December 28, 2011

Worried about the weather

When I was teenager I remember that I had some dreams about high water levels. I lived on the third floor and in the dream I was swimming around in our apartment.

In 1998 I read some scary information about future climate changing on Internet.

Shortly before the big tsunami hit Thailand (in 2004?) I dreamed about a tsunami and I thought; "This is just the beginning."

In 2008 I dreamed about real thick fog outside my window and this year that dream became true. During the summer I saw more fog than I ever have seen. In October it was real bad, it was exactly like in my dream. I could not se more that just centimeters from my window and balcony - everything was just white. I have talked to my friends and they have never seen something like that before.

Before we had lots of snow here during Christmas. This year it was +11 Celsius! They say that we haven't had weather like this for at least 300 years! It's crazy.

This week we have had a huge storm. I haven't been able to sleep proper for two nights. And another storm is on it's way in.

Earlier this month I met a man who is very spiritual, he said that hard times are in front of us. He talked about high water levels, at least 10 meters. Could it really be that bad? And when? And what about my own dreams about darkness and fire? Visions that looked like Michael Jacksons "Earth song". All these makes me wonder; What have we done to our Planet?

December 27, 2011

End of searching?

Well it's obvious - if you are to curious you can end up with problems.

I got help from my terapist the day before Christmas, she found and removed some scary things from my eterical body. But she warned me. If I keep on searching for information about other dimensions and beeings I will attract more problems.

She says that my curiousity works like a "door opener" to other worlds. Every time I search (and find) information I open a portal to another dimension - and let those things come into my world. Maybe I should have listened to her earlier when she said that...

So, at least for the moment, I focus at my job instead.

December 21, 2011

Do we live in a Matrix?

Since 2008 it has become more and more clear to me; that life is not what we think it is.

I have written about it earlier, that strange beep tone that I have been hearing in my ears since I was a child. Very high pitched signals that can appear very suddenly and after seconds just go away.

I have done my own researches about it since 2008 and I think this "signal" is connected to aliens. I may sound stupid, but it's probably used like some kind of track advice (sonar). I think they can track even our feelings, thoughts and what we talk about. And it seems like talking about aliens or other dimensions is NOT ok... Because then the signal comes, often together with a pressure over the chest that makes it a bit hard to breathe. If you don't believe me; just be more observant. Make notes of when you hear this signal. If you go out on Internet and start searching information about aliens - do you hear the signal? The more aware you get - the more you will find out about it.

It took me over 40 years to understand that this beep tone often was connected to what I saidread or just thought about. 

If I hadn't got those strange scratch marks in 2008 I probably never would have digged in to all these paranormal stuff. I was to busy with my family life and work. But when I got the first scratches I started my searching on Internet. I also met some people who know a lot about aliens and other strange things. A door in to a compleatly new world was opened. And during some hypnotherapi sessions I found out that some dreams I had earlier in my life wasn't just dreams. 

Today this became even more clear too me.

Someone got real pissed off
I was at work, talking to a collegue who had read a very interesting book about parallell worlds, by a finish author. She said that I should read it. At the same second she said that she got that beep tone in her right ear and she felt a pressure over her chest.

- Well, they don't like me talking about this...

I understood exactly what she ment, because this have happend us so many times while we have been discussing aliens and other dimensions. It feels like they are observering us and that they doesn't like us talking about it.

Just an hour later I got a real strong beep tone in my right ear. I did as I always do; I tried to block the signal out, mentally. But this time it was strong, it didn't work. It was like a mental struggle...

I wrote a mail to my collegue and told her about the signal and we had some funny discussions about it. I told her that it made me angry, because I really hate that feeling of beeing "under observation". I wrote to her that I thought "they" acted cowardly, because they never show themself. They just act in the ulterior. My collegue asked if I really dared to challenge them. Sure, I wrote back.
Who are holding our strings?

Shortly afterwards something strange happend. I was like something had hit me hard in my right ear. I didn't hear that beep tone this time, but I felt a strong pressure inside my ear. It was like someone had pulled lots of cotton pads into my ear. Very strange and it made me a bit afriad. It almost felt as if I was loosing my hearing.

Had I challenged "them" to much now? And what had they done? Had they put in another implant in my eteric body?

I will NEVER accept these attacs. So I made a phone call to the therapist that I visited earlier this year. The woman who had some hypnotherapi sessions with me. Because she really knows a lot about aliens, implants and these kind of things.

Later this same day I got small scratch mark on my finger. So - here we go again...

I just wonder what kind of evil forces I'm dealing with? I hope my therapist will tell me more about this on friday.

Just when I had finished this text I got that pressure over my chest, that makes it difficult to breathe. They sure are here, observering every step I take. And they don't like that I am writing about it.

December 18, 2011


It's soon Christmas time and I cant help looking backwards and thinking about what have happend this year. For sure it has been a huge diffrence. The ghostly attacks on my body while sleeping are gone and it feels like the scratches will disappear compleatly. Long time since I had any.

But - I can still feel that high pitched beep tone in my ears sometimes. Although it has become much more silent. It's like "they" are trying to find a frequency that I don't hear, so that I won't understand that they are still observing me. Because everytime I get that signal, I mentally try to block it out - letting it bounce away in another direction. And I notice - it sure disturbs them...

Tonight, for the first time ever, I got that signal in my ear while sleeping. It got my attention and I immediately was awake and let it bounce away. But then I heard a strange noice, like voice or something, before it went away. Could it be that I am able to pic up sounds/voices from other dimensions while in that sleep state? Well anyway, I am sure that they (who ever they are) still are watching over me, all the time. And I hate that!

November 28, 2011

Red dot marking

I have a collegue at my work who has experienced strange stuff too. Today we talked about UFOs and things like that. And guess what - she got that high pitched beep tone in her ear and we both feel that pressure that makes it hard to breathe.

- They are observing us, she said.

We have experienced this so many times while talking about thinks like aliens and UFOs. I can even feel it right now, while I am writing this post. It's like "they" (who ever they are) doesn't like me talking - or writing - about it. Have you experienced this to? Please leave a comment below.

