June 26, 2014

The Arcons - feeding on our emotions

It's said that the gnostics warned us about the Archons a long time ago.  But who are they - the Archons?

The american author John Lash talks about the Archons as some kind of inorganic spieces, or energy form, that cannot live on Earth. But they are envy of us and they interfere in our lifes and feed on our fear. They are what we call "aliens", mind parasites that abduct our souls by night.

Another man who knows alot about the Archons is Robert Stanley.

When I heard about this the first time I felt that this could fit into my own experiences.

Remember what I wrote about"The Alien Council"? Something strange that I experienced dureing a hypnotherapy session. I was about beings who couldn't exist on Earth, but they wanted to observe our planet through me. Weird? Yes. And how about all my other strange experiences; the strange bruises, scratches, the beep tones in my ears, the hauntings in my home...? And all the extreme bad luck in my life? Someone, or something, must be behind all this.

”Man has a glowing coat of awarness which the predator eats,
leaving just the bare minimum of ”consciousness stuff” for man to remain
physically live.
The predator ”milks” man through arranging for constant trouble and
crisis and senseless preoccupation, so as to generate flashes of awareness
that it then proceeds to eat.”


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June 20, 2014

New scratch mark

Three days ago I went to my therapist for a healing session. As soon as I entered her clinic I got a small scratch mark on a finger. I guess "someone" doesn't like when I dig in these strange events.

We talked about my memories of strange examinations. Why do I feel that something is going on in my "Dreams", but I cannot see anything? That is so strange. Why is everything black? My therapist asked me if I thougt I have blocked that out from my memory or - if I'm not allowed to see. I don't know, but maybe "they" just don't want me to know what they are doing?

Oops! Published at 11:11. Here we have those numbers again!


June 16, 2014

What have they done to me!?

Since that last session at my therapist, when she removed that unpleasant energy ball (from my mum) I have felt so relieved and happy. But four days ago I had a new nightmare.

In the dream I visited some kind of underground aquarium with my daughter. We were in a huge, dark room and my daughter went across that room to look at another aquarium. But when I was going to follow her I walked in to black FOG! Everything went black and I couldn's see anything at all!

In the darkness something, with metal, held me so tight that I couldn't move. I felt as if I was in some kind of sitting/hanging position. I could feel hard metal under my armpits. It was painful. I could also feel hard metal in the hollow of my knees. As I tried to move I got more stuck and it became more painful. It was as if I was told mentaly that I shouldn't move - then it wouldn't be so painful. So I just sat/hung there, without moving. And then I don't remember anything more.

The next day I was so tired, and the happiness I had felt the days before was gone.

What happend?!! And why does this strange things keep on happening, again and again? Completly blackness, but I FEEL that something is going on around me. And I can feel that hard metal! But what kind of entites are doing this to me - and WHY!?

Am I just in some kind of evil experiment?


Visited by a witch from another dimension?

Weird things are happening again.

Last month, in May, I went on a business trip to another city. The first night at the hotel room I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I entered some kind of Gift Shop. I looked around and then I noticed that a woman (the salesclerk) was walking towards me. I was just going to ask her something, when suddenly - she, and the surroundings, changed. I saw light blue colors and something that looked like a face just centimeters from my eyes. I could only see the shape of the eyes, no pupils. And no other details, no mouth, no hair. Everything was just light blue. And I heard a laugh, like from a witch.

I don't know why, but I started calling: "Give it back to me! Give it back to me!"
Then I woke up.

The next day the lavatory pan in my hotel room broke. Two days later my neighbur called me up:

"Eva, I am sorry but your lavatory pan has broken. There are lots of water in your apartment - and in ours!"

How often does things like that happen? Both my lavatory pans broke almost at the same day! And after that strange dream, with that laughing witch voice...

Bad energy from my mum
When I came home I visited my therapist. I said I was so tired of all the bad luck in my life. My friends feel sorry for me and says that they doesn't know anyone else who has so much misfortune. So I asked my therapist again; how can it be possible? Why does so many bad things happen to me!?

She said she didn't know, but later during the same session she talked about my mother again. Because she found more bad energy from my mother in my body. It was lots of bad feelings; hate, frustration and bitterness. Feelings from my mother that had encapsulated in my body.

My therapist said there were connections to another dimension and that "they" were feeding on my mothers unpleasant feelings. She talked about very light, sticky vibrations as she took some kind of energy ball out from my body. I felt so relieved! I went from depressed to happy, just in seconds!

I left my therapist and went home. That evening I heard several high pitched beep tones in my ears. I tried to block them out, they went away - and came back. Over and over again. Finally it stoped.