April 26, 2013

My collegue got scratched

Yesterday one of my collegues (who I like best) came to work with a long scratch mark just under her left eye. It looked exactly like the ones I use to get.

I asked her about it and she said that she had woked up with it. She thought it was very strange because her nails are very short. But no doubt about it - she had got a paranormal scratch. Because I know what they looks like. But did she get it because of me? Because we sit close to each other at work?

Same thing happend last year when I met a person for the first time and we sat down together and talked. I though she was nice and I think she felt the same about me. Then suddenly she got a scratch mark on her finger!

My mother got a scratch mark too in 2008/2009 when me and my daughter left our haunted house and moved in to her. It happend the night before. It felt as if she was punished because of helping us. My mother got afraid and said that it was because of me, that I had dragged ghosts to her home.

My daughter has had these scratches since 2008. But still we don't know where they come from. But it feels evil and it seems like "the one" who does this to me can read my mind...

Today I visited a massage therapist and after that I got another scratch. I'm just so tired of this.

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April 25, 2013

Strange memory

Last week I experienced something strange, I think it was some kind of memory...

I was going to a meeting with two collegues and we were going there by car. I jumped in to the back seat of my collegues car (I think it was a SAAB 9-5 2011) when I suddenly almost got panic.

The window in the back seat, where I sat, was smaller that those I'm used to, and dark. And the ceiling felt somehow to close. It almost freaked me out! My heart started pumping, it was so weird. I had no idea at all why I felt so scared. It was as if it reminded me of sitting in something small, with not much space around and with just a small window. A very claustrofobic feeling.

I have thought much about it since. Could it have something to do with my other paranormal experiences? A memory of an alien abduction? Did the window remind me of an UFO-window? Maybe I will find out more in the future?

Today I found these two cars on Brigitte Barcleys website. It reminds me of the feeling I got in my collegue's car. Dark cars like 1949 Mercury give me strange feelings. Did I get a flash from an earlier life, from the late 1940 or -50? Or does this special design remind me of something completly different?

April 21, 2013

Graves or something else?

This weekend I have visited two very interesting places here in Sweden, where there are old manmade hills - or as we say here: "King hills". It is said that they were build on old graves during the Iron Age, but no one knows for sure.

Some years ago I visited these places with two dowsers and we found some interesting things. The leylines for example, they comes from all directions and goes right in to the middle of these hills. I could feel it with my dowsing rods. So, is it just graves or were these places used for something else?

Uppsa Hill, Sweden

April 20, 2013

New bruises on our bodies

This week my daughter asked me if I have had any scratch marks lately. So I told her that I had one on my finger the day before. Then she showed me 3 very small parallel scratch marks on her finger. So it seems like we got our scratch marks the same day.

Then I said that I got a bruise on my left knee and - she showed me she had got one too, on her left knee!

So why do we still get these marks? And why? I am just so very tired of this!

April 13, 2013

Did I leave my body?

There has been no strange events lately, until last week when something weird happend while I was laying in my bed.

But first I must tell you about my TRE exercises. My therapist, who works with multidimensial therapy learned me how to do this last year. It's really interesting. Well, once when I did this I experienced something strange. I felt as my body was scrinking, as it tried to press itself together...

Now back to last week. I was laying in my bed with closed eyes, thinking about my cancer and the operation I went through last year. I felt so thankful that I had survived. I felt happiness and it was like I wanted to send out love to my whole neighborhood. Then suddenly I started to think about "them" and that I had to be careful. Still laying with closed eyes I suddenly felt my body "scrinking" and I was as I was pressed together. I remember thinking: "Wow, I recognize this (from TRE)!" So I got very exited and courious what would happen next.

Then I started feeling dizzy. I found my right leg haning out from the bed and it was like my leg was dragged out, towards the door. Now I got scared and I got the feeling I wasn't alone in the room. In my mind I told "them" to leave. I got more dizzy and suddenly it was as if my body started moving into the wall! Then I got panic, in my mind I shouted out "Stop, no!"

It was really a struggle and finally I got control over my body and managed to wake up compleatly. I got up, was to afraid to stay in the bed.

So, what happend? Was it some kind of Out of Body Experience? And were there some kind of beings in the room?