March 24, 2016

Jean Ann was targeted with weird attacs

Have you heard about Jean Ann Eisenhower?  

Well I don't know who she is but I have just read her latest blog post "Desinformation - my experience with it". (REMOVED!) The photos of her bruise and the triangular mark are very similar to mine!


Below are some of the strange body marks that I (and my daughter) got during 2008-2013:

March 11, 2016

She died but came back “From Another Dimension”

Anita Moorjani, author of the book Dying to Be Me, experienced something most of us never will. She was diagnosed with cancer, died from it and then came back to life.

“… I actually “crossed over” to another dimension. I was engulfed in a total feeling of love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and how life works in general.”

“The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable. Words cannot describe the experience. I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our three-dimensional world. I realized what a gift life is, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.”