December 27, 2015

Owls and synchronicity

What is it with owls? Today I read Mike Clelland's latest post "Owl on Christmas Morning" on his blog Hidden Experience. Less than an hour later one of my friends sends me this picture on Facebook:

November 18, 2015

New scratches...

I don't understand why, but suddenly I have got bleeding scratch marks again. 

Is it because I looked at that video with Mike Clelland? My curiosity (on alien stuff) often gives me problems.Or is it because of the changes in my life right now? I have resigned from my job. Got tired of my boss. After leaving the office I felt so damn relieved. It really felt so good - but the same day I got the first scratch. And I have had them every day since. I can also feel that that strange "tingling" on my head (Crown chakra activating?) and that high pitched tones in my ears. I have felt that pushing on my back again too (while sleeping).

Don't know why it has started all over again. Is it because I am taking control over my life again, leaving something bad (my psycopathic boss) behind? I have noticed that going forward, learning new stuff or personal development can give me this marks. Maybe "someone" doesn't like what I'm doing. Maybe I'm breaking "someones" plans?

November 06, 2015

Love Bite Video

Panel discussion with Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther, Tom/Montalk, Carissa Conti and Arella Eliora

I have followed Carissa's blog for some time and it is really interesting. In this video Clarissa and the others discuss the role of alien, black op, demonic and interdimensional entities in manipulating human love relationships. Their motivations for doing so include energy feeding, experimentation, genetic pairing, mind control handling, and suppression of spiritual awakening. They also mention red flags to observe and how to deal with these forces.

Cause of Epidemic of Autism

October 23, 2015

Scratched after watching videos

This is my second post this day.

After writing that other post today, I went out for hiking in a nearby wood. On my way there I saw a strange white, round object travelling very fast in front of my car. I picked up my camera, just to realize that I had forgotten the memory card...  Anyway, next moment the object was gone.

When I came home I watched some UFO videos on Youtube. Obviously not a good idea - just minutes later I got a scratch mark on my finger! Wow, I haven't had any scratch marks for a long time now, but as soon as I go out on internet and search for UFO-stuff I get scratch marks. This is weird!

In a dreamstate - or in other time?

First time I remember experiencing this was in 2001. After a evening out with my girlfriends I stayed over at a friends house. Her two childrens were not at home so I slept in their room during the night.

First I had a strange dream about a burglary in my home, but soon finding that the thiefs had missed some things in the hallway. I also saw swing doors (like at an old time saloon), which I really don't have at home.

Next moment I am fully aware of where I am, in my friends daughters bedroom. I know that I am not sleeping, but I feel very relaxed and it's like I shift my consciousness. Suddenly I can hear my friends daughters running around and play in the apartment... I can hear their laughter and their running feet - although I know they aren't there. It's like I have travelled in time.

The next day I came home - and found that I really have had a burglary! The window (2 glasses) were open and my computer, cameras, jewelrys... everything was gone. Then I found some jewelrys that the burglers had missed - in the hall. Like in the dream!

Next day I thought about that dream again. The saloon doors in the dream were like a symbol for the two bedroom windows, where the thieves came in (and out). In the dream I saw that the they had missed some jewelries in the hallway - and that was true. They were still in my bureau. Wasn't that strange?

I wonder if I, in that deep relaxed state (in my friends home) could pick up both things about what was going on in my apartment and things (sounds) that had happend in my friends apartment earlier - her daughers playing around.

Yesterday it happend again - in my own bedroom.

I was very tired after a meeting and lay down on my bed just to relax for a while. I fell asleep and woke up an hour later. But I went in and out in a strange condition, where I was awake and knew exactly were I was but as soon as I relaxed more I could hear strange sounds from my kitchen, like somone was working with something there. It scared me and I got back to "normal" again and the sound stoped. I relaxed again and the same sound was heard. Not from the bedroom, but from the kitchen. Weird!

I did this over and over again in that relaxed state. I don't think it was some kind of auditory hallucination or sleep paralysis. But maybe I somehow manage to pick up sounds from the people who had lived in the apartment before me? The feeling was exactly as in 2001.

Now I remember a similar experience in 1983/84 when I lay in my bed and heard keys in the door and people entering my hallway. It almost freaked me out. But when I got up noone was there.

Anyone else who have had experiences like this - or have read about it? Please write a comment below - thanks!

