April 30, 2014

An argument - and a new scratch mark

Today I told my boss that I wanted to have a word with him. Just to clean up some stupid things. That got some unexpected consequences.

I have a new boss, a young, very unsecure guy that don't want to take any responsibility. But he is extremly courious and tries to controll other people. Maybe because he has lack of skills and need to use other peoples opinions (as his owns). Anyway, things had happend so I needed to talk to him.

It was not a nice meeting and he was very agressive. So when I came home I wrote down some notes about our discussions. Then suddenly I got a scratch mark on my left hand!

Why? Because of my anger? Or because I in some way lost control - or my strengh? Anger seems to lead to scratch mark like this. Or if I feel exposed or afraid. It's like I in some way lose my "protecting shield". Or as my theraphist says; "You get tears (holes) in your aura".

And now, while I am writing these words I get that high pitch tone in my left ear. I try to bounce it away mentaly and it goes away.

So what is going on? Who is using my feelings (anger, frustration or fear) and make this bloody marks at my body - and ring tones in my ear? Or could it be as I read a couple of weeks ago; that many leaders are psychopaths and enties use them as portal openers?

I really would like to hear your opinion about this.

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April 25, 2014

Do we have portals to other dimensions - in our bodies?

My back seems to be a weak and strange spot. During my life I have experienced many weird stuff connected to it.

I think I have written about it before; that I have experienced strange "touching" while asleep. It has been going on for as long as I can remember. 

It happens while I'm asleep. Suddenly I get paralysed and cannot see. At the same time I can feel a presence in the room and "someone" is poking me in my waist and back, with a finger (?). It really feels terrible. I cannot defend myself against that poking. Only if I manage to wake up.

Other times I have dreamed that I got stabbed in my back. Or that someone had stuck a needle in it. Very painful. Other times I have felt (and heard!) a huge grasshoppers jumping on my back (in 2011/2012).

I have been working on this during my hypnosessions and it seems like we can have portals to other dimensions IN OUR BODIES! Yes, it's crazy, but I have experienced huge different after my therapist has managed to close it/them.

I think that when we experience some kind of trauma we get wounds in our etheric body. And I think that these wounds can work like portals to other dimensions. If we manage to deal with our past traumas, we can heal these wounds and - close the portals. This is my guess.

It has been calm here for a long time, but just about a week ago it started all over again. I had a strange dream about an old, not so nice, woman. We had an argument and suddenly I felt as if someone had pulled his/hers/its finger all the way down on my back. The next day I had scratch marks on my fingers again. So I guess "they" are back... maybe because a portal had opened up again.

Have you experienced something like this? Parts of your body that seems to get attacked while your are asleep?

April 23, 2014

Hiding from intruders

Today I found some of my old diarys from 2004-2006, so I have spent hours reading them.

One of the things that surpriced me was what I wrote 3 days after my father had died, in 2005. I had almost forgotten it:

"This morning I woke up by a nightmare at 3:05 AM. I dreamed that I was a child again and it was night. I was standing in our living room. I heard the sound from a helicopter and it looked like its spotlights were searching around our windows. I got the impression that it was aliens, coming to get us. I ran into my parents bedroom, telling them not to open their eyes and that they should hide under the bed sheets. Then I crawled down between them. I could feel my fathers body on my left side and my mothers on my right side. Then I felt that "someone" came into the bedroom. I tried to scream: "Go away!!". But my mouth was paralysed, I couldn't scream. That's when I woke up."

I think this was the first time ever I wrote about aliens - and I had totally forgotten about that dream. Now it all came back.

It also reminds me of 2008-2009, when I lived in that haunted apartment - because I often heard helicopters during the night. I was just to tired to care about it. I never got up to look at them, I just guessed that it was police or ambulance helicopters.

Could that dream about the introuders be some kind of memory from an abduction in my childhood?