nosy busybodies who want to known who and what the aliens are and where they came from and why they come here. Cancer is the answer to all their questions in far too many cases."

Since I began my research about aliens and UFOs in 2008 I have had a lot of problems; at work, with my home, financially, health issues - and strange hauntings. And now, before age 50 I have got a rare form of ovarian cancer. Just a coincidence or...?

April 29, 2012

Haunted night

Yesterday I told my daughter that it has been calm for a while - no scratch marks for a long time. Just some small markings. She said she had noticed the same thing and I was glad to hear that. I told her that I believe the hauntings will end compleatly one day. But maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Because during this night I have been woken up at least five times by some kind of creature jumping on my back and... rubbing och tickeling it (like it was a small monkey or something like that). Really unpleasant!

I ha a bruise on my left thigh tand during the day I got a new scratch mark on my right hand.

So it is obvious, if I talk about this - I will get haunted again. It is like those creatures are playing with me saying: "Don't be too sure of that..."

I am just SO tired of this.

Bruise on my left thight

"You have cancer..."

Last week was one of the worst weeks in my life; My doctor told me that I have cancer.

I have been crying a lot, I am scared and I have a lot of pain. Now I get medicine with Morphine, so I can handle the pain until the operation.

Do you remember my post about the strange dreams/visits in 1996-97? I have written about it here. I experienced a dark hooded figure (full of hate) in my bedroom. It felt as the death himself, or some other real evil beeing. After a real scary mental struggle it disappeared. Shortly after I woke up to find some greys at my bed. After one of this visits I woke up with 3 strange puncture mark, forming an triangel, on my stomach - just over my right ovary. And now, I have got cancer at this spot! Is it just a coincidence - or what? Has anyone heard about abducted people who have got cancer? Could it be any connection?

April 16, 2012

New marking on my hand

I got this marking today while I sat in the sofa with a cup of tea. Suddenly an itching feeling on my finger and I noticed this.

My daughter - about numbers

My daughter also have noticed that some special number keep on showing up in her life.

Yesterday we were out driving, when she suddenly pointed at the clock in our car saying:

- Look Mum, now it's 12:34 again!

I asked her what she ment and she told me that those numbers often show up. She also reminded me that we earlier have got hotel rooms with the number 123. And yes, that's true.

Have you experienced this too?

On my mobile phone:

Picture showing my android phone and you tube clip

Dream about the Mothman

Yesterday my daughter told me about a scary dream.

She told me about a  about strange creature, looking like the Mothman! She has never seen a film or a picture about it, but her description was a perfect match. Actually it made me a bit worry.

How Multidimensional Therapy works

Multidimensional theraphy is really great. I wish I could explain it to you, but my english is just not that good. And this therapy is just something you must try yourself - to really understand it.

I would never had tried this myself, if I hadn't experienced all that hauntings that began in 2008. But what do you do when no one can help you? I called all kind of people for help; ghost hunters, dowsers, a priest... But nothing helped. The turning point was when a friend of mine told me about multidimensional theraphy.

So what is it all about? First you must understand that there are many dimensions and other beeings. We cannot see them, but it doesn't mean that they doesn't exist. You also have to understand that all you experiences, during all your life have big importance. If you have a traumatic childhood it will make you weak - IF you don't work with yourself! If you have had parents that not have given you love or protected you, you will be more vulnerable when you grow up. And - beeings from other dimensions will use your weakness.

You have to be aware of this - to be able to protect yourself and fight for yourself.

I have just begun, but I know there are still much more to take care of :-) I have become much stronger but still I get attacked sometimes. And I know that it is when something has made me weaker.

Problems at work
I haven't mentioned this earlier but I have had a tough time at work. My new boss is a mess, he lacks competence and he really needs others to back him up. Some of us saw this early and some left just shortly after he had arriwed. Well, last week I told him that I am looking for a new job and - he got panic! Then he got angry, very angry. But he couldn't talk to me. I found this very interesting, because that really showed how weak he was.

Shortly after that my boss started talking behind my back. A couple of days later I visited my therapist and told her about what happend.

