April 30, 2014

An argument - and a new scratch mark

Today I told my boss that I wanted to have a word with him. Just to clean up some stupid things. That got some unexpected consequences.

I have a new boss, a young, very unsecure guy that don't want to take any responsibility. But he is extremly courious and tries to controll other people. Maybe because he has lack of skills and need to use other peoples opinions (as his owns). Anyway, things had happend so I needed to talk to him.

It was not a nice meeting and he was very agressive. So when I came home I wrote down some notes about our discussions. Then suddenly I got a scratch mark on my left hand!

Why? Because of my anger? Or because I in some way lost control - or my strengh? Anger seems to lead to scratch mark like this. Or if I feel exposed or afraid. It's like I in some way lose my "protecting shield". Or as my theraphist says; "You get tears (holes) in your aura".

And now, while I am writing these words I get that high pitch tone in my left ear. I try to bounce it away mentaly and it goes away.

So what is going on? Who is using my feelings (anger, frustration or fear) and make this bloody marks at my body - and ring tones in my ear? Or could it be as I read a couple of weeks ago; that many leaders are psychopaths and enties use them as portal openers?

I really would like to hear your opinion about this.

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  1. Anonymous8/5/14 08:53

    It just seems like something or someone negative messing with you. I hope it stops. Praying for you.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is possible that you recent encounters since they are starting up again maybe trying to mess around with your emotions. I know they love toying with me in mental scenarios. "Just to see what my reactions might be.

    As a person though I try to be as pragmatic as possible, controlling any fear or anger I may have. They maybe causing you some extra stress and it is spilling out into the waking world. I am sorry that this guy is being difficult with you, and has caused you to stress.

    The scratch marks are interesting....that is very reminiscent of the old myth about poltergeist activity and women. They used to think that a women unique emotional state my cause such activity... if you were emotionally charged that my explain a cut. However since we are dealing with "them" it might be that they have opened your mind in which you manifested a lashing. Like your therapist said, a tear in your aura from the "emotion" you were feeling....