January 27, 2012

Implants in leg?

I have had a hard time at work lately and I have been a bit upset. The reason? Well... my boss. He has made me so angry and frustrated that I want to quit my job. One collegue has already left and another one is on his way. So there have been a lot strong feelings in the air...

Two days ago I had a dream about one of my collegues. When I came to work the next day I told her about it. She was surpriced, because I had dream about an event that has taken place in her home the same night! Wow...

Tonight I dreamed that I looked down on my right leg and found two big dark implants just under the skin. I looked closer and saw that the skin has broken so I could take out the implant - it was a big one. The next second all was gone and I don't remember anything more.

It's strange with those dreams. I have dreamed about implants before, that I have noticed them and taken them out. And it always end the same way - everything just turns black. The only thing that is left is a very short flashback memory.

When I woke up this morning I had some very small scratches on my right hand.

So, what has happend  tonight. Astral trip? Abducted? Well I guess I have got a new etheric implant from those alien beeings. Time to call my therapist again and get them removed.

I have also had several beep tones/signals in my ears again, my daughter too.

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