Oh, almost forgot - woke up with this red dot my hand this morning. I have got similar dots before, looking more like needle marks. And once three in triangular shape right above one of my ovaries - that one was the weirdes - no blood but clearly like holes in the skin! 

November 06, 2011

Not my children!

I used to say that the "hauntings" begun in 2008, but now I say they started much earlier. I actually think that I have experienced strange things all my life.

In june 2008 I bought my old apartment. Shortly after the hauntings began. I moved to my mothers house and then I rent a small apartment until 2010 when I bought my new flat. During that period lots of strange things happened. I got scratch marks, stick marks and my electric equipment acted strange. I also felt a strange presence around me most of the time. I could feel it against my arms, like that static feeling you can get when you are close to a TV.

Well, anyway... during this time I had a dream about that blonde little child. He stood in front of me and I can't remember the surroundings, just that everything around was white. Like we were in a white room. This child was, as I now can remeber, about 7 years of age. He had blonde hair, brown eyes and a green sweater. He just smiled at me and something said that this was my child. But I said no, I only had one child and this was NOT my child. I could not be! The next second everything was gone, and I cannot remember anything more.

Some months later a had another dream like this, now showing me a child that looked like a twin to my daughter.

I have read about others (abductees) who have had dreams like this. But what does it mean? Is it just dreams, just fantasies - or something else?

November 04, 2011

Have I met aliens as child?

Last month my mother found a sketch that I made when I was child. I guess I made it somewhere between 1965 and 1967.

I think it shows myself playing with a bucket in the sand. Then an angel shows up and we both disapear. Only two stars are showed. Then something that reminds me of the UFO I saw in 1977 and 1978. Or is it the moon? Next picture shows me and a tall man (with a beard - or is it a helmet?). And then me and the angel going away.

I think the first sketch shows a place at our familys country house, where we used to spend all weekends and summers. I loved that place, although I have had many nightmares about it. I have dreamed about UFOs and strange ships in the sky above the sea. I also had dreams about trying to hide or run away. I also remember thinking that a dark sky ment that "something" was coming. And when I heard that beep tone (high pitced) in my ears I know I said: "Now they are coming". But what did I mean? Who where "they"? Anyway, who is the tall man with beard? And the connection to an angel, stars and the moon/UFO? A sumerian angel?

Under the first sketch I have drawn "ABÅLO 20" which means Apollo 20, but that wasn't sent up until 1976 and I did this drawing somewhere between 1965 and 1967!

And then a picture of me looking at the stars in a window and the angel again.

So what does this sketch show? Did I see an UFO in my childhood? And why Apollo 20?

An alien spaceship on the moon

I just found this interesting post: Childhood visitor from the sky Could we have experienced the same thing, being visited by some kind of aliens? I also reminds me of that I often wondered if my parents really were my real parents.

October 17, 2011

Orbs in my home

At Christmas Eve 2007 I caught the first orb in my old flat, but I didn't notice it until about one year later - when the hauntings had become real bad.

In November/December 2007 I started to hear the strange low frequency sound in my apartment. I was only heard during night and I think that it was the sound that dragged all the spirits to the house... About the same time the orbs started to appear on my photos.

This wing orb is unusual because I only got it on picture once. The other orbs were round.

Doesn't it look like a very small white bird?

October 16, 2011

Scared of darkness

When I was a child I was so afraid of darkness. I always slept with my head under the coat/cover and I tried not to breath, not to move - because then "they" maybe would belive that I was dead and leave me alone. Because I was sure that "something" was in my room.

I remember that I once woke up under my bed, not remebering how I got there.

I have had many nightmares about being in a dark room and desperatly trying to turn the light on, but the switches doesn't work. But this wasn't only nightmares. Maybe they were true? Once my mother found me in bed with the lamp in bed. It had been hanging on the wall, so she was surpriced to find it in my bed.

My mother also found me in bed sometimes with nose bleed.

This last year I have been wondering if this could be signs of me beeing abducted.

Update:Just when I had written this and logged out from Blogger - I got that strange beep signal in my ear again. But I am not surpriced, writing about abductions... This happens almost everytime I write or talk about aliens and abductions. No doubt that I am being watched, but I go on trying to block the signal out, letting it bounce away from me. It seems like it works. But the next time the signal is weaker. So, "they" don't stop, they just change the signal a bit every time hoping that I won't notice it. But I do, and I get angry every time - because it doesn't stop.

October 06, 2011

"The Hum" in Sweden?

In 2007/2008 I heard it the first time, that strange humming sound.

First I thought it was a car outside the house, standing with it's motor on. But when I opened the window it was silent. The sound could only be heard inside the house!

I could only hear the sound during evening/nights, never daytime. Most of the time it started about 11 P.M and went on until about 6 A.M.

It got worse and it made me sick. I got heart problems, high blood pressure, nausea and ear problems. I left home and slept in my car and finally I had to move out.

At this time the hauntings began, but they followed me when I moved out.

But, what was that sound? What did it come from? Well, I found out that there was a company in the basement that had an EMF-lab. But, they said that they did their test during daytime and that it couldn't cause any disturbance. So, could I trust them?

I checked with the city council if there where any underground work/drilling around my house. But they said no. But they did some test in my apartment and they said that they could see that it was somekind of disturbance, but they couldn't locate the source.

So did that "hum" come from the company in the basement - or was there some kind of military operations underground? An underground tunnel to evacuate "important people" from Stockholm? Well obviously strange things are going on in Sweden:

Humming sound close to Sweden's largest lake, Vänern

October 01, 2011

Strange object in the sky over Sweden

The 10th September 2011 I saw a very strange object high up in the sky. I live at a place where I see a lot of planes everyday, but this one looked real different. Here are some of my pictures:

Anyone who have seen something like this? The light was real strong and it moved real fast. Could it have been some kind of rocket?

On Youtube I found this:

Comet Elenin Burning Up In Space

UFO in Peru? Amazing video of what is thought to be a meteorite blazing across South American sky

UFO (Over China)

UFO (Over Poland)

Fire in the Sky

Strange phenomenon

Fire in the sky, what the f....

