June 26, 2014

The Arcons - feeding on our emotions

It's said that the gnostics warned us about the Archons a long time ago.  But who are they - the Archons?

The american author John Lash talks about the Archons as some kind of inorganic spieces, or energy form, that cannot live on Earth. But they are envy of us and they interfere in our lifes and feed on our fear. They are what we call "aliens", mind parasites that abduct our souls by night.

Another man who knows alot about the Archons is Robert Stanley.

When I heard about this the first time I felt that this could fit into my own experiences.

Remember what I wrote about"The Alien Council"? Something strange that I experienced dureing a hypnotherapy session. I was about beings who couldn't exist on Earth, but they wanted to observe our planet through me. Weird? Yes. And how about all my other strange experiences; the strange bruises, scratches, the beep tones in my ears, the hauntings in my home...? And all the extreme bad luck in my life? Someone, or something, must be behind all this.

”Man has a glowing coat of awarness which the predator eats,
leaving just the bare minimum of ”consciousness stuff” for man to remain
physically live.
The predator ”milks” man through arranging for constant trouble and
crisis and senseless preoccupation, so as to generate flashes of awareness
that it then proceeds to eat.”


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