Update one hour later:
What a coincidence - I just read in Metro about a woman who have had many paralysis AND seen strange creatures/monsters in her bedroom. Who knows what really happens when we sleep. I don't believe in hallucinations, I think we are visited from other dimensions.

October 19, 2015

What Caused China’s ‘Floating City’ In The Sky?

I really enjoy watching the sky and the clouds, and I have seen weird stuff; UFOs and strange clouds - but never something like this:

"Thousands of residents from Jiangxi and Foshan in China reported seeing a "floating city" in the sky earlier this month. The images and grainy video footage appear to show towering skyscrapers poking out of the clouds and looming over the ground below."

Read more (IflScience)

Is this evidence of a parallel universe? Sightings of a 'floating city' in China are simply an optical illusion, say scientists (Daily Mail)

Mysterious floating city appears in the sky over China (The Telegraph)

August 21, 2015

In another world

Wow, this dream was really the weirdest dream I ever had. It lasted for about 25 minutes and I thought I would never come back to this world again.

Well it was a crazy evening yesterday. I had some hard discussions with my daughter and ended upp in bed angry, wondering why so many people seems to be so heartless, having no empathy for others. I ended up in bed, making a drawing of my thoughts. Like a cobweb with sketches of people in my life. Just a few of them had that red, warm heart. The rest had no heart at all.

When I had turned of the light I remembered when I could see behind closed eyes, so I tried to do that. It didn’t work. Instead of that grey shadowlike silhouttes I could see darkness and some light spots, like stars… then I drifted away into the dream world.

Suddenly I was at a strange place, some kind of working place. Dark walls, dark floor, dark ceiling, no windows. People in front of computers. I could see that some of them (everybody?) had no legs below the knees.  Amputee? And when I looked closer at their faces and spoke to them I couldn’t figure out if they were men or women. They looked androgynous.

I went to another room, very light. Lamps in the ceiling. White walls. I remeber shelves with some kind of medicine or substance. Yellow and black labels. Everything was so clear. I have glasses but in this dream my sight was like an eagles. I could read on all labels without my glasses. And that made me scarred. This dream was so clear, so detailed. It couldn’t be a dream! This must be the reality. But I couldn’t wake up. I was still in that room and it didn’t feel good at all. Why couldn’t I wake up! Then I thought; ”Oh my God! I must have had a stroke and my brain is not working!  I am lost here!”
I understood that the people I saw was not like normal people, they were more like computers. They had no life without working.  When that hit me I was ”taken”. I could not move, but I felt like hundreds of metal wires were shot into my body, into my arms, feets and legs. It was like my blood path was replaced with these wires in different sizes. I became a machine, like the others… I felt no pain, but I could feel all that things shot into my body.

About 20-25 minutes later I woke up, with my heart bumping hard. Scared. Gosh! What a nightmare! I have never experienced something so clear in my dreams!

August 15, 2015

Strange object over Sweden

A man has seen a strange object over Sweden, similar to the object I saw in 2011.

The man, who works in the air/space industriy says that the object seemed to be 20 times larger than an airplane.

Here is a clip from todays magazine

I think it looks almost identical to the objects I saw over Stockholm in 2011.
My picture from 2011

In 2012 a saw two other objects that I think was some kind of military planes or rockets. They too were very high up in the air, travelling very fast.

UFO? Or Russia? ;-) Wouldn't be surpriced, we have already had their submarines here. And military planes to close to our boarders...

August 11, 2015

Scratch marks and higher level negative energies

I don't remember if I have linked to SSRF before, but here you can find some more information about them.

I have been searching for answers since 2008 when I got several scratch marks on my left arm. Where do they come from? Ghosts? Aliens? And WHY do I get these strange body marks?

I got my first scratch mark (on the chin) in 1987-88. But I thought I had just scratched myself. In 2008 happend again and it got real bad. My daughter and mother got scratches too.

Was it spiritual, because I had praticed meditation and yoga? Or was it connected to my UFO experiences (in 1977, 1978 and 2008)?

I just know that the force of these marks can read my mind. And it's not a friendly force. It can travell fast, all over the world. I found out that when I reached for help from o friend of mine in Spain. She got scratch when she tried to help me. And a man in the USA also got scratch marks - while just reading my blog! So I don't belive it's just ghosts.

I think it is something else - negative energies from a spiritual dimension. Maybe it's the same force that send beep tones in my ears and sticking pain (like from needles) in my arms, legs and feets?