Doesn't it look like it's the same kind of object? It has been seen over USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, China, Dubai, Australia, Poland, Latvia, Finland and Sweden.

Please check out Rod Hilderman's videos of Hologram Planes too

August 23, 2011

What does all these stone circles mean?

For many years I have been intrested in stone circles. But why did ancient people build them?

In 1988 I visited Stonehenge in England. By then people said it probably was some kind of observatory. But lately I have heard others saying that it could be some kind of portal to other dimensions. Well, I do belive in other dimensions but... look at this interesting video:

August 09, 2011

Why all these serpents?

As long back as I can remember I have been interested in archaeology and lost cities. When I travel to other countries I always visit museums. I never get tired of this, because I always notice something new that makes my mind spin :-)

This summer I visited the swedish island Gotland, in the Baltic Sea. I visited the museum Fornsalen that I have visited so many times before. What caught most of my intrests this time was; all the spirals and - the serpents. Why have ancient people all around the world used these two figures? What does it mean?

Stone from stone from 5th-7th centuries, Sweden.
You see my pictues of two interesting stones in the museum Fornsalen. A man and a figure that looks like a snike, or maybe dragon, and spirals.Both these symbols you can find in lost civilisations all over the world. You find them in India, China, South America, Europe... everywhere! That must mean something, but what?

If you are interested in these kind of things - don't miss Graham Hancoks researches! For example this:

I will write more about spirals in another post.

Stone from 400-600 A.D., Sweden

August 05, 2011

Interesting research about abductees

I have been thinking about this for a while now; about my relationships. My family is totally split up and I have no contact with anyone of them. I am divorced since many years but still I live alone with my child. I have a social job and met a lot of interesting people and I have my friends... But somehow it feels like "it's ment" that I shall be alone, that I shall not get involved in a new man. It's like something is stoping me. Like something doesn't want me to...

I have experienced many paranormal things during my life and some people says that I am probably an "abductee". Is that why I have this problem in my life?

July 14, 2011

Beep tone/signal in my ears

Sometimes I can hear a high pitched tone in my ears, it lasts for some seconds and then just go away. I have lived with this as long as I remember.

Once, when I was about 8 years old, I remembering saying to my mother;
"Now they're coming!"

I have no clue at all where I got that from, but I thought that the beep tone was some kind of sign - that something was coming. But then the years passed and I didn't think much about it, and when I grow older I just thought that I had some kind of hearing problem. So I got used to it.

When the hauntings began in my home (2008) and a dowser told me that I had ghosts and aliens (!) there - then I started searching for information on Internet. I read everything I could find about aliens and abductions. One thing that really surpriced me was that many people who had experienced strange things connected to UFOs and aliens, hear this high pitched signals in their ears too!

During the hauntings I got in contact with ghosthunters, mediums/psychics and dowsers. Some of them said that I was psychic myself and I got interested in knowing more about it. I almost became a ghostbuster myself and learned how to communicate with ghosts/spirits.

During 2009 I learned a lot about the power of my mind. So I tried to block out that beep tone in my ears. And - to my big surprice - it worked!! The signal went away immediately, but it was like the "sender" got confused and tried over and over again - and every time I blocked it out. Finally the signal got weaker.

A week later I had a strange dream, that I heard a kind of radiosignal and that someone was doing something with my head. Next day I heard the beep tone again. Did I get somekind of implant during the night?

I have had dreams like this before. Another time I was in a strange white corridor and heard a sound from someone using a breathing equipment - then I saw an astronaut behind me! Real weird! The next second I lay on the floor with the austronaut and two women in white clothes around me. Everything turned black, but I could hear the radiosignals in my head. It was like they were putting in a sender or something in my head!

Today the signal is much weaker, but I can feel the pressure in my ears instead. So I know that this (what ever it is) still is going on. And "they" know I am aware of it. 

I have noticed that the signal often comes when I am talking to someone about aliens and that kind of stuff. Today I got the signal when I looked at a video about acient indians and alien. (The signal came at 02:17)

So - who is sending this signal to me and why? Is it aliens trying to track where I am? Or are they just checking out what I am up to, what I know about aliens? Maybe it has something to do with the UFOs that I have seen during 1977, 1978 and 2008...

Mikael Kvist, and interesting swedish engineer and writer, has written books about healing, angels, earths cristal nets and other dimensions. He believes that this sound (in my ears) comes when aliens from other dimensions try to track our conciousness. He had also experienced strange paranormal things, as scratch marks. Sadly his books are not available in english and I have heard that something happened to him during 2008/09 so today noone knows what he is up to. But I can strongly recomend his books "Tidskrigarna" ("Time warriors").

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Strange scratches on my body

It has been calm for a while now, but this morning I woke up with a new scratch mark on my left hand. So today I will tell you more about this marks that I've had since 2008 - or maybe even earlier...

I have already written about the first event in 2008, when I got several scratches all over my right arm when I painted a wall in my old apartment. Since that day the hauntings have followed me and my daughter, whereever we go. Even my mother has got scratch marks the night before we moved into her apartment. A psychic/medium in Spain that tried to help me also got scratches. So it seems like these forces/energies that are behind this can attac immidiately where ever you are.

My daughter got this v- or heart-shaped scratch in 2008 while we watched TV. In the beginning we thought that it was a ghost cat that caused the scratches, so maybe thats why she never got afraid. And I didn't want to scare her either, so I never told her about the information I found at Internet about this. I didn't want to upset her. And I have always been the one who got most of the scratches.

I have noticed that when I am sad or angry, the scratches get worse. It's like I get mor vulnerable then. Or am I food to a entity that feed on strong feelings? Some people mean that.

I strongly feel that there is some kind of intelligence behind this, because I many times have got these scratches right after I had done or said something special. It's like "someone" wants to show me that they have control over me. But - it doesn't want to communicate.

I have got most of the scratches on my fingers and they are painfull. Here is one that I got during the winter 2009, although I did wear a glove. The glove had no marks, only my finger... (So are these marks made in another dimension or to my etherical body? I have understood that many people has experienced the same; the marks appears UNDER the clothes you are wearing, without distroing them.) Just a day or two later I got a new scratch mark, just above the first one.

