October 23, 2015

In a dreamstate - or in other time?

First time I remember experiencing this was in 2001. After a evening out with my girlfriends I stayed over at a friends house. Her two childrens were not at home so I slept in their room during the night.

First I had a strange dream about a burglary in my home, but soon finding that the thiefs had missed some things in the hallway. I also saw swing doors (like at an old time saloon), which I really don't have at home.

Next moment I am fully aware of where I am, in my friends daughters bedroom. I know that I am not sleeping, but I feel very relaxed and it's like I shift my consciousness. Suddenly I can hear my friends daughters running around and play in the apartment... I can hear their laughter and their running feet - although I know they aren't there. It's like I have travelled in time.

The next day I came home - and found that I really have had a burglary! The window (2 glasses) were open and my computer, cameras, jewelrys... everything was gone. Then I found some jewelrys that the burglers had missed - in the hall. Like in the dream!

Next day I thought about that dream again. The saloon doors in the dream were like a symbol for the two bedroom windows, where the thieves came in (and out). In the dream I saw that the they had missed some jewelries in the hallway - and that was true. They were still in my bureau. Wasn't that strange?

I wonder if I, in that deep relaxed state (in my friends home) could pick up both things about what was going on in my apartment and things (sounds) that had happend in my friends apartment earlier - her daughers playing around.

Yesterday it happend again - in my own bedroom.

I was very tired after a meeting and lay down on my bed just to relax for a while. I fell asleep and woke up an hour later. But I went in and out in a strange condition, where I was awake and knew exactly were I was but as soon as I relaxed more I could hear strange sounds from my kitchen, like somone was working with something there. It scared me and I got back to "normal" again and the sound stoped. I relaxed again and the same sound was heard. Not from the bedroom, but from the kitchen. Weird!

I did this over and over again in that relaxed state. I don't think it was some kind of auditory hallucination or sleep paralysis. But maybe I somehow manage to pick up sounds from the people who had lived in the apartment before me? The feeling was exactly as in 2001.

Now I remember a similar experience in 1983/84 when I lay in my bed and heard keys in the door and people entering my hallway. It almost freaked me out. But when I got up noone was there.

Anyone else who have had experiences like this - or have read about it? Please write a comment below - thanks!

Update one hour later:
What a coincidence - I just read in Metro about a woman who have had many paralysis AND seen strange creatures/monsters in her bedroom. Who knows what really happens when we sleep. I don't believe in hallucinations, I think we are visited from other dimensions.

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