June 28, 2011

Tortured to death?

I think it was in the 1990 when a friend of mine said that I should try regression therapy. She told me about her own experiences, so I really got a bit curious and wanted to try it myself.

I visited a well know early life therapist to try this, but nothing happend. I was a bit disapointed, but she said that I could try another therapist and so I did.

During the next regression I was told how to relax in all my body and after a while I started to feel a strange tingeling in my face. I got so excited so told the therapist about it, but as soon as I had done that the sensation disapered! Oh gosh, I was so disapointed.

But something DID happen - afterwards. That night I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that I was kidnapped by a man and I was not the only one, I got a glimse of two or three other women. I remember that one of them was black. I was laying down on some kind of table, I think I was druged because I couldn't move. A man stod beside me and I knew that he was going to hurt me. He did look nice and I think he had beard. He cut me with a knife deep in my left arm, and everything turned black.

In the next scene I cannot see myself, I just KNOW that I am dead and that my body is cut to pieces. It's like parts of my body are stