November 04, 2011

Have I met aliens as child?

Last month my mother found a sketch that I made when I was child. I guess I made it somewhere between 1965 and 1967.

I think it shows myself playing with a bucket in the sand. Then an angel shows up and we both disapear. Only two stars are showed. Then something that reminds me of the UFO I saw in 1977 and 1978. Or is it the moon? Next picture shows me and a tall man (with a beard - or is it a helmet?). And then me and the angel going away.

I think the first sketch shows a place at our familys country house, where we used to spend all weekends and summers. I loved that place, although I have had many nightmares about it. I have dreamed about UFOs and strange ships in the sky above the sea. I also had dreams about trying to hide or run away. I also remember thinking that a dark sky ment that "something" was coming. And when I heard that beep tone (high pitced) in my ears I know I said: "Now they are coming". But what did I mean? Who where "they"? Anyway, who is the tall man with beard? And the connection to an angel, stars and the moon/UFO? A sumerian angel?

Under the first sketch I have drawn "ABĂ…LO 20" which means Apollo 20, but that wasn't sent up until 1976 and I did this drawing somewhere between 1965 and 1967!

And then a picture of me looking at the stars in a window and the angel again.

So what does this sketch show? Did I see an UFO in my childhood? And why Apollo 20?

An alien spaceship on the moon

I just found this interesting post: Childhood visitor from the sky Could we have experienced the same thing, being visited by some kind of aliens? I also reminds me of that I often wondered if my parents really were my real parents.

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