May 01, 2012

Ufological researcher Karla Turner

The medicine and all the pain makes me so tired, so I can hardly sit by my computor. But today I plugged in my ear phones and went to bed where I listened to a very interesting video with Karla Turner. 

Dr Karla Turner (1947-1996) was an american Ufological researcher. I find her research very interesting, because I have experienced it myself. She too believed that some of the aliens seems to feed on fear. They try to scare you, but don't give them fear - fight back and show strength instead. That will help you.

It is said that Karla, who was in perfect health and had no genetic history of cancers of any kind, died 48 years old of an unidentifiable cancer on January 10, 1996. She had been repeatedly threatened and harassed because of her research.

Read more at Karla Turner Memorial

Ann Livingston was another abductee and MUFON investigator. She too died in cancer. A fast-acting form of ovarian cancer.

Update 30/6/2012:
Today I found this information on Clarissas site In2worlds (pdf-file, page 173):

"Death/injury threats and attempts To me, the most disturbing facet of all concerning alien/MILAB abductions concerns prominent researchers and authors being physically maimed during abductions, instilled with disease Part III – Expanded Insights 173 programming, or flat out being taken out. Cancer seems to be a biggie. Alien/MILABS researcher and author Karla Turner died prematurely of breast cancer. And in the book “Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator” she has this to say about the cancer programming: “I’ve made a wide circle of friends all across the U.S.A., most of whom were somehow involved with UFOs. Too many of them are dead or dying. Cancer seems the favorite method of ridding the world of nosy busybodies who want to known who and what the aliens are and where they came from and why they come here. Cancer is the answer to all their questions in far too many cases."

Since I began my research about aliens and UFOs in 2008 I have had a lot of problems; at work, with my home, financially, health issues - and strange hauntings. And now, before age 50 I have got a rare form of ovarian cancer. Just a coincidence or...?

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