During a six month period I visited a psychic therapist to get help with these paranormal scratches. She told me that I had to make my aura stronger, to protect myself from these attacs. And the only way to do that is to heal my childhood, through therapy. Much of my problems are connected to my family and our bad relationship, she said. Especially my mother. And it is true, my mother has really caused a lot of bad things in my life.

Anyway, this therapist did some kind of strange birth regression and hypnosis therapy with me and said that I have had aliens around me all my life... That could explain my strange dreams (and memories?) about aliens. And... I have seen UFOs 3 times. Last time, in 2008, my daughter saw it too.

In the beginning these scratches scared the hell out of me, but now I am not afraid anymore - and that helps. Today I don't get them so often and they are very small.

Do you get scratches too?
If you want to get in contact with me and know more about this and some usable methods? Please leave a message below. It will not be published if you don't want. That's the best way to get in contact with me. 

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June 28, 2011

Tortured to death?

I think it was in the 1990 when a friend of mine said that I should try regression therapy. She told me about her own experiences, so I really got a bit curious and wanted to try it myself.

I visited a well know early life therapist to try this, but nothing happend. I was a bit disapointed, but she said that I could try another therapist and so I did.

During the next regression I was told how to relax in all my body and after a while I started to feel a strange tingeling in my face. I got so excited so told the therapist about it, but as soon as I had done that the sensation disapered! Oh gosh, I was so disapointed.

But something DID happen - afterwards. That night I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that I was kidnapped by a man and I was not the only one, I got a glimse of two or three other women. I remember that one of them was black. I was laying down on some kind of table, I think I was druged because I couldn't move. A man stod beside me and I knew that he was going to hurt me. He did look nice and I think he had beard. He cut me with a knife deep in my left arm, and everything turned black.

In the next scene I cannot see myself, I just KNOW that I am dead and that my body is cut to pieces. It's like parts of my body are stored in some kind of metal cabinet. I see a black coffer on a metal stretcher. I can see the coffer so clear, it looks old and has a thin gold line painted around it. That's the last thing I remember.

When I woke up I was so shaken because it all felt so real. For some reason I got the feeling that it had have happend in USA, maybe in a cottage near water. Could it have been in another life, from earli 1960ies, or earlier? Was the man a mass murderer?

I didn't think about that dream until recently, when I met that psychic therapist. At my first visit she asked if I had done an early life regression. Yes, I said. Then she said that the regression wasn't ended in a proper way, as if I wasn't taken out of it in a proper way. At the next session she held her hands over my left arm and said that she "saw" deep marks in my arm, like I had been tortured! That made me remember the dream i had 20 years ago, after that regression. Maybe it wasn't it just a dream? Maybe it was a glimpse of another life?

When I was about 4-5 years old I remeber I had lots of pain in my left arm. My mother knited a thing that I had around my arm, because she thought that I had some kind of reumatic deseace. But the doctors didn't find anything wrong. I still can feel a strange feeling in my left arm. Sometimes pain, sometimes just like "things" are moving around inside. Do my body/soul remember something from another life?

I have always been afraid of sharp knifes. And I have a big need of feeling free and not locked in. It's like I need to move around (to diffrent jobs, diffrent houses...).

A psychic therapist that I have been seeing since August 2010 said that maybe it's no coincidence that most of my paranormal scratches are on my left arm/hand. Maybe I have a weakness there from another life, because of what happend then...

An owl!?

It has been calm for a long time now, but yesterday I started to feel that tingeling on my head again. Like something is crawling in my hair. And now I feel it even more. I don't know why it has started again.

Just when I logged in here at Blogger I heard an owl, it was as the sound come from the room that I am sitting in. Right above my head. Very strange. But this is not new, I have had invisible owls around me before.

Two years ago when a dowser checked my old apartment on distance he said that he had found an owl. So I guessed he ment a ghost owl. The strange thing was that I just the night before that I did some EVP-recordings in the apartment and - I got something on the recorder that sounded just like an owl!

So... What does it mean? Why do I hear owls around me? And why have that tingeling feeling on my head started again? Has my crown chakra opened up again or am I visited by ghosts?

June 27, 2011

Seeing behind closed eyes

Actually I haven't thought much about this untill I read about some other people who had experienced this.

I think it happened the first time during 1997. I lay in my bed with closed eyes and it was totally black in the room. The suddenly I noticed that I saw my bed table and the things I had on it, through my closed eyelids. Everything was in grey shades, but I could see it - and I thought that it was very strange.

Next time this happend I think was during 2008, so it was a while ago...

Still don't know what to think about this. But I have noticed that strange things seems to happen in periods during my life. No I have been trying hard to "close myself down", so that i will not to feel this kind of things. And I believe it works :-)

June 24, 2011

Scary dreams about future events

Today I read about Johan Huibers, 60 from Netherlands, who had built own Noah's arch. He got the idea after having a nightmare in 1992. This makes me wonder how many people have had the same kind of scary dreams about the future.

During my life I have had some dreams that had become true. I have been dreaming about death in my own family and among celebrities.

Before I even got pregnant I dreamed that I held a premature child in my arms. Six months before I gave birth to my child I had a scary dream of what would happen at the birth. Everything was so clear, every detail, so I even told my husband about it and wrote it down. And - everything became truth! Exactly every detail!

In 2005 I had a dream about a bomb in an underground train. I even heard the word "Explosion". The next day I read about the bombs in London.

I also have had dreams about water and tsunamis. And in 2008/09 I had a scary dream about darkness and fire, feeling like it was the end of the world. I was seeing it through a window with two people/beings beside me. The next day I felt very strange and two times I thought that I was going to pass out. I still don't know what happened, it was just like a very strange feeling came over me and I had to sit down to not faint. The dream was like in Michael Jacksons "Earth Song", darkness and fire.

Now I haven't had that kind of dreams for a long time, and that feels good.

June 22, 2011

Strange bruises

I haven't only got strange scratches and stick marks on my body, I have also got bruises. This one I got in 2009, when I visited my mother and we talked about the hauntings in my apartment. I didn't feel any pain, but suddenly the bruise was there...

