June 18, 2011

Open crown chakra?

Since October 2008 I have had that strange tingeling feeling on my head. Feeling like the hair is standing right up, or like some kind of pulsation. What is it? Some people have said that I am psychic and that my crown chakra is wide open.

In 2006 I began with Kundalini Yoga and I remember trying to open up my crown chakra. I thought that was good, but now I understand that I actually knew nothing about yoga and chakras... In  2008 I stoped practicing yoga.

But I am not shure that yoga is the reason to all problems that started in 2008. I still think that living on that EMF-lab caused it all. I think that that pulsating low frequency sound open up a portal to another dimension, an let all kind of strange things in.

I have now tried to close myself down for three years. And it is much better now, today I notice this thing on my head only maybe 3-4 times a day. So it's a huge difference!

I probably been a bit psychic my whole life. I have dreamed about the future events and I sometimes knows whats on other peoples mind. I also know when bad things are happen somewhere else. I think my teenage daughter is psychic to. We did some telepathic tests in 2009 and it worked out very well. The same year I read an interesting historic article, she didn't knew about it. But that night she dreamed about that historic event and she told me a lot of interesting details. So, maybe we have it in our blood ;-)

I have noticed that stress makes me more vulnerable and I get more scratches. A psychic woman has given me the advice to avoid stress, "stay grounded", spend much time out in nature and do things I like. It has helped a lot. The dowser learned me how to locate and communicate with ghosts, to help myself and get rid of them. But it felt like everything got worse then. So I quit the whole thing with dowsing.

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