April 25, 2014

Do we have portals to other dimensions - in our bodies?

My back seems to be a weak and strange spot. During my life I have experienced many weird stuff connected to it.

I think I have written about it before; that I have experienced strange "touching" while asleep. It has been going on for as long as I can remember. 

It happens while I'm asleep. Suddenly I get paralysed and cannot see. At the same time I can feel a presence in the room and "someone" is poking me in my waist and back, with a finger (?). It really feels terrible. I cannot defend myself against that poking. Only if I manage to wake up.

Other times I have dreamed that I got stabbed in my back. Or that someone had stuck a needle in it. Very painful. Other times I have felt (and heard!) a huge grasshoppers jumping on my back (in 2011/2012).

I have been working on this during my hypnosessions and it seems like we can have portals to other dimensions IN OUR BODIES! Yes, it's crazy, but I have experienced huge different after my therapist has managed to close it/them.

I think that when we experience some kind of trauma we get wounds in our etheric body. And I think that these wounds can work like portals to other dimensions. If we manage to deal with our past traumas, we can heal these wounds and - close the portals. This is my guess.

It has been calm here for a long time, but just about a week ago it started all over again. I had a strange dream about an old, not so nice, woman. We had an argument and suddenly I felt as if someone had pulled his/hers/its finger all the way down on my back. The next day I had scratch marks on my fingers again. So I guess "they" are back... maybe because a portal had opened up again.

Have you experienced something like this? Parts of your body that seems to get attacked while your are asleep?


  1. Anonymous26/4/14 22:17

    Hmmm...Do you think the aliens who interact with you are bad and are drawn to negative energy? It seems like from your bad dream you probably had sad or mad emotions from it, and then they came, so it seems like they are drawn to it. It is not like we can not experience pain, anger, etc. because its apart of human emotions, but I like how you say we should try and heal our past wounds. As for those mean aliens, maybe you need some good ones to come in and kick their butts! Hahaha.

  2. Yes, I think the aliens are bad, and I am quite sure they like negative feelings/emotions. When I was haunted in 2008-2009 I noticed that both fear and anger made the hauntings worse. And praying didn't help at all...
    Yeah, you are right about that I need some good ones! :-D I don't know why they haven't showed up yet. But it hope there are good aliens too.

    1. Anonymous29/4/14 09:53

      Maybe you should send the bad aliens that mess with you some love and make them vomit from disgust! Hahaha! :)

  3. Anonymous29/4/14 10:16

    Also, I just had a random thought. What if when your about to be abducted or suspect that their near you, you sing a funny random song? I wonder what their reaction would be with the sudden positive energy from some funny song, I would love to hear about it if you tried it. I really look forward to your blogs. And to answer your question, I am not really sure if I had something like that while asleep once.

  4. Anonymous27/7/14 15:21

    They attach to your lower back chakra first of all. You need to practice getting to sleep with your legs in a sort of 4 shape with one foot locked over the other leg. This is the only thing I've found to work. They do try to move the leg so it's all about practice. I have slept in that position on my front for over 14 years now and I cannot sleep in any other position. When they attach, that is the moment you become aware and you are paralysed. This is when, with me, they then try to attach through the back of your head. If you feel a presence while you are trying to go to sleep, do not ignore it, put the room light on. It is tough but you have to get used to sleeping with the light on. Again, like the leg position, I can't explain why this works, only that it works for me. I have never been bothered by them when the light is on. Attacks occur between 3am and 6am. Though I seem to remember a couple of times just before 3am. There are good ones out there. You will know they are with you when you are filled with a warmth from inside. It is like the purest form of love, the most comforting beautiful feeling, and the bad ones disappear. These energies are like opposing magnets. After the good ones helped me, I was somehow able to recreate this feeling instinctively in a small way the next time I had an attack and the bad one disappeared. I stopped looking into these things and 'disconnected' for many years but I'm now looking into all these things again, and they tried to unlock my legs recently. But I have no fear of them now so they won't succeed. I wish you well and hope this is some help to you.

    1. Thanks for your comment! It's interesting because I like to relax in that position with my legs :-) And I agree to that most of the attacs seems to occur between 3am and 6 am. I too have felt that warmness inside after an attac - it felt as healing.