Now, when I look back in my past I remember that I have got strange bruises before - on my legs and arms.

June 20, 2011

Have I been abducted?

I found this on a web site about abductions; a test that could indicate that you have been abducted :-) Well, here are my answers in blue.

Ask yourself if you . . .

1. Have had missing or lost time of any length, especially one hour or more.

2. Have been paralyzed in bed with a being in your room.
Yes, at least three times

3. Have unusual scars or marks with no possible explanation on how you received them. Especially if you have an emotional reaction to them. (i.e. small scoop indentation, straight line scar, scars in roof of mouth. in nose, behind or in ears, or genitals, etc.
Yes, I have had scratches, a triangular marking on my stomach, stickmarks on my foot, bulbs on hands and in roof of mouth. My daughter has 3 bulbs behind one ear.

4. Have seen balls of light or flashes of light in your home or other locations
No, not that I remember

5. Have a memory of flying through the air that could not be a dream.
Well, I have dreamed about flyging through the air...

6. Have a "marker memory" that will not go away (i.e.: alien face, examination, needle, table, strange baby, etc.)
Yes, I don't like alien faces and I am scared of knifes. I have dreamed about meeting children that not were mine, although they said so...

7. Have seen beams of light outside your home, or come into your room through a window.

8. Have had dreams of UFOs, beams of light, or alien beings.
Yes, I have had dreams about UFOs - but not about aliens

9. Have had a UFO sighting or sightings in your life.
Yes, three times and always with another witness

10. Have a cosmic awareness, an interest in ecology, environment, vegetarianism, or are very socially conscious.

11. Have a strong sense of having a mission or important task to perform, without knowing where this compulsion came from.

12. Have had unexplainable events occur in your life, and felt strangely anxious afterwards.
Yes,  especially since 2008

13. For women only: Have had false pregnancy or missing fetus. (Pregnant, and then not)
Well, I have experienced some problems here...

14. Have awoken in another place than where you went to sleep, or don't remember ever going to sleep. (i.e. upside down in bed, or in your car)
Yes, as I child I woke up under my bed once and thought it was very strange. Don't know how I got there.

15. Have had a dream of eyes such as animal eyes (like an owl or deer), or remember seeing an animal looking in at you. Also if you have a fear of eyes.

16. Have awoken in the middle of the night startled.
If "startled" means "scared"; my answer is yes

17. Have strong reaction to cover of Communion or pictures of aliens. Either an aversion to or being drawn to.

18. Have inexplicably strong fears or phobias. (i.e. heights, snakes, spiders, large insects, certain sounds, bright lights, your personal security or being alone).
Yes, I don't like spiders and low frequency sounds.

19. Have experienced self-esteem problem much of your life.

20. Have seen someone with you become paralyzed, motionless, or frozen in time, especially someone you sleep with.
No, not that I know

21. Have awoken with marks, burns or bruises that appeared during the night with no explanation on how you could have possibly received them.
Yes, but most of the time I get them while I'm awake

22. Have had someone in your life that claims to have witnessed a ship or alien near you or has witnessed you having been missing.
Yes, I have had witness with me when I have been seeing UFOs

23. Have had, at any time, blood or an unusual stain on sheet or pillow, with no explanation of how it got there.
Yes, I had lot of problems with noose bleed when I was younger, and during 1997. My daugher has found a small blood mark on her night dress at her neck - but no wound at her skin...

24. Have an interest in the subject of UFO sightings or aliens, perhaps compelled to read about it a lot, or an extreme aversion towards the subject.

25. Have been suddenly compelled to drive or walk to an out of the way or unknown area.
Well yes, but not to an totally unknown are

26. Have the feeling of being watched much of the time, especially at night.
Yes, my daughter too

27. Have had dreams of passing through a closed window or solid wall

28. Have seen a strange fog or haze that should not be there

29. Have heard strange humming or pulsing sounds, and you could not identify the source.
Yes, but that was while I lived over an EMF-lab... and (I almost forgot) in 1998 when I got problems with my ears and had nausea.

30. Have had unusual nosebleeds at any time in your life. Or have awoken with a nosebleed.
Yes, many times in my childhood. My father have had same problem...

31. Have awoken with soreness in your genitals that cannot be explained.
Yes, I wake up feeling like a torpedo came in to my "behind" and travelled all the way up to my stomach. Real painfull! Happened twice during 2008-2009 when I had real problems with hauntings

32. Have had back or neck problems, T-3 vertebrae out often, or awoken with an unusual stiffness in any part of the body.
Yes, I have had neck- and back problems for many years

33. Have had chronic sinusitis or nasal problems.

34. Have had electronics around you go haywire or oddly malfunction with no explanation (such as street lights going out as you walk under them, TV's and radios affected as you move close, etc.).

35. Have seen a hooded figure in or near your home, especially next to your bed.
Yes, in 1997

36. Have had frequent or sporadic ringing in your ears, especially in one ear.
Yes, as long as I can remember I have had it. Now I have started to block it out and it seems to work and since I started that the ringning had changed...

37. Have an unusual fear of doctors or tend to avoid medical treatment.
No, but I don't like dentists and I am afraid of knifes...

38. Have insomnia or sleep disorders that are puzzling to you.
Yes, I used to... but not now

39. Have had dreams of doctors or medical procedures.
Yes. In the 90is I tried regression, but nothing happended... until that night. I dreamed that a doctor was cutting in my arm and that I died. Was it in another life, I don't know... I have also dreamed about getting implants in my arm and needles put up in my upper mouth...

40. Have frequent or sporadic headaches, especially in the sinus, behind one eye, or in one ear.

41. Have the feeling that you are going crazy for even thinking about these sorts of things.
Yes :-)

42. Have had paranormal or psychic experiences, including intuition.

43. Have been prone to compulsive or addictive behavior.
Well yes, maybe addited to candy... :-)

44. Have channeled telepathic messages from extraterrestrials.

45. Have been afraid of your closet, now or as a child.
No, not afraid of my closet - because I had no in my room. But I was extremly afraid of darkness. My daughter was afraid of her closet during 2008-2009...

