June 19, 2011

Healed or druged?

Three times in my life I have experienced something very strange - and still I don't know what it was. If it was something good - or bad. 

First time I think was in 1988 when I was sad and lay crying in my bed, I don't remember why but I was very sad. Then suddenly I felt a very warm  nice caring (?) feeling, and I saw as somekind of White light behind my closed eyes. I didn't dare to open them because I felt that it all would go away then, so I just enjoyed that wonderful feeling - and I fell asleep.

Second time was in 1996, after a friend had died in a car crash. Again I lay in my bed crying. Same thing happend. Afterwards I talked to a friend about it, she said that she had experienced the same thing and that she thought she had been visited by her dead son.

Third time was in 1997 after a really scary event in my bedroom, when I felt an evil black hooded being beside my bed. I was paralysed and thought that I was going to die. I mentaly screamed that it should go away, and after a while it left. After it has gone I lay there awake in my bed feeling my heart still pumping fast. Then suddenly I got that warm feeling inside again, like a holy calm. Like someone poured warm water or something inside me from top to toe. Again I felt that should not open my eyes. And then I fell to sleep.

After that third time I asked myself if I maybe was visited by an angel, that gave me healing. But after reading about alien abductions here I began to wonder... Was I really helped/healed - or was I druged? I have got Morphin after an operation once, and I remember the warm good feeling I felt then. This was similar.

Anyone else who have experienced this?

Update February 12th, 2014:
Today found another woman today who had experienced this holy calm, read about her here.


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