June 19, 2011

Scratches, stick marks & bulbs on our bodies

As I already told you I have got strange scratch marks on my body since 2008, or maybe even earlier.

I noticed it the first time in October 2008 when I painted a wall at home. But, a month earlier my daughter had got a scratch mark while she was sitting in her room. Now I have studied old digital pictures in my computer and I have found one picture from July 2008 where I have a scratch on my upper arm. I remember waking up with it, but I thought I had done it myself. I also have a weak memory of having a small and thin scratch on my chin as early as 1988!

95 percent of our scratch marks we get daytime, when we are fully awake.

Staying in my mothers house (2009?) I one night had a dream about laying on an old fishing boat (on deck) feeling a pain in my foot. I had a acupuncture nail in it! When I woke up the next morning I had a stick mark at the exact spot! I couldn't find any reason to that. Bed bugs? No, we don't have that problems in Sweden. I travelled a lot during my life, but I never got something like this.

More strange was that when I had sold my apartment and moved to another temporary place - my daughter got 3 stick marks in a row on the same place at her foot!
We have also got strange bulbs. I got the first one on my left hand in 2004, but it disappeared the same night as my father died. A year later I got a new one on a finger at the same hand. My daughter got 3 bulbs behind one ear, causing her a bit pain. But the doctor we have visited has told us its nothing to bother about, but still he don't know what it is. Same thing with those three bulbs in my upper mouth that I got during 2008/2009.

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