46. Have had sexual or relationship problems (such as a mysterious "feeling" that you must not become involved in a relationship because it would interfere with "something" important you must do).
Well, I am divorced... and I think I have given up thoughts about finding Mr Right...

47. Have to sleep against the wall or must sleep with your bed against a wall.

48. Have a difficult time trusting other people; Especially authority figures.

49. Have had dreams of destruction or catastrophe.
Yes, I have been dreaming about water, fire and darkness...

50. Have the feeling that you are not supposed to talk about these things, or that you should not talk about them.
Yes, but I don't care about that. If someone tries to stop me, I will just try harder :-) I always been like that.

51. Have tried to resolve these types of problems with little or no success.
Well, yes...

52. Have many of these traits but can't remember anything about an abduction or alien encounter.

June 19, 2011

Healed or druged?

Three times in my life I have experienced something very strange - and still I don't know what it was. If it was something good - or bad. 

First time I think was in 1988 when I was sad and lay crying in my bed, I don't remember why but I was very sad. Then suddenly I felt a very warm  nice caring (?) feeling, and I saw as somekind of White light behind my closed eyes. I didn't dare to open them because I felt that it all would go away then, so I just enjoyed that wonderful feeling - and I fell asleep.

Second time was in 1996, after a friend had died in a car crash. Again I lay in my bed crying. Same thing happend. Afterwards I talked to a friend about it, she said that she had experienced the same thing and that she thought she had been visited by her dead son.

Third time was in 1997 after a really scary event in my bedroom, when I felt an evil black hooded being beside my bed. I was paralysed and thought that I was going to die. I mentaly screamed that it should go away, and after a while it left. After it has gone I lay there awake in my bed feeling my heart still pumping fast. Then suddenly I got that warm feeling inside again, like a holy calm. Like someone poured warm water or something inside me from top to toe. Again I felt that should not open my eyes. And then I fell to sleep.

After that third time I asked myself if I maybe was visited by an angel, that gave me healing. But after reading about alien abductions here I began to wonder... Was I really helped/healed - or was I druged? I have got Morphin after an operation once, and I remember the warm good feeling I felt then. This was similar.

Anyone else who have experienced this?

Update February 12th, 2014:
Today found another woman today who had experienced this holy calm, read about her here.


The RH factor

When all strange thing started to happen in 2008 I started searching for information on Internet. And I started to read a lot about UFOs and aliens. That's when I read about my blood type and the connection with that and other strange events.

In 1987 I was told that I had the blood type RH- 0. The RH factor is the Rhesus (rhesus as in monkey) blood factor. If your blood tests positive for this, you have the factor in your blood. If you test negative, you do not have the factor in your blood. The RH factor is a protein found in the human blood that is directly linked to the Rhesus Monkey. My father also was RH-negative.

I have read that most people, about 85 percent, have RH-positive blood. That could support the idea that humans evolved or were derived from Primates. 15 percent of humans have RH-negative blood. If blood type is one of least mutable human characteristic, where did the RH negative come from? This question has puzzled scientists for years.

There is some evidence that suggests the RH-negative blood group may have appeared about 35,000 years ago. And the appearance was regional and seemed to, originally, be connected with certain groups/tribes of people.

Northern Spain and Southern France is where you can find some of the highest concentration of the RH-negative factor in the Basque people. If the RH-negative factor is a ‘normal’ presentation of blood, then why is there a problem when a mother of the RH-negative blood group gives birth to an RH-positive blood group baby. This Hemolytic disease, actually an allergic reaction, can cause death when the two different blood groups are mingled during pregnancy. When the antigenic substances attack the negative blood group it can destroy the blood cells. So why does the human body produce antigens to this blood type? Some people suggest that the blood group is alien...

There are certain similairites that occur to those having RH-negative blood - according to some who have it there are common patterns found, which include the following:

1. Predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes
I have blue eyes, but they change.

2. True red or reddish hair
Yes, I have a bit reddish in my hair.

3. Low pulse rate
Yes, I have been told I have that. 

4. Low blood pressure
Yes, I had that until 2008...

5. Keen sight or hearing
Yes, I had that since 1998...

6. ESP

7. Extra rib or vertabrae
No, not that I know.

8. UFO connections
Yes, have seen UFOs 1977, 1978 and 2008.

9. Love of space and science

10. A sense of not belonging to the human race
No, I haven't had those thoughts. But maybe I have been feeling a bit different...

11. Piercing eyes
No. I have only been told that I have very beautiful eyes  ;-)

12. Para-normal occurrences

13. Physic dreams

14. Truth seekers

15. Desire for higher wisdom

16. Empathetic illnesses

17. Deep compassion for fate of mankind
Well yes, I think a lot about the future and what will happen to mankind...

18. A sense of a 'mission' in life

19. Physic abilities

20. Unexplained scars on body

21. Capability to disrupt electrical appliances
Yes, this has happened a lot. It comes in periods, not always.

22. Alien contacts
Well I still don't know. I haven't seen them while awake, but I have dreamed about them - or wasn't it dreams?

I've also heard that Erich von Däniken also is RH-negative, when I was a teenager I loved his books.

Scratches, stick marks & bulbs on our bodies

As I already told you I have got strange scratch marks on my body since 2008, or maybe even earlier.

I noticed it the first time in October 2008 when I painted a wall at home. But, a month earlier my daughter had got a scratch mark while she was sitting in her room. Now I have studied old digital pictures in my computer and I have found one picture from July 2008 where I have a scratch on my upper arm. I remember waking up with it, but I thought I had done it myself. I also have a weak memory of having a small and thin scratch on my chin as early as 1988!

95 percent of our scratch marks we get daytime, when we are fully awake.

Staying in my mothers house (2009?) I one night had a dream about laying on an old fishing boat (on deck) feeling a pain in my foot. I had a acupuncture nail in it! When I woke up the next morning I had a stick mark at the exact spot! I couldn't find any reason to that. Bed bugs? No, we don't have that problems in Sweden. I travelled a lot during my life, but I never got something like this.