Cleaning my aura
In multidimensional therapy the therapist can see how you aura looks and he/she can also see what other peoples thoughts, anger or fear can do to you. So it's not just about your own childhood, other peoples history can effect your your daily life too. If you have a collegue that has a lot of problems (that they had not worked on) it will affect you too. And now, during my therapy, my therapist  found A LOT that was connected to my boss!

It was like my boss had put invisible spider web (or ribbons) all around my body, to hold me to him. So that I would not leave, because he was dependent on me and my competence. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how it works when you look at relationships in a multidimensional way. It can be rather scary.

Well, my therapist manged to remove it all, but she said it really was as if my body was burried in all that web. When she worked on me we both could feel the coldness in the room. She said that my hearth chakra was closed because of this. (Interesting, because that was what an auyrvedic doctor told me 6 months ago.) She opened it up and I felt happiness. When she was finished I could feel the energy working in my body again, especially around my diaphragm. And I just felt so good! :-)

I know it can be difficult to believe in this. But if you just start to believe some of it, then you will understand what other peoples feelings can do to you and your health.

The interesting thing is that the other person, who had done this to you, can feel when the therapist takes the web/ribbons away from your body. They don't know what is going on, they just feel that something strange is going on. They can get worried for example. I know it, because I have experienced this before.

I will tell you more about this later.

Update:Just after I had published this post I got that beep tone in my left ear again...

March 26, 2012

It's getting worse...

This morning I got a new scratch mark, just under a nail on my left hand:
And just a short while ago I got a new one - on the other hand:

During this weekend I have been hearing strange sounds in my apartment again, as I did in the old one. It sounds like someone moves around things on the floor around my vaccum cleaner thats I have left in my living room.

It has been calm for long now, but now it feels like it is getting worse again.Why? Because I forced myself to visit my mother? Or is it because I right now am suffering from some kind of real bad pain in my body (around my pelvis) that makes me so exhausted. Weaker chakra?

Well I don't know, I just know "they" are around me again - and they are NOT frendly...

March 25, 2012

Does strong feelings make us more vulnerable?

On Thuesday I went to see my mother. I really didn't want that, because our relationship has never been good, but... I felt that I had to. And afterwards - I got problems again.

I felt as my whole body was against it, but you know... somtimes we just do things we don't want, to help others.

My relationship with my mother has never been good. She has done a lot of bad things to me during my life and there were many years when we didn't have any contact at all.Today she is over the 80ies but still she has much anger inside. She wants to be in the center of the world, all the time, and if other people don't give her the confirmation she wants - well then she can get very angry. Actually I thing her anger is her driving force in life.

My terapist, who had helped me with that multidimensial therapy, has warned about having contact with my mother. She has told me that the scratches I have are connected to my mother. And I also have been told things about beeings from other dimensions and their contact with my mother.Well I have had very hard to belive in all that. But maybe she is right, because it's like my mum sucks all energy out of me every time we meet. And it's like I pick up her bad energy and become frustrated and angry myself when I meet her.

Well, this time I brought with me some food and other stuff - but she made me so frustrated that I ended up with headache and like flashes in my eyes (Migrane?). So I (and my daughter) left her apartment rather qucikly.

Just 30 minutes later I got a scratch mark on one of my fingers and shortly after my daughter got a scratch mark too.

So how does it work? Does strong feelings (like anger and frustration) make us like magnets to bad energies/beeings from other dimensions? Or does those feelings just make us more vulnerable? Maybe the visit at my mums house made my aura weaker? Well, again I have found that strong feelings are connected to these paranormal attacs.

March 24, 2012

Three in a row

Last Sunday I woke up with these marks on my right leg, close to the foot. I felt the pain as soon as my feet touched the floor. I was so surpriced, could I really have done this to myself during sleep? Or did I get it while I walked in the wood the day before?
And look at the 3 dots. I have seen that markings before, on myself and on my daughter. But they were smaller then, just like acupuncture marks.

The 3 dots reminds me of Orion's Belt, that I have seen a lot during this winter.


March 10, 2012

Healing old trauma

I have got many questions about the therapy I have been going through since August 2010, so today I will write some about that.

Well, my therapist call it Multidimensional therapy and it is very difficult to discribe it shortly. But it is much about healing the past. She has used hypnotherapy sometimes, but most of the time we just talk and after that she starts working on my body - on different levels. My therapist is a phsychic person who easily can see what's on my mind and that helps a lot. I guess we can say that she use her "third eye".

