April 29, 2012

Haunted night

Yesterday I told my daughter that it has been calm for a while - no scratch marks for a long time. Just some small markings. She said she had noticed the same thing and I was glad to hear that. I told her that I believe the hauntings will end compleatly one day. But maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Because during this night I have been woken up at least five times by some kind of creature jumping on my back and... rubbing och tickeling it (like it was a small monkey or something like that). Really unpleasant!

I ha a bruise on my left thigh tand during the day I got a new scratch mark on my right hand.

So it is obvious, if I talk about this - I will get haunted again. It is like those creatures are playing with me saying: "Don't be too sure of that..."

I am just SO tired of this.

Bruise on my left thight


  1. Anonymous29/4/12 23:25

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  2. Hi Eve, stay strong and practice meditation, the stronger you make your mind the easier your nites will be.
    Stay positive, and yes i know its really hard with the weight of the world on your shoulders,
    and reach out to your friends that you can trust.
    all the best KiwiKev