April 25, 2013

Strange memory

Last week I experienced something strange, I think it was some kind of memory...

I was going to a meeting with two collegues and we were going there by car. I jumped in to the back seat of my collegues car (I think it was a SAAB 9-5 2011) when I suddenly almost got panic.

The window in the back seat, where I sat, was smaller that those I'm used to, and dark. And the ceiling felt somehow to close. It almost freaked me out! My heart started pumping, it was so weird. I had no idea at all why I felt so scared. It was as if it reminded me of sitting in something small, with not much space around and with just a small window. A very claustrofobic feeling.

I have thought much about it since. Could it have something to do with my other paranormal experiences? A memory of an alien abduction? Did the window remind me of an UFO-window? Maybe I will find out more in the future?

Today I found these two cars on Brigitte Barcleys website. It reminds me of the feeling I got in my collegue's car. Dark cars like 1949 Mercury give me strange feelings. Did I get a flash from an earlier life, from the late 1940 or -50? Or does this special design remind me of something completly different?

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  1. Thank you for writing this. It could be a clue to something buried or hidden, or it may mean nothing at all.

    There is something very important going on within the realm of these kinds of blogs. And by "these kinds" I mean people with extremely strange experiences (possibly UFO related) that are sharing things on-line. This post could mean anything.

    But, it might confirm something that another "experiencer" or researcher has seen or noticed. It might be a missing puzzle piece that completes an overall puzzle. It might sit here on-line until much later when you re-read it and realize it's deeper implications.

    If this were a decade ago, before the advent of blogging and you were writing a book, this anecdote (the post above) might get cleaned out by an editor. You might not even include in your book, you might edit it out yourself.

    I guess what I am saying is that right now, in the form of blogs, we are seeing a kind of raw data that is available to everyone. Like any kind of information, it will require some sifting and some subjective filtering. Everybody will filter this different.

    But, if there we ever actually "solve" this mystery, it will be in these dangling threads where an answer is found.

    Thank you,
    Mike C