April 13, 2013

Did I leave my body?

There has been no strange events lately, until last week when something weird happend while I was laying in my bed.

But first I must tell you about my TRE exercises. My therapist, who works with multidimensial therapy learned me how to do this last year. It's really interesting. Well, once when I did this I experienced something strange. I felt as my body was scrinking, as it tried to press itself together...

Now back to last week. I was laying in my bed with closed eyes, thinking about my cancer and the operation I went through last year. I felt so thankful that I had survived. I felt happiness and it was like I wanted to send out love to my whole neighborhood. Then suddenly I started to think about "them" and that I had to be careful. Still laying with closed eyes I suddenly felt my body "scrinking" and I was as I was pressed together. I remember thinking: "Wow, I recognize this (from TRE)!" So I got very exited and courious what would happen next.

Then I started feeling dizzy. I found my right leg haning out from the bed and it was like my leg was dragged out, towards the door. Now I got scared and I got the feeling I wasn't alone in the room. In my mind I told "them" to leave. I got more dizzy and suddenly it was as if my body started moving into the wall! Then I got panic, in my mind I shouted out "Stop, no!"

It was really a struggle and finally I got control over my body and managed to wake up compleatly. I got up, was to afraid to stay in the bed.

So, what happend? Was it some kind of Out of Body Experience? And were there some kind of beings in the room?


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  1. Anonymous13/4/13 15:46

    I don't know if this will help, but I have used this technique in the past. When experiencing this state, imagine your heart center filling up with light and love. Let this bright light start to expand throughout your body and beyond into the room. Imagine this is a protective layer around you and the light is pushing out anything dark or negative within you. Then imagine this light energy flowing down through your feet and deep into the earth. This may help give you a sense of grounding to bring you back into your body.