I have done "Birth regression" and that was very interesting.

The strangest things that had come up has been connected to that alien stuff. Like that picture of me laying on a table with aliens around... I still have difficult to connect to that, it's just to unbelievable. But my body says it's true...

She has also taken lots of things out of my body, like alien implants and - feelings. Things that have been holding me back. Sometimes it is hard to believe in it, but I really feel that it works. It makes a huge different afterwards.

I have learned how much childhood trauma can effect your daily life. But also that you can go back and heal it. I still work on this and I still have much strong feelings connected to the past and my mother. There is a lot of anger. But even if this is hard work it has made me so much stronger. It has also helped me to handle all that paranormal stuff that has been happening to me. If you have "wounds" from your childhood - it will make you more vulnerably to paranormal attacs from other dimensions. But healing the past (and becoming aware of the existens of beeings from other dimensions) makes you stronger. If you are not aware, well then you will be like a Swedish Smorgasboard! :-)

Have your read Alberto Villoldos book about Shamanic healing? I just love that book! Maybe it's because I always been so interested in indians and healing. What I would like to say is that the therapy that I am using is very much like the work that shamans do.

February 16, 2012

New scratch marks

Since my daughter came home one week ago we both have got some scratch marks.

First I got these 3 on my left hand.

Then I got one scratch mark on my left tumb and two days later I got a new one on the same tumb.

I am not scared at all, I am just so tired of it.

February 06, 2012

Buzzing sound in ears

Gosh! Again I have found information that makes me realize that strange stuff had been going on for almost all my life.

In 1998 I got divorced and moved with my little daughter to another apartment. I remember a night when she suddenly woke up and screamed that someone had pushed her in her stomach. I said that she must have dreamed. But she was conviced that it was for real and I remembered the "dreams" about that scary visits in my bedroom months earlier - so I began to wonder what was happening around us. I mentally told the presence to go away.

About six months later another strange thing happend. I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange buzzing sound in my head that went from my left ear to my right and then back again, on and on. I felt sick and scared and wondered what was happening to me. This strange thing happened always at night, around 3-4 AM.

The doctors could find anything wrong with me, so maybe I just had some kind of ear infection... because suddenly it stoped.

Going back to my childhood, I sometimes got a hight pitced beep tone in my ears. But only in one at the time, and it only lasted for a minute or so. In 2008 I found that many people who had experienced paranormal stuff also had heard this beep. Some even said it was connected to aliens. So I began to do my own research. I tried to block the sound out mentally and found that it worked! And then it started to change pattern. It was obvious for me that there was some kind of intelligence behind that SIGNAL.

And today - I found this interesting text on Dave Hodriens blog. He writes this about a woman who also have experienced some real strange (alien?) stuff:

"In the months after Steve left, on occasion Rachel would experience a sudden loud buzzing sound in her head. It would sometimes take place when she was lying in bed and almost dropping off to sleep. At other times it would occur during the night and she would wake up. She would actually feel it moving through her head from one side to the other, and sometimes back the other way. The effect would always be the same, no matter which way she was lying. Before the noise occurred, Rachel would become very alert that something was about to happen, and then she would hear it."

Sounds exactly like my experiences in 1998, after I had got divorced... This woman also got some strange markings on her body. Four small dots in a line, which reminds my of my daughters 3 small dots in a line on her foot. And I got one dot on the same spot.

So - are we all having contacts with aliens? Is that what has been going on for whole my life, it just took me forty years to understand.

Read more about Rachels exeriences here
Read about alien implants in ear
Read about about close encounters and strange sounds here (Graham Hancock site)
Read more about Ear tones here

February 03, 2012

New markings on my body

It has been rather calm, but this week I woke up with a small pin dot mark on my left arm. It looked like an nedle mark or as if it was from an insect. Winter and  - 14 C outside, could I have an insect here? Well maybe.

Next day I noticed another small bleeding stick mark on my left hand.

And today I woke up with two small scratch marks at my right hand.

OK, my skin is extremly dry right now because of the cold outside, but these marks are not because of dry skin.

