September 07, 2012

Strange objects in the sky - again

Do you remember my post from last year; Strange object in the sky over Sweden? Well, today I saw two other strange objects. Maybe military planes/rockets.

It strange, but sometimes it's like an inner voice tells me to pick up my camera and go to a place. This happend today at 4 PM. I sat down in my bedroom with my computer when I suddenly got the idea that I should go out on my balcony with my camera. I did so and found this:

Strange objects in the Sky in Sweden
I see planes from my apartment every day, but this looks very different. And it looks similar to the one i saw September 10th 2011 - and today it is September 7th 2012! One year later and I have never seen something like this before 2011. They seems to go extremly fast and very high up in the sky. Is it some kind of military plane?  People all over the world have seen this strange things that almost looks like rockets.

Here are two more pictures from today:

September 05, 2012

More mysterious scratches

Yesterday evening I was out for a walk with my daughter. Then suddenly she said she felt that ghostly feeling on her right leg. Like something was climbing up her leg. Today I woke up with a small scratch mark on one of my fingers.

I do not understand why I got this mark now, because I do not get them so often now. But I have noticed one thing; when I talk about scratches, or look at old pictures from my old apartment - then it starts all over again. It seems that I cannot even think about that time (2008-2009) without getting this scratch marks.

Here is a video that I found on Youtube today, about scratches. Don´t forget to read the comments below the video.

Unexplained scratches (Youtube)
Unexplained scratches on the neck (Youtube)