April 12, 2017

They think they know me...

It's weird how many people react when they meet me for the first time. They say:

"- Oh, but I think we have met before... it feels like I know you!" 

It's so strange because I have heard this SO many times. Sometimes they have said that the feeling has been so strong so they wanted to hug me. But I have never seen them before! Still it happens over and over again. Why?

Maybe I have a "doppelganger", someone that looks exactly like me. Or maybe I just make people feel relaxed so they feel like we already know each other.

Anyone else who experience this often?

Visited by spirits?

I don't know if it's because of the terror attack but it's like I have opened up to the spirit world again.

The attack was on a street I often go to. Everybody have been very shaken up since it happend and I have been thinking a lot about the victims and their families and friends. 

Two days after that I had a young female spirit standing beside my bed whispering. It was weird but I think she said "daddy" (in swedish). But I am a woman and that made it even more strange.

Yesterday evening I had strange pain/sensation in my left arm. And during the night I woke up because I heard a sound from my bedroom door. Like someone was trying to open it (I always have it closed when I sleep). I was awake but had my eyes closed, listening - and heard it again! I got a bit scary so I got up opened the door and turned the light on. Nothing there.

I have had a spirit in my bedroom earlier this year, a man. He too whispered something. But then I had taken a painkiller (morphine) an hour before, so I thought I just had some kind of hallucination. But this week it happend again and I hadn't taken any kind of drugs! I hope it doesn't happen again.