I already know that strong feelings make me more vulnerable and yesterday was a bit hard, because of my daughter who has some problems at school. .And it made me sad. I had problems to fall asleep because of that. I had so many thoughts about her - and my own life as single mum. So I guess it in some way made me weak - and more vulnerable for the paranormal attacs. Will it be like this the rest of my life?

January 29, 2012

Carissas experiences

Wow, today I found a real interesting site about body markings and ear tones! On the website "In 2 Worlds" Carissa writes about many things that I have experienced myself.

Carissa write about her bruises on arms and legs, things that I have experienced myself. I have even got the bruises on the same places as her!

She also talks about ear tones/ringing and that is exactly what I have experienced since I was child! But it wasn't until 2008-2009 that I understood that this was not normal and probably connected to aliens/interterrestial beeings.

The first time I tried to block this signal/ringing out (mentally) I noticed that it really worked, but it came back shortly after and then I blocked it out again. I was happy that I have found I method that seemed to work. But after some time the signal came back, but with changed freqency. Actually everytime I blocked it out it became quiter/weaker. It was like someone tried to find a freqency that I couldn't hear. But I always know when it happens, because I can feel the pressure too.

Carissa writes about scratch marks on the chin too. I got it the first time in 1987-88, but by then I thought that I just had scratched myself while sleeping. It wasn't untill 2008 when I got marks all over my arm that I understood it was something paranormal. Even my daughter and my mother got scratches then. We still get them, but not so often as before and mine has gotten much smaller.

Carissa also have some interesting things to say about numbers. That is a thing that I had noticed just lately, that some numbers seems to show up often. So I will be more observant now and start to document it.

She also talk about strange sounds from her closet, which reminds me of my own experiences from my bedroom closet in 2009. Since we moved to that old apartment my daughter was always afraid of her closet and wanted the door to be closed. Once (in 2009) when I painted it inside I got scratch marks on my arm!

Carissa's website In 2 Worlds

January 28, 2012

"Nanny" abducted by aliens

Have you heard that Fran Drescher, from "The Nanny" have met aliens?

According to The Huffington Post she says:

"You know, it's funny because Peter (Fran's ex-husband) and I both saw [aliens] before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads."

Fran says that it happend when they both were in junior high. A few years later they met and realized they had the same experience. She thinks they somehow were programmed to meet.

"We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot."

But ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson wasn't so convinced of the couple's extraterrestrial pasts. He says Fran got the small scar on her hand from a drill bit or burning herself holding a hot cup of water. But Fran says, no way.

"I said to him, that's what the aliens programmed us to think. But really, that's where the chip is."

Well that was interesting. Because it reminds me of my own experience in 2008. That's when the hauntings began at our old house. And just a couple of weeks later me and my teenage daughter went on a trip to another town. On the way there I saw something strange high above in the sky. It looked like a glowing ball that flew high up in very highs speed. I didn't say anything to my daughter. But just a few minutes later a big round "thing" of silver flew right over our car! My daughter yelled:
"Look! Is that an UFO or what!!?"

Sometimes I wonder if my home wasn't haunted by ghost, maybe there were just lots of crazy aliens there.

January 27, 2012

Taken by the Greys

I found this on Youtube just minutes ago:

For more information watch the blog

Implants in leg?

I have had a hard time at work lately and I have been a bit upset. The reason? Well... my boss. He has made me so angry and frustrated that I want to quit my job. One collegue has already left and another one is on his way. So there have been a lot strong feelings in the air...

Two days ago I had a dream about one of my collegues. When I came to work the next day I told her about it. She was surpriced, because I had dream about an event that has taken place in her home the same night! Wow...

Tonight I dreamed that I looked down on my right leg and found two big dark implants just under the skin. I looked closer and saw that the skin has broken so I could take out the implant - it was a big one. The next second all was gone and I don't remember anything more.

It's strange with those dreams. I have dreamed about implants before, that I have noticed them and taken them out. And it always end the same way - everything just turns black. The only thing that is left is a very short flashback memory.

When I woke up this morning I had some very small scratches on my right hand.

So, what has happend  tonight. Astral trip? Abducted? Well I guess I have got a new etheric implant from those alien beeings. Time to call my therapist again and get them removed.

