January 29, 2012

Carissas experiences

Wow, today I found a real interesting site about body markings and ear tones! On the website "In 2 Worlds" Carissa writes about many things that I have experienced myself.

Carissa write about her bruises on arms and legs, things that I have experienced myself. I have even got the bruises on the same places as her!

She also talks about ear tones/ringing and that is exactly what I have experienced since I was child! But it wasn't until 2008-2009 that I understood that this was not normal and probably connected to aliens/interterrestial beeings.

The first time I tried to block this signal/ringing out (mentally) I noticed that it really worked, but it came back shortly after and then I blocked it out again. I was happy that I have found I method that seemed to work. But after some time the signal came back, but with changed freqency. Actually everytime I blocked it out it became quiter/weaker. It was like someone tried to find a freqency that I couldn't hear. But I always know when it happens, because I can feel the pressure too.

Carissa writes about scratch marks on the chin too. I got it the first time in 1987-88, but by then I thought that I just had scratched myself while sleeping. It wasn't untill 2008 when I got marks all over my arm that I understood it was something paranormal. Even my daughter and my mother got scratches then. We still get them, but not so often as before and mine has gotten much smaller.

Carissa also have some interesting things to say about numbers. That is a thing that I had noticed just lately, that some numbers seems to show up often. So I will be more observant now and start to document it.

She also talk about strange sounds from her closet, which reminds me of my own experiences from my bedroom closet in 2009. Since we moved to that old apartment my daughter was always afraid of her closet and wanted the door to be closed. Once (in 2009) when I painted it inside I got scratch marks on my arm!

Carissa's website In 2 Worlds

January 28, 2012

"Nanny" abducted by aliens

Have you heard that Fran Drescher, from "The Nanny" have met aliens?

According to The Huffington Post she says:

"You know, it's funny because Peter (Fran's ex-husband) and I both saw [aliens] before we knew each other, doing the same thing, driving on the road with our dads."

Fran says that it happend when they both were in junior high. A few years later they met and realized they had the same experience. She thinks they somehow were programmed to meet.

"We both have this scar. It's the exact same scar on the exact same spot."

But ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson wasn't so convinced of the couple's extraterrestrial pasts. He says Fran got the small scar on her hand from a drill bit or burning herself holding a hot cup of water. But Fran says, no way.

"I said to him, that's what the aliens programmed us to think. But really, that's where the chip is."

Well that was interesting. Because it reminds me of my own experience in 2008. That's when the hauntings began at our old house. And just a couple of weeks later me and my teenage daughter went on a trip to another town. On the way there I saw something strange high above in the sky. It looked like a glowing ball that flew high up in very highs speed. I didn't say anything to my daughter. But just a few minutes later a big round "thing" of silver flew right over our car! My daughter yelled:
"Look! Is that an UFO or what!!?"

Sometimes I wonder if my home wasn't haunted by ghost, maybe there were just lots of crazy aliens there.

January 27, 2012

Taken by the Greys

I found this on Youtube just minutes ago:

For more information watch the blog http://takenbythegreys.blogspot.com/

Implants in leg?

I have had a hard time at work lately and I have been a bit upset. The reason? Well... my boss. He has made me so angry and frustrated that I want to quit my job. One collegue has already left and another one is on his way. So there have been a lot strong feelings in the air...

Two days ago I had a dream about one of my collegues. When I came to work the next day I told her about it. She was surpriced, because I had dream about an event that has taken place in her home the same night! Wow...

Tonight I dreamed that I looked down on my right leg and found two big dark implants just under the skin. I looked closer and saw that the skin has broken so I could take out the implant - it was a big one. The next second all was gone and I don't remember anything more.

It's strange with those dreams. I have dreamed about implants before, that I have noticed them and taken them out. And it always end the same way - everything just turns black. The only thing that is left is a very short flashback memory.

When I woke up this morning I had some very small scratches on my right hand.

So, what has happend  tonight. Astral trip? Abducted? Well I guess I have got a new etheric implant from those alien beeings. Time to call my therapist again and get them removed.

I have also had several beep tones/signals in my ears again, my daughter too.

January 20, 2012

My turn - new scratch mark today...

