About me

I was born in Sweden in the early 60ies. I remember I was very afraid of darkness because I felt that I wasn't alone in my room. I also had many vivid nightmares. I had a lot of nose bleedings during the night too, and my mother often found me with the pillow soaked with blood. I remember being frightened in the darkness and trying to switch on the lights, but they didn't work. I also remember waking up under the bed. I had strange beeping sounds in my ears, like signals, something I thought had a connection to UFOs!

In my teens
My earliest memory of seeing an UFO was during the winter 1977. Me and my older brother saw it from our balcony an evening when we were alone at home. One year later we saw an UFO again. Same place. Not a sound was heard from it and it was moving very slow. My brother took some pictures of it where we clearly could see the shape of it.

Picture found on Internet. These lights looks very much
like the ligths we saw in 1977 and 1978. Different colours blinking (or moving around).

My Adult Life
When I was 20-26 years old I experienced several paralysis and the feeling of a presence in the room. Sometimes I even hear voices and sounds, like people came in to my apartment. I also felt that hard touching on my back and waist while sleeping. When it happend it was like I was in total darkness and paralysed.

When I was 36 years old (and married) I had two very strange experiences in our bedroom. It all started with our child screaming over and over again. We picked her up and let her sleep in our bed. I thought that everything was OK and fell asleep. Then I woke up, paralysed, feeling an evil presence beside the bed. It felt as a mental struggle for my life before it went away. Was it the same "presence" that had scarred our child?

Another night I woke up because the bed covering fell down on me from above and I could feel the air (gust?) in my face. I opened my eyes and could see the silhouettes of 3 small beeings standing in the dark at the end of the bed. Iheard (telepathically) that they were surpriced that I had woken up. Next second everything turned black. In the morning I woke up with 3 small needle marks (in a triangular shape) on my stomach, right above my right ovary.

These two experiences happend close after I have read Whitley Strieber's "Communion". The book made me so afraid (and almost sick) so I throwed it away before I had finished it. I have talked to people who think that the book can work as a trigger and start/open up to these kind of events.

The hauntings 
Ten years later, at the age of 46 my home suddenly became haunted. We heard a low frequency humming, like a truck standing outside the house. But there was nothing outside - the sound came from inside the house! We couldn't locate where it came from.

Strange things begun to happen. The bathroom lamp fell down on the floor. Glass everywhere. We heard other strange sounds, like someone moved around things on the floor. I heard a pencil fall down on the floor, but I could find anything on the floor... Things disapeared. Some rooms in our home got very cold and I felt like static energy around me. Once we heard banging inside my wardrobe. I got problems with electric equipments and light bulbs.

A dowser said we had (invisible) aliens in the apartment. I thought he was crazy. I didn't belive in aliens at that time. But a couple of days later I began googling "aliens" on internet and found pictures of grey aliens, which reminded me of the strange experience I have had in our bedroom ten years earlier.

Other weird stuff happend during 2008. I got several paranormal scratch marks on my hands and arms. My daughter and mother got them too. It began  October 19th, 2008 (the same day CERN had an incident). Later the same month my daughter and I saw an UFO flying right above our car, in the middle of the day! It was a silver disc. We didn't get scarred - only very surpriced.

Another weird thing; my mobile phone (in my bag) called my home phone - by itself - when I came home and was just about to open the door. When I run in to the apartment to answer the phone I could see my own number (from mobile phone) on the display! But I didn't make that call and the number wasn't even on the list in my mobile phone. 

I got paralysed in bed too, as if someone pressed me down - holding my hands very hard.

I got heart problems while in my apartment, a friend of mine too - and my mom. It was really strange energies around there.

I recorded sounds during the nights when I was sleeping and once something scratched the microphone!

When we moved in to my mothers house the hauntings followed us. My mother got scratch marks on her arm the night before we moved in. It felt as someone didn't like that she helped us.

The timer (on batteries) in my moms kitchen went on without us touching it. This happend for several days, then it suddenly stoped.

I woke up with pain and found puncture marks on my right foot. Later my daughter got three marks in a raw on her foot, same place.

I had scary dreams about the future, about flood/tsunam, darkness and a huge fires. It was like the end of the world, very scary.

I also had a very strange dream (?) about long metal sticks stuck into my upper mouth. Everything was black so I could only feel the sticks and that I was sitting in a strange position (tilted forward) in the air (!).  Later I noticed three hard bulbs in a triangular form in my upper mouth. They are still there.

I got a big bruise on my arm while talking about EVPs and paranormal stuff with my mom. You can find the picture here on my blog.

Two years after the hauntings had begun we moved to a new apartment and everything calmed down, but I still get scratch marks. And a bathroom lamp crashed down on the floor (as in the other apartment in 2008).

Finally I learned how to bounce those ear tones away (mentally). It convinced me that it really is some kind of signal or monotoring. But WHO is the sender?

I was diagnosed with a rare kind of ovarian cancer and went through surgery and chemotherapy. It was real bad, I thought I was going to die. It changed my life. The strange thing is that it was the right ovary, where I got those weird needle marks in 1996/97...

A phone call from one of my best friends was interrupted and I could hear a strange electronic angry voice screaming at me, in a non human language. The same experience as Dr. Karla Turner (UFO researcher) had. This happend right before we went on a trip abroad.

A bathroom lamp crashed on the floor again, third time (2008, 2010 and now). After that I got several scratch marks. I decided not to hang up another glass lamp, so now I have just the bulb.
I still get scratch marks and bruises. And I still experience those spiritual attacks (on my back) while sleeping, but it has calmed down a lot. But if I just THINK or talk about it - they come back.

I still get some scratches. Haven't found out what is going on. And I does not spend so much time on UFO-blogs as before.

Haven't experienced any scratch marks this year.

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