May 29, 2016

Psychic attack through the chakras?

Tonight it happend again, someone was  poking hard in my back. 

This has happend so many times, since I was just a little child. It feels like someone is attacking me while I'm sleeping. Most of the time I cannot see anything, just feel that very unpleasant feeling of someone/something poking  in my back or waist. Like they are trying to dig into my body. Actually, it feels like some kind of psychic attack/astral abuse.

Once I could hear and percieve a huge praying mantis jumping on my back. It only lasted for some seconds, then it was gone. Another time I heard a woman and a mans voice. But most of the time I cannot see or hear anything, it's just that very unpleasant feeling of someone/something touching my back.

A psychic woman told me that these beings (doing this) comes from other dimensions. She also believed that we have portals to other worlds - in our bodies. Maybe our chakras works as portals? And maybe we are more vulnerable while sleeping or doing meditation.

Anyone else who has experienced this?

May 05, 2016

Visited again?

This last week I have experienced some strange stuff again. 

I have had ringings in my ears, repeatedly during the weekend. Then waking up with two bruises just above my knees. Then I got a puncture mark on my left hand, similar to this one

Yesterday, when I went to bed I suddenly got a unpleasant feeling and my heart began pumping faster. I thought; why am I feeling afraid? After reading a book in bed I went up to have a glass of water. It was dark in the rest of the apartment. Then suddenly, when I was standing in the kitchen, the small lamp in my bedroom was switched off! And the way it was turned off was so strange, it went off so slowly and without that click-sound. I got a bit scarred, but went back to the bedroom and swiched the light on again.

Anyway, I was tired and fell asleep. About 03:00 AM I woke up having a nightmare about our familys old holiday house, where I haven't been for 20 years. In the dream I was in my parents bedroom, starring at the evening sky behind the curtains. I was a little child again. I could see the moonlight and another very bright light coming closer, and it didn't feel good at all. 

I woke up with my heart beating hard. What the hell is it with that place, why do I have so many nightmares about that house? I haven't been there for many years, but still I have nightmares about it. 

Today everything feels normal again, no new bruises or ear ringings.