November 28, 2011

Red dot marking

Today I woke up with this scratchmark and my right hand and a red dot on my left hand. Strange I have never had a dot like this on my hands.

A collegue at my work have had experienced some strange things too, so today we talked about it again. And what happens? Well she gets that high pitched beep tone in her ears and we both feel that pressure that makes it hard to breathe.

- They are observing us again, she said.

This had happend us both so many times while we talk about weird stuff like aliens. And I must say it makes me a bit frustrated.  Actually I can feel it right now, while I am writing about it. It's so obvious that "they" (who ever they are) doesn't like me talking - or writing - about it.

Have you experienced this to? Please leave a comment below.


  1. I too have these small red dots. Recently I had one on my head. I thought it was a cut because I shaved my head but then I realized I had another one just under my hair a few cm's to the left of it. I also have nightmares at night sometimes. It gets hard to breathe and I wake up with a buzzing/ringing noise in my head when awake. Most of the dream relate to my alien phobia for E.T. (yes the one from the movie.) I had it for years until I grew out of the phobia I had for him.I also have had red dots on my left forearm for as long as I can remember.

  2. Yes, the same here. These red dots continue. Just the other night, I felt something poking my in the back of right leg (behind my knee) and I looked the next morning and there was a puncture wound. The appear to do it in my sleep and the pain woke me up. Somehow I appear to be connected in someway.. haven't quite figured that out yet..