I have also had several beep tones/signals in my ears again, my daughter too.

January 20, 2012

My turn - new scratch mark today...

I haven't had any scratch marks for a long time, but today I woke up with a small one on my right hand.

Why always on my right hand? I guess that 95 percent of all scratches have been on my right side. Strange.

But I wasn't surpriced that I got it now. I guess there are two reasons:

  • I have been more active here on this blog and I have written about my daughters (alien) dream.
  • I have had problems with my new boss at work which has made me very frustrated. Tonight I have been thinking about it a lot and I could hardly sleep. And I know strong feelings, like anger and frustration for example, makes my aura weaker and more vulnerable for these kind of attacs.
I am glad it's friday, I really need some time for relaxition.

January 18, 2012

New scratch marks on my daughter

Since my daughter had that dream about the trip in space and told me about it - and me publishing a post on it - she has got new scratches.

The first two she got the same day I wrote about it her on my blog. The second she got today, a big one on her right hand.

This is how it works. When you experience aliens stuff and talk about it to other people, it will not take long until strange things happen.

January 16, 2012

My daughters dream

Me and my daughter are very close and we both have experienced strange paranomal things. We can also read each others minds. But somethings I get a bit worried about her.

A while ago I was reading an historical article, that night my daughter dreamed about the whole historical event that I had been reading about. She hadn't seen the article and we hadn't talked about it. I was stunned the next morning when she told me all the details from her dream.

Last night my daughter had a dream that she said felt so very real. She told me about a trip to outer space, to another sun with thousands of planets around. She told me that she had visited another planet where people looked much different and that she met some kind of "monster". She was showned lots of brothers and sisters, but that they weren't friendly anyone of them. She also told me about strange buildings and that there were huge difference in time - if we should go there.

So what was it? Just a dream or some kind of abduction? Or maybe astral travelling?

When I started to write this post that signal in my right ear came back, I could almost hear it because it was so weak. So, I am still under observation... no doubt about it. They just go on trying to find another frequency that I cannot hear. So, I guess it's not OK to write about this.

The same day as I wrote this post my daughter got 2 scratches on her hand. And today she got a long scratch mark on her left hand. Could it be because she told me about her dream, and that I wrote about it here? Like "someone" doesn't like us talking/writing about it. For me it's so obvious, they try to scare her. 

January 09, 2012

Do you have strange scratch marks too?

Well, you are not alone. The first time this happend to me, in 2008, I was shocked because I have never heard about it before. Now I know that many people all around the world get those scratch and cut marks.

So where do they come from? Aliens, ghosts or demons? Noone seems to know. But I think that it's getting more and more common and that is scary.

Here are just some of the postings about this that I have found, but there are thousands of them here on Internet:

Scratches, odd cuts on my body (link to Project Avalon)
Scratchmark on my body for 13 years (link to Unexplained Mysteries)
Waking up with strange scratches (link to Paranormalsoup)
Mysterious Scratches; The answer to "What are these strange scratches on my body?" (Hubpages)
Strange scratches on my body (link to Above Top Secret)

Look at the pictures of some of my scratches here

Have you had these kind of scratch marks too? Please leave a comment, you can be anonymous if you like :-)

January 06, 2012

Followed by cats?

I don't remember if I have written about it on this blog - or if I only wrote it on my other blog. But when the hauntings began in my old house a dowser told me that he found a ghost cat there. He said that he believed that the cat could have caused the strange scratches on my body.

Then I remebered what had happend 3 months earlier:

I was sitting in the kitchen, reading about some cats that had been found killed in our neighbourhood. Then my daughter came out from her room and showed me a scratch mark on her arm. She said:

- Look Mum, I got this in my room...

I said that she must have done it herself. Because I didn't believe it was possible to get a scratch mark out of nowhere. I forgot about it... until I got scratches myself. Then I understood that strange things were going on.

The dowser told me that he had found a ghost cat that had been killed i my area. And I knew that several cats had been killed close by during the last couple of months. Anyway, he removed the cat (on distance) and it was calm for some days.  But then it began all over again, we got new scratches. So I called the dowser for help again. And, again, he said that he had found both dead people and - a ghost cat. So I stoped believing him; Why should ghost cats go on visit us all the time and give us those mysterious scratches?