More strange was that when I had sold my apartment and moved to another temporary place - my daughter got 3 stick marks in a row on the same place at her foot!
We have also got strange bulbs. I got the first one on my left hand in 2004, but it disappeared the same night as my father died. A year later I got a new one on a finger at the same hand. My daughter got 3 bulbs behind one ear, causing her a bit pain. But the doctor we have visited has told us its nothing to bother about, but still he don't know what it is. Same thing with those three bulbs in my upper mouth that I got during 2008/2009.

June 18, 2011

Open crown chakra?

Since October 2008 I have had that strange tingeling feeling on my head. Feeling like the hair is standing right up, or like some kind of pulsation. What is it? Some people have said that I am psychic and that my crown chakra is wide open.

In 2006 I began with Kundalini Yoga and I remember trying to open up my crown chakra. I thought that was good, but now I understand that I actually knew nothing about yoga and chakras... In  2008 I stoped practicing yoga.

But I am not shure that yoga is the reason to all problems that started in 2008. I still think that living on that EMF-lab caused it all. I think that that pulsating low frequency sound open up a portal to another dimension, an let all kind of strange things in.

I have now tried to close myself down for three years. And it is much better now, today I notice this thing on my head only maybe 3-4 times a day. So it's a huge difference!

I probably been a bit psychic my whole life. I have dreamed about the future events and I sometimes knows whats on other peoples mind. I also know when bad things are happen somewhere else. I think my teenage daughter is psychic to. We did some telepathic tests in 2009 and it worked out very well. The same year I read an interesting historic article, she didn't knew about it. But that night she dreamed about that historic event and she told me a lot of interesting details. So, maybe we have it in our blood ;-)

I have noticed that stress makes me more vulnerable and I get more scratches. A psychic woman has given me the advice to avoid stress, "stay grounded", spend much time out in nature and do things I like. It has helped a lot. The dowser learned me how to locate and communicate with ghosts, to help myself and get rid of them. But it felt like everything got worse then. So I quit the whole thing with dowsing.

Strange bumps in my upper mouth

One night in 2009 I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I was sitting with my head bent forward. My eyes were closed and my mouth was wide open - and I couldn't close it. I took my left hand and felt some metal sticks that were pushed up in my upper mouth, so I took them out one after another. Then I don't remember anything more.

About a month later I noticed that I had three bumps in a triangular shape in my upper mouth! And I had never seen them before!

It is difficult to show on picture, but here is a picture where I have marked out the position.

I checked this with my dentist who didn't know what it was, but maybe some kind of bone structure. This hasn't caused amuch pain, but I think it is strange that they apeared just after that dream. Alien implants?

Another time I got real bad pain in my back. I talked to the dowser again and he said that I had an implant. He said he would try to take it away, on distance. He did - and the pain went away. Weird.

A psychic woman who worked with multidimensial therapy asked me if I have had problems with my nose recently. And yes, that day I had got bad smell in it. She said it was an implant and she took it out. The strange smell went away.

Really strange.

I have also had a dream about implats. I dreamed that I got it in my right arm and I was so angry that I pressed that metal stick out right through my skin. Then everything turned black. Why are all this strange dreams so very short, just like small flashes in my mind... never knowing what happened just before or after that event.

I took this picture after the dream about the implant in my arm. Notice the red dots, thats where saw the implant in the dream. I still have that red dots, after two years.

Seeing UFOs

The same month as I got the scratches I saw an UFO, but this wasn't the first time.

In 1977 and 1978 I saw an UFO with my older brother. I was talking on the phone with a friend when he called for me. I run out on the balcony where he stood and watched something that really looked like an UFO. It was winter time and very dark outside, so we could see the form of the object. We could only see the lights that were around it. It was like lights in different colours blinking while it flew. We heard no noice at all. The second time my brother took some pictures that showed a cigar formed object.

In 2008, when the strange things started to happen at home - then I saw an UFO again. This time with my daughter and it was in the middle of the day. We could see it clearly because it flow right in front of our car. The next moment it just disapeared! I was round and in silver/metal.

Isn't that strange that it showed up at the same time as the hauntings began?

Scratched while painting - 2nd time

In spring 2009, before I was going to sell the apartment I did some painting in my daughters wardrobe. Then I got scratches again.

This is what it looked like just seconds after:
The scratches looks like I had been scratched by a cat or something like that.

The next day it looked like this:

My haunted home - this happened

Because of the sturbing noices (from the company in the house) and the hauntings I couldn't sleep in my apartment, but I came there nearly every day and checked my post. It didn't feel good staying there. Here I have listed some of the things that happened during 1 year:

- Scratch Marks on me and my child
- Paralysis in bed, feeling pushed down by someone
- Sounds of things moving on the floor
- Bangings from inside of my bedroom wardrobe
- My mobile called up my home phone while I opened the door
- Feeling that hair on the head is standing right up
- Static around arms, hair really standig right up!
- Pain in heart, inregular heart beats
- Light bulbs braking a bit to often...
- Our parrot became angry and sick, got healthy after moving out
- Computor breakdown
- Problems with TV
- Alarm clock turned off by itself
- Dreams about being pushed in the bed
and so on...

In my mothers home the timer in the kitchen went crazy when I got up to make breakfast. It was counting up or down, but noone had started it. This stoped when I moved out from her house.

EVP:s from my home

The ghost hunters couldn't help me, because the problems came back. But they let me listen to some of the EVP:s they got. There were some voices that sounded pretty normal but there were also voices that sounded a bit robotic. It was scary.

I even did some recordings myself, with the recorder in my digital camera. The recorder was on during the night when I slept i another room. Well, I never heard any voices, but I heard strange poping sounds. A also heard something that sounded like an owl. And once I heard two bangings on my balcona door, although it is impossible to climb so high up without a ladder or something. I also once heard like someone scratched with a nail or something directly at the microphone.

I send some of the EVPs by mail to one of the ghost hunters. He then wrote back, telling me that when he had listned to my recordings he started to hear the same kind of strange noices in his apartment! That made me a bit scarred, so I didn't do any more recordings after that.

Ghost from 1709?