Here you can read what the Spiritual Science Reserch Foundation (SSRF) think about paranormal scratches:

Spontaneous scratches created by higher level negative energies

July 30, 2015

Scratch marks after reading about aliens

I guess I was a bit bored yesterday. I have vacation but it keept on raining, so I sat down with my laptop and watched some videos about aliens and scoop marks. Shortly after - I got ringings in my left ear and two small scratches on one of my finger tips.

It's interesting, because it has been so calm for a long time now. But as soon as I go out searching on internet (about alien stuff) I get problems. It's like in 2008 when I first began my searching, shortly after I got those scratch marks and all strange things started happening in my home.

Tonight I had a strange dream about being held in custody. A guard (chinese man) in black trousers was standing behind me. In another room in front of me I could see some white men sitting around an oval table, maybe some kind of council. I knew they were discussing me, but I couldn't hear what they said. I tried to shout at them but only a mumbling was heard. A very short dream, then darkness.

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Abduction Experiencers’ Perceptions of the Alien Agenda by Kathleen Marden

May 15, 2015

Nadine Lalich's experiences

Today I found this interesting video with Nadine Lalich:

Seems like we share many experiences:

  • She describes the feeling of one alien touching her back/spine, something that I have experienced many times. It feels like my back/spine is my weakest body part when it comes to this kind of events. (I think it can work like some kind of portal.)
  • She also have had "dreams" about airports with military personel and UFOs.
  • She has had scars on her arms like me.
  • Bleeding nose. (I got that during many nights as a child)
  • She has also heard that humming sound. I had it in my old apartment.
  • We both have had dreams about descruction and cathastrophes in the future.
  • We see numbers like 1111 appearing on nearby clocks.
  • We saw UFOs at the age of 16.
  • We have had dreams about children. (But mine didn't look alien.)

While writing this post I have had beeping tones in my left ear...

April 23, 2015

Scary dream and body marks

Everything is just dark and I am so afraid. I lie in the bed between my parents. I am just a child. I don't know if my parents are awake or sleeping. Or paralysed. I just know that something is coming and they won't be able to protect me.

Suddenly I hear a strange sound. It's like the sound from a small remote controlled "thing" and it is moving around in the apartment. Searching. 

Oh God, please... No... I  am so afraid...

This is the dream that woke me up earlier this week. I was so shocked so I had to turn the lamp on and read a book, just to get that dream out of my mind. Couldn't go back to sleep for hours.

Next day I thought about it, because it was so strong, and felt so real. I have had dreams like that before. About something coming into our home during the night - and there is nowhere to hide.

When I took a shower that day I noticed scars on both my feet, inside the ankles - at the same high. Weird. And today when I publish this - it is exactly one year today since I wrote about a similar dream; Hiding from intruders.

April 09, 2015

Woke up with cuts

Today I woke up with several cuts (or small scratches) on my hands. I haven't had any weird dreams or experiences during the night so it was strange.

I still cannot figure out where they come from, but the source must be some kind of evil spirit. Or have I pissed someone off? ;-) Well watch this video:

Update May 15th, 2015:
Ghost Attacks: How Do We Explain These Mysterious Spectral Scratches?

April 07, 2015

What's the "trigger"?

It has been calm for a long time, but now I have had a "visitor" here again.

A week ago I began reading about UFO stuff again and before I went to bed I thought about astral travelling. Maybe I was a bit bored, because I said to myself that I would be fun if I could "make a trip" during the night.

I fell asleep and I had so many vivid dreams! In one of them I met an older man and suddenly I got that unpleasant feeling of burrowing fingers in my back. I woke up immediately!

The feeling of paralysis combined with that poking in my back and waist - it has happend to me so many times. Sometimes I am paralysed and everything is just black. Other times I have seen a human beeing just before it happens. I have also had strange huge insects (like praying mantis) jumping on my back while asleep. But I haven't had those experiences for several moths. Now suddenly it started all over again. It's almost like someone (from another dimension) grabs me. But as soon as I wake up everything is gone.

A couple of days later, just before Easter, I did a huge housecleaning. When it was done I noticed a scratch mark on my finger - a typical paranormal scratch mark. 

Since 2008 I have got several scratch marks while doing larger housecleaning and using my vacuum cleaner. Obviously "something" doesn't like me running around and cleaning every corner of the apartment - or "something" just doesn't like the sound of the vacuum cleaner... 

Anyone else who have experienced this? An invisible "guest" that hates house cleaning?

I am sorry for my bad english, but I do my best ;-)