I haven't had any scratch marks for a long time, but today I woke up with a small one on my right hand.

Why always on my right hand? I guess that 95 percent of all scratches have been on my right side. Strange.

But I wasn't surpriced that I got it now. I guess there are two reasons:

  • I have been more active here on this blog and I have written about my daughters (alien) dream.
  • I have had problems with my new boss at work which has made me very frustrated. Tonight I have been thinking about it a lot and I could hardly sleep. And I know strong feelings, like anger and frustration for example, makes my aura weaker and more vulnerable for these kind of attacs.
I am glad it's friday, I really need some time for relaxition.

January 18, 2012

New scratch marks on my daughter

Since my daughter had that dream about the trip in space and told me about it - and me publishing a post on it - she has got new scratches.

The first two she got the same day I wrote about it her on my blog. The second she got today, a big one on her right hand.

This is how it works. When you experience aliens stuff and talk about it to other people, it will not take long until strange things happen.

January 16, 2012

My daughters dream

Me and my daughter are very close and we both have experienced strange paranomal things. We can also read each others minds. But somethings I get a bit worried about her.

A while ago I was reading an historical article, that night my daughter dreamed about the whole historical event that I had been reading about. She hadn't seen the article and we hadn't talked about it. I was stunned the next morning when she told me all the details from her dream.

Last night my daughter had a dream that she said felt so very real. She told me about a trip to outer space, to another sun with thousands of planets around. She told me that she had visited another planet where people looked much different and that she met some kind of "monster". She was showned lots of brothers and sisters, but that they weren't friendly anyone of them. She also told me about strange buildings and that there were huge difference in time - if we should go there.

So what was it? Just a dream or some kind of abduction? Or maybe astral travelling?

When I started to write this post that signal in my right ear came back, I could almost hear it because it was so weak. So, I am still under observation... no doubt about it. They just go on trying to find another frequency that I cannot hear. So, I guess it's not OK to write about this.

The same day as I wrote this post my daughter got 2 scratches on her hand. And today she got a long scratch mark on her left hand. Could it be because she told me about her dream, and that I wrote about it here? Like "someone" doesn't like us talking/writing about it. For me it's so obvious, they try to scare her. 

January 09, 2012

Do you have strange scratch marks too?

Well, you are not alone. The first time this happend to me, in 2008, I was shocked because I have never heard about it before. Now I know that many people all around the world get those scratch and cut marks.

So where do they come from? Aliens, ghosts or demons? Noone seems to know. But I think that it's getting more and more common and that is scary.

Here are just some of the postings about this that I have found, but there are thousands of them here on Internet:

Scratches, odd cuts on my body (link to Project Avalon)
Scratchmark on my body for 13 years (link to Unexplained Mysteries)
Waking up with strange scratches (link to Paranormalsoup)
Mysterious Scratches; The answer to "What are these strange scratches on my body?" (Hubpages)
Strange scratches on my body (link to Above Top Secret)

Look at the pictures of some of my scratches here

Have you had these kind of scratch marks too? Please leave a comment, you can be anonymous if you like :-)

January 06, 2012

Followed by cats?

I don't remember if I have written about it on this blog - or if I only wrote it on my other blog. But when the hauntings began in my old house a dowser told me that he found a ghost cat there. He said that he believed that the cat could have caused the strange scratches on my body.

Then I remebered what had happend 3 months earlier:

I was sitting in the kitchen, reading about some cats that had been found killed in our neighbourhood. Then my daughter came out from her room and showed me a scratch mark on her arm. She said:

- Look Mum, I got this in my room...

I said that she must have done it herself. Because I didn't believe it was possible to get a scratch mark out of nowhere. I forgot about it... until I got scratches myself. Then I understood that strange things were going on.

The dowser told me that he had found a ghost cat that had been killed i my area. And I knew that several cats had been killed close by during the last couple of months. Anyway, he removed the cat (on distance) and it was calm for some days.  But then it began all over again, we got new scratches. So I called the dowser for help again. And, again, he said that he had found both dead people and - a ghost cat. So I stoped believing him; Why should ghost cats go on visit us all the time and give us those mysterious scratches?

