July 14, 2011

Beep tone/signal in my ears

Sometimes I can hear a high pitched tone in my ears, it lasts for some seconds and then just go away. I have lived with this as long as I remember.

Once, when I was about 8 years old, I remembering saying to my mother;
"Now they're coming!"

I have no clue at all where I got that from, but I thought that the beep tone was some kind of sign - that something was coming. But then the years passed and I didn't think much about it, and when I grow older I just thought that I had some kind of hearing problem. So I got used to it.

When the hauntings began in my home (2008) and a dowser told me that I had ghosts and aliens (!) there - then I started searching for information on Internet. I read everything I could find about aliens and abductions. One thing that really surpriced me was that many people who had experienced strange things connected to UFOs and aliens, hear this high pitched signals in their ears too!

During the hauntings I got in contact with ghosthunters, mediums/psychics and dowsers. Some of them said that I was psychic myself and I got interested in knowing more about it. I almost became a ghostbuster myself and learned how to communicate with ghosts/spirits.

During 2009 I learned a lot about the power of my mind. So I tried to block out that beep tone in my ears. And - to my big surprice - it worked!! The signal went away immediately, but it was like the "sender" got confused and tried over and over again - and every time I blocked it out. Finally the signal got weaker.

A week later I had a strange dream, that I heard a kind of radiosignal and that someone was doing something with my head. Next day I heard the beep tone again. Did I get somekind of implant during the night?

I have had dreams like this before. Another time I was in a strange white corridor and heard a sound from someone using a breathing equipment - then I saw an astronaut behind me! Real weird! The next second I lay on the floor with the austronaut and two women in white clothes around me. Everything turned black, but I could hear the radiosignals in my head. It was like they were putting in a sender or something in my head!

Today the signal is much weaker, but I can feel the pressure in my ears instead. So I know that this (what ever it is) still is going on. And "they" know I am aware of it. 

I have noticed that the signal often comes when I am talking to someone about aliens and that kind of stuff. Today I got the signal when I looked at a video about acient indians and alien. (The signal came at 02:17)

So - who is sending this signal to me and why? Is it aliens trying to track where I am? Or are they just checking out what I am up to, what I know about aliens? Maybe it has something to do with the UFOs that I have seen during 1977, 1978 and 2008...

Mikael Kvist, and interesting swedish engineer and writer, has written books about healing, angels, earths cristal nets and other dimensions. He believes that this sound (in my ears) comes when aliens from other dimensions try to track our conciousness. He had also experienced strange paranormal things, as scratch marks. Sadly his books are not available in english and I have heard that something happened to him during 2008/09 so today noone knows what he is up to. But I can strongly recomend his books "Tidskrigarna" ("Time warriors").

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Strange scratches on my body

It has been calm for a while now, but this morning I woke up with a new scratch mark on my left hand. So today I will tell you more about this marks that I've had since 2008 - or maybe even earlier...

I have already written about the first event in 2008, when I got several scratches all over my right arm when I painted a wall in my old apartment. Since that day the hauntings have followed me and my daughter, whereever we go. Even my mother has got scratch marks the night before we moved into her apartment. A psychic/medium in Spain that tried to help me also got scratches. So it seems like these forces/energies that are behind this can attac immidiately where ever you are.

My daughter got this v- or heart-shaped scratch in 2008 while we watched TV. In the beginning we thought that it was a ghost cat that caused the scratches, so maybe thats why she never got afraid. And I didn't want to scare her either, so I never told her about the information I found at Internet about this. I didn't want to upset her. And I have always been the one who got most of the scratches.

I have noticed that when I am sad or angry, the scratches get worse. It's like I get mor vulnerable then. Or am I food to a entity that feed on strong feelings? Some people mean that.

I strongly feel that there is some kind of intelligence behind this, because I many times have got these scratches right after I had done or said something special. It's like "someone" wants to show me that they have control over me. But - it doesn't want to communicate.

I have got most of the scratches on my fingers and they are painfull. Here is one that I got during the winter 2009, although I did wear a glove. The glove had no marks, only my finger... (So are these marks made in another dimension or to my etherical body? I have understood that many people has experienced the same; the marks appears UNDER the clothes you are wearing, without distroing them.) Just a day or two later I got a new scratch mark, just above the first one.

During a six month period I visited a psychic therapist to get help with these paranormal scratches. She told me that I had to make my aura stronger, to protect myself from these attacs. And the only way to do that is to heal my childhood, through therapy. Much of my problems are connected to my family and our bad relationship, she said. Especially my mother. And it is true, my mother has really caused a lot of bad things in my life.

Anyway, this therapist did some kind of strange birth regression and hypnosis therapy with me and said that I have had aliens around me all my life... That could explain my strange dreams (and memories?) about aliens. And... I have seen UFOs 3 times. Last time, in 2008, my daughter saw it too.

In the beginning these scratches scared the hell out of me, but now I am not afraid anymore - and that helps. Today I don't get them so often and they are very small.

Do you get scratches too?
If you want to get in contact with me and know more about this and some usable methods? Please leave a message below. It will not be published if you don't want. That's the best way to get in contact with me. 

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