October 29, 2014

In the vibrational state?

Tonight I have had a very strange experience AND strange dreams.

Yesterday I was so sad, because of my daughter, and I had hard to fall asleep.

Then, suddenly, I felt my whole body start to vibrate. I got so afraid, I thought I was going to die! The vibration was so intense and I felt that I had to brake it. I tried to scream. Next moment I have a strange dream about beeing locked in with an insane man and beeing in some kind of institution. My feet were battered and full of wounds. And I didn't know how I ended up there, or who I was. A really scary dream. Two other strange, but very detailed dreams followed.

When I woke up I understood that I probably had been in a vibrational state (in my energy body)  just before that dream. You can get into this state before you have an OBE (Out of Body Experience).  But I guess my fear prevented me from going further. Next time I will try not to be afraid and go with the flow/vibration...

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October 24, 2014

More about numbers

Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor. Guess what time? 11:10 AM. Almost 11:11. And today I got a letter from another doctor, he wants to see me next month, November 11th - 11/11. These numbers keep on showing up - every day!

Last week a woman told me that I have had spirits (relatives) around me since august, and that I should look for signs. Are these numbers some kind of sign?

I started to see the numbers 1234 in 2004. They showed up everywhere! But this last year the numbers have changed - now it's 1111.

Update January 23, 2015:

According to Uri Geller the 1111 phenomenon is "a positive awakening sign".