The mediums/psychics/ghost hunters that visited me said there were ghosts, aliens and some other strange beeings in my apartment. But noone knew for shure what had caused the scratches.

I think that the EMF lab in our basement and the activities there was the cause to all this. Because all hauntings began with that disturbing low frequency sound from the basement.  Maybe that terrible sound/frequency opened up a portal to another dimension?

Anyway, lots of strange things happend, it wasn't just the scratches:

- We heard strange sounds, like things were moved around on the floor.
- I had strange dreams about people pushing me in bed.
- Our electric equipment went crazy. My mobile phone called up my stationary phone when I was locking up the door, by itself. And my computor was turned on at the same time as I woke up in the morning. The alarms on my two clocks in my bedroom were turned off during the night.
- The bathroom lamp fell down and crashed into pieces.
- My digital recorder caught knocking sounds on my window during the night, and we lived on the 4th floor... It also caught the sound from an owl and something that scratched the microphone...

Well, finally we sold that apartment and moved out.

But the scratches followed us wherever we moved. 

I took some hypnotherapy sessions, to see if I had any paranormal experiences in my childhood. After that it got worse, I got two bleeding scars that scarred the hell out of me. Was it because of my searching for information? Well, whoever caused that maybe could end up killing me!?

I stoped my hypnotherapi sessions and instead I worked hard on grounding myself. And I tried to stay away from all paranormal/alien pages on Internet. But I also worked with my fear, and when my fear (for the unknown) was gone the scratches became smaller and they didn't show up so often. Now I haven't had those scratch mark for a long time.

But, today something interesting happend.

Two friends came over to my new apartment, both of them are spiritual. And both said something that really made me wonder. They told me that they had seen a ghost cat around me, very clearly.

So, is it one of our two dead cats from my childhood? Or is it someone else that had been following me since 2008? And why?

I am glad it has calmed down and that I don't get the scratches anylonger. Maybe my work with myself has strenghened my aura and made it thicker, so that I don't get wounded like before? Or maybe the ghost cat has calmed down?

Two hours after I had published this post I got 3 small scratch marks on my fingers. Cat? Well, maybe there is a ghost cat here. But I don't believe that the cat is behind the scratch marks. There is something else, and something that scratch me more the deeper I digg in paranormal phenomena.

Related linkThe Strange Case of Mutulated Half Cats - she started to write about mutilated cats in 2008. The same year as it happened in my hometown! (You have to scroll down on the page to read the article.)

January 04, 2012

Drugs and other dimensions

In 1993, I listened to a lecture by Serena Roney-Dougal about Ayahuasca. It's a drug that has been used by shamans for a long time to get in contact with other worlds/dimensions. Serena talked about the drugs effects on the pineal gland (in the brain). It was very interesting, you can read about it in her book "Where Science and Magic meet". I liked it a lot, but at that time I didn't know anything at all about other dimensions.

About 4-5 years later I had a really scary experience in my bedroom. It felt very real, but I tried to convince myself that it was only a bad dream. First 10 years later I understood that it wasn't just a dream. I had been visited by beeings from other dimensions.

In 2008 my home became haunted and I got physically attacked by something invisible. I was shocked. My life was turned upside down and I left my home, but I was followed wherever I went. Then I realised; other dimensions are for real and some beeings can find you wherever you are. There is nowhere to hide.

So, maybe drugs like Ayahuasca can be used to get you there - if you want.

Have you seen Bruce Parry on TV? I really love that program about his trips all over the world. And he has tested Ayahuasca twice. Here is from the second time:

I am against drugs, but I am really interested in what happens (physically and spiritually) when you take drugs like Ayahuasca. Because I think it's more than just hallucinations.

Graham Hancock has done much research on ancient cultures and he knows a lot about drugs like Ayahuasca and Iboga. He has found that people who use these drugs all experience the same things; such as very special patterns and remarkable animals. And some of the "hallucinations" are very similar to what alien abductees have experienced.

Hancock says that this can explain many of the remarkable cave paintings found in various parts of the world. They all show visits to other dimensions and other beeings.

I am really looking forward to more researches about this.