The mediums/psychics/ghost hunters that visited me said there were ghosts, aliens and some other strange beeings in my apartment. But noone knew for shure what had caused the scratches.

I think that the EMF lab in our basement and the activities there was the cause to all this. Because all hauntings began with that disturbing low frequency sound from the basement.  Maybe that terrible sound/frequency opened up a portal to another dimension?

Anyway, lots of strange things happend, it wasn't just the scratches:

- We heard strange sounds, like things were moved around on the floor.
- I had strange dreams about people pushing me in bed.
- Our electric equipment went crazy. My mobile phone called up my stationary phone when I was locking up the door, by itself. And my computor was turned on at the same time as I woke up in the morning. The alarms on my two clocks in my bedroom were turned off during the night.
- The bathroom lamp fell down and crashed into pieces.
- My digital recorder caught knocking sounds on my window during the night, and we lived on the 4th floor... It also caught the sound from an owl and something that scratched the microphone...

Well, finally we sold that apartment and moved out.

But the scratches followed us wherever we moved. 

I took some hypnotherapy sessions, to see if I had any paranormal experiences in my childhood. After that it got worse, I got two bleeding scars that scarred the hell out of me. Was it because of my searching for information? Well, whoever caused that maybe could end up killing me!?

I stoped my hypnotherapi sessions and instead I worked hard on grounding myself. And I tried to stay away from all paranormal/alien pages on Internet. But I also worked with my fear, and when my fear (for the unknown) was gone the scratches became smaller and they didn't show up so often. Now I haven't had those scratch mark for a long time.

But, today something interesting happend.

Two friends came over to my new apartment, both of them are spiritual. And both said something that really made me wonder. They told me that they had seen a ghost cat around me, very clearly.

So, is it one of our two dead cats from my childhood? Or is it someone else that had been following me since 2008? And why?

I am glad it has calmed down and that I don't get the scratches anylonger. Maybe my work with myself has strenghened my aura and made it thicker, so that I don't get wounded like before? Or maybe the ghost cat has calmed down?

Two hours after I had published this post I got 3 small scratch marks on my fingers. Cat? Well, maybe there is a ghost cat here. But I don't believe that the cat is behind the scratch marks. There is something else, and something that scratch me more the deeper I digg in paranormal phenomena.

Related linkThe Strange Case of Mutulated Half Cats - she started to write about mutilated cats in 2008. The same year as it happened in my hometown! (You have to scroll down on the page to read the article.)

January 04, 2012

Drugs and other dimensions

In 1993, I listened to a lecture by Serena Roney-Dougal about Ayahuasca. It's a drug that has been used by shamans for a long time to get in contact with other worlds/dimensions. Serena talked about the drugs effects on the pineal gland (in the brain). It was very interesting, you can read about it in her book "Where Science and Magic meet". I liked it a lot, but at that time I didn't know anything at all about other dimensions.

About 4-5 years later I had a really scary experience in my bedroom. It felt very real, but I tried to convince myself that it was only a bad dream. First 10 years later I understood that it wasn't just a dream. I had been visited by beeings from other dimensions.

In 2008 my home became haunted and I got physically attacked by something invisible. I was shocked. My life was turned upside down and I left my home, but I was followed wherever I went. Then I realised; other dimensions are for real and some beeings can find you wherever you are. There is nowhere to hide.

So, maybe drugs like Ayahuasca can be used to get you there - if you want.

Have you seen Bruce Parry on TV? I really love that program about his trips all over the world. And he has tested Ayahuasca twice. Here is from the second time:

I am against drugs, but I am really interested in what happens (physically and spiritually) when you take drugs like Ayahuasca. Because I think it's more than just hallucinations.

Graham Hancock has done much research on ancient cultures and he knows a lot about drugs like Ayahuasca and Iboga. He has found that people who use these drugs all experience the same things; such as very special patterns and remarkable animals. And some of the "hallucinations" are very similar to what alien abductees have experienced.

Hancock says that this can explain many of the remarkable cave paintings found in various parts of the world. They all show visits to other dimensions and other beeings.

I am really looking forward to more researches about this.