June 18, 2011

My haunted home

It was in 2008 when the problems began. A strange very low freqency noice, as from some kind of engine:

---- ____ ---- ____ ---- ____ (one minute short pulses, one minute with one long "puls")

It made my heart beat and I got nausea, it also felt as my ears was stuffed for 1-2 days afterwards. I also got high blood pressure. It was really bad but I couldn't locate where from the noice came. I didn't hear the sound outside, just inside my apartment. It was so disturbing that I couldn't stay there during the nights, so I moved to my mothers home.

Finally I found out that the noice probably came from an company in the house that worked with electromechanical  stuff. Another neighbour was disturbed too, so I talked to the men at the company. But they denied. A week later I did another visit and this time I didn't stop outside their door. I just walked in before they even had the time to stop me. Thats when I found their lab. A small lab where they tested their motors and other stuff. But still they denied to have anything to do with the disturbing noices during the nights, and I had no proof... Hopeless, so I decided to move out. But first I began to renovate my apartment. That's when it started.

I was painting a wall in the living room when I suddenly failt a burning sensation on my arm. First i thought it was just paint irritating my skin, but when I looked I saw my left arm full of scratches! It looked like a cat or something had scratched me.

I immediately understood that it was something not normal, so I took some pictures of the scratches. At the same time I was shocked, but I finished the painting then I went to my mothers home. This is one of the pictures I took on my arm when I arrived there:

Then suddenly I remembered another incident, that had happened one month earlier. My daughter came out from her room showing me a scratch mark on her upper arm. She said that she had got it out of nowhere. But I was busy reading the newspaper and I just told her that she must have done it herself... Well, when I got the scratches then I understood that our home was haunted. And it had begun at the same time as the real disturbing noices began.

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