April 29, 2012

Haunted night

Yesterday I told my daughter that it has been calm for a while - no scratch marks for a long time. Just some small markings. She said she had noticed the same thing and I was glad to hear that. I told her that I believe the hauntings will end compleatly one day. But maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Because during this night I have been woken up at least five times by some kind of creature jumping on my back and... rubbing och tickeling it (like it was a small monkey or something like that). Really unpleasant!

I ha a bruise on my left thigh tand during the day I got a new scratch mark on my right hand.

So it is obvious, if I talk about this - I will get haunted again. It is like those creatures are playing with me saying: "Don't be too sure of that..."

I am just SO tired of this.

Bruise on my left thight

"You have cancer..."

Last week was one of the worst weeks in my life; My doctor told me that I have cancer.

I have been crying a lot, I am scared and I have a lot of pain. Now I get medicine with Morphine, so I can handle the pain until the operation.

Do you remember my post about the strange dreams/visits in 1996-97? I have written about it here. I experienced a dark hooded figure (full of hate) in my bedroom. It felt as the death himself, or some other real evil beeing. After a real scary mental struggle it disappeared. Shortly after I woke up to find some greys at my bed. After one of this visits I woke up with 3 strange puncture mark, forming an triangel, on my stomach - just over my right ovary. And now, I have got cancer at this spot! Is it just a coincidence - or what? Has anyone heard about abducted people who have got cancer? Could it be any connection?

April 16, 2012

New marking on my hand

I got this marking today while I sat in the sofa with a cup of tea. Suddenly an itching feeling on my finger and I noticed this.

My daughter - about numbers

My daughter also have noticed that some special number keep on showing up in her life.

Yesterday we were out driving, when she suddenly pointed at the clock in our car saying:

- Look Mum, now it's 12:34 again!

I asked her what she ment and she told me that those numbers often show up. She also reminded me that we earlier have got hotel rooms with the number 123. And yes, that's true.

Have you experienced this too?

On my mobile phone:

Picture showing my android phone and you tube clip

Dream about the Mothman

Yesterday my daughter told me about a scary dream.

She told me about a  about strange creature, looking like the Mothman! She has never seen a film or a picture about it, but her description was a perfect match. Actually it made me a bit worry.

How Multidimensional Therapy works

Multidimensional theraphy is really great. I wish I could explain it to you, but my english is just not that good. And this therapy is just something you must try yourself - to really understand it.

I would never had tried this myself, if I hadn't experienced all that hauntings that began in 2008. But what do you do when no one can help you? I called all kind of people for help; ghost hunters, dowsers, a priest... But nothing helped. The turning point was when a friend of mine told me about multidimensional theraphy.

So what is it all about? First you must understand that there are many dimensions and other beeings. We cannot see them, but it doesn't mean that they doesn't exist. You also have to understand that all you experiences, during all your life have big importance. If you have a traumatic childhood it will make you weak - IF you don't work with yourself! If you have had parents that not have given you love or protected you, you will be more vulnerable when you grow up. And - beeings from other dimensions will use your weakness.

You have to be aware of this - to be able to protect yourself and fight for yourself.

I have just begun, but I know there are still much more to take care of :-) I have become much stronger but still I get attacked sometimes. And I know that it is when something has made me weaker.

Problems at work
I haven't mentioned this earlier but I have had a tough time at work. My new boss is a mess, he lacks competence and he really needs others to back him up. Some of us saw this early and some left just shortly after he had arriwed. Well, last week I told him that I am looking for a new job and - he got panic! Then he got angry, very angry. But he couldn't talk to me. I found this very interesting, because that really showed how weak he was.

Shortly after that my boss started talking behind my back. A couple of days later I visited my therapist and told her about what happend.

Cleaning my aura
In multidimensional therapy the therapist can see how you aura looks and he/she can also see what other peoples thoughts, anger or fear can do to you. So it's not just about your own childhood, other peoples history can effect your your daily life too. If you have a collegue that has a lot of problems (that they had not worked on) it will affect you too. And now, during my therapy, my therapist  found A LOT that was connected to my boss!

It was like my boss had put invisible spider web (or ribbons) all around my body, to hold me to him. So that I would not leave, because he was dependent on me and my competence. I know it sounds crazy, but this is how it works when you look at relationships in a multidimensional way. It can be rather scary.

Well, my therapist manged to remove it all, but she said it really was as if my body was burried in all that web. When she worked on me we both could feel the coldness in the room. She said that my hearth chakra was closed because of this. (Interesting, because that was what an auyrvedic doctor told me 6 months ago.) She opened it up and I felt happiness. When she was finished I could feel the energy working in my body again, especially around my diaphragm. And I just felt so good! :-)

I know it can be difficult to believe in this. But if you just start to believe some of it, then you will understand what other peoples feelings can do to you and your health.

The interesting thing is that the other person, who had done this to you, can feel when the therapist takes the web/ribbons away from your body. They don't know what is going on, they just feel that something strange is going on. They can get worried for example. I know it, because I have experienced this before.

I will tell you more about this later.

Update:Just after I had published this post I got that beep tone in my left ear again...