Because of the disturbing noices in our house I had moved in to my mother. But I visited my apartment nearly every day, to check my mail and use my computer.

One day I noticed that I got terrible pain in my heart as I was there, so after a while I went to my mother. The next day same thing happened. The third day my mother came with me and she too got pain in her chest. So we understood that something in the apartment wasn't good. It also felt as if our hair stood right up, but it didn't... Very strange. A friend of mine came over and she too got heart problems, then I called the dowser.

He told me that he used a map and to locate me and that he found a ghost in my apartment. I think he used some kind of dowsing rod. Then he started to communicate with the ghost. He told me that it was a young soldier who had died in a war 1709. And he had been wounded in his heart, thats why I had got heart problems, because I could sense the ghosts problems. He told me that he would help the ghost to the light the next day.

The next day when I came to my apartment all felt just fine - and I had no problem with my heart. So, I really didn't know what to believe.
Lots of swedish soldiers died in the war in Poltava 1709. Could it have been a ghost from that war who came to my house?
Battle of Poltava (Wikipedia)

Visited by ghost hunters

I think it was a week after I had got the scratches that I found a web site written by some ghost hunters. I contacted them and asked for help. They were interested and came to visit me in my home.

It was a well known psychic woman (medium) and two men. They moved around in my apartment feeling with their hands and they used two recording machines, to get EVP:s. They found two ghosts; an old man (probably the former owner, who had died 3 months before I bought the apartment) and a small boy. They said that the boy was mean, that they thought that he was the one who had scratched me. They helped both the ghosts "to the light" and before they left the woman said to me:

- I think you are psychic, I can see it in your eyes.

I didn't sleep there that night, although they said that everything was OK. But it wasn't. Just a couple of days after I got now scratches, and I got them nearly every day. I got them where ever I was; at my mothers home, at work, outside... I really felt haunted.

Remembering strange dreams

The phone call to that dowser really made me confused. Did he really mean that aliens exist? I started to google and found I picture that made me a bit surpriced, because it reminded me of something. It was this picture:

I reminded me of a dream that I had in 1997. I woke up because I felt air coming into my face when the bed clothes fell down on me. I was lying in my bed on my back. (Normally I never slept on my back.) I looked up in the darkness and saw the silhouettes of two or three small beeings at the end of the bed! I didn't hear them, but I understood that they were surpriced that I had woken up. The next moment everything was black. I belived it must have been a dream.

But after talking the dowser (in 2008) I began to wonder... maybe it wasn't just a dream? Because I had experienced another strange thing 10 years earlier:

Black hooded figure 1997Our little daughter had been waking us up several times during one night, and that was not at all like her. Normally she slept very good. But that night something was wrong. Finally my husband and I let her sleep between us in our bed and we all fell asleep. Then something happened.

I woke up feeling paralysed and scarred, I felt as someone was standing behind my back. I felt a strong evil force against my lower back and it felt as I was going to die. I couldn't open my eyes but I saw a picture inside my head of a tall black figure in a hood standing right by the bed. I could not see a face, but in my mind I could actually feel that robe, it felt like something between a dolphins skin and rubber...

I was paralysed, full of fear and in my head I screamed:

"- Get lost! Get out of here!"

And finally it disapered and I could move again. My heart was beating very hard. Then the next strange thing happened. It felt as someone pured warm water through my whole body; from top to toe. I felt as I had been healed. Or druged. Then everything went black.

So... was it just two strange dreams or was it something else? I remember that after one of these events I woke up with three dots formed in a small triangle on my stomach (right side). I thought it was strange, but after just a day or two I forgot about it.

Talking to a dowser

Before the event with the scratches I had talked to a well known dowser (over the phone) about the disturbances with the noice in our house. I knew that dowsers can find water, so I asked him if he also could locate where the noice came from. But he said that was not possible, but he could locate me by distance and have a look at my home as we were speaking to each other...

Well, that sounded real weird. But I let him do so. Then he told me that I had ghost in my home, and two aliens... He said that I had somekind of six-edged-window at my house, a place where UFOs land - and that is not good. I nearly laughed at him, because I didn't believe in such things. Then he began to talk about me, about my health. It was as if he scanned my body on distance and knew exactly wich health problems I had! That was really strange.

So when he said that he could "take away" the ghosts and aliens (on distance) I just said OK and that was it.

Afterwards I really didn't know what to believe. If he was right about my health problems, then maybe he was right about the other things too... or?
A dowser, from an 18th century French book about superstitions

My haunted home

It was in 2008 when the problems began. A strange very low freqency noice, as from some kind of engine:

---- ____ ---- ____ ---- ____ (one minute short pulses, one minute with one long "puls")

It made my heart beat and I got nausea, it also felt as my ears was stuffed for 1-2 days afterwards. I also got high blood pressure. It was really bad but I couldn't locate where from the noice came. I didn't hear the sound outside, just inside my apartment. It was so disturbing that I couldn't stay there during the nights, so I moved to my mothers home.

Finally I found out that the noice probably came from an company in the house that worked with electromechanical  stuff. Another neighbour was disturbed too, so I talked to the men at the company. But they denied. A week later I did another visit and this time I didn't stop outside their door. I just walked in before they even had the time to stop me. Thats when I found their lab. A small lab where they tested their motors and other stuff. But still they denied to have anything to do with the disturbing noices during the nights, and I had no proof... Hopeless, so I decided to move out. But first I began to renovate my apartment. That's when it started.

I was painting a wall in the living room when I suddenly failt a burning sensation on my arm. First i thought it was just paint irritating my skin, but when I looked I saw my left arm full of scratches! It looked like a cat or something had scratched me.

I immediately understood that it was something not normal, so I took some pictures of the scratches. At the same time I was shocked, but I finished the painting then I went to my mothers home. This is one of the pictures I took on my arm when I arrived there:

Then suddenly I remembered another incident, that had happened one month earlier. My daughter came out from her room showing me a scratch mark on her upper arm. She said that she had got it out of nowhere. But I was busy reading the newspaper and I just told her that she must have done it herself... Well, when I got the scratches then I understood that our home was haunted. And it had begun at the same time as the real disturbing noices began.

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