September 25, 2014

Visited again

A couple of days ago I realized that something strange was going on - and tonight I was visited in my bedroom.

Last week I came home from hospital after another operation.  (I had to fix a gastrointestinal hernia after my cancer operation a couple of years ago). Since then I have had a lot of pain and I have also noticed strange things at home. Feeling that "coldness" that I've felt before, when I was haunted. I have also felt a strange shiver against my legs.

Yesterday I went to bed early, I was tired and I fell asleep almost at once. 

Suddenly I felt that poking on my right side. I was so tired so I tried not to care about it. The poking went to my left side. I was so tired but I tried to say; "Go away, leave me alone!". But the poking became more intense.

I got up. Tried to switch the light on, but it didn't work. And suddenly I realized; this have happend so many times before; that i wake up in the darkness, feeling that something is there, I am scared and try to turn the lights on - but I can't! I cannot turn the lights on!!

I go to the window, pull the thick curtains apart and - I'm chocked. My usual view over city is gone and I stare into another landscape! It's night but I cannot see the lights from the city - because outside there are only threes and some stars!

Oh... Then I realize... I am at our old country house! In my bedroom! I turn around and walk down the hall. Through the glassdoor to our dining room I see a very bright light coming from outside. What's that!!

Then I wake up. Shaky. I go up. Take a glass of water in the kitchen. Realize that it has started again, the visitors that comes during the night and poke me. The visitors that I cannot see. I go back to the bedroom. It's about 11 PM and I grab a book. I read it for about an hour, then I fall asleep again. When I woke up the next day I noticed that the clock beside my bed showed the wrong time (- 2 hours). Strange, it has been calm for several months and now suddenly it's like it has started all over again.

Two days later I visited my therapist. She did some body work on me. She said that the operation made me "open up" again. She managed to "close the door" and now it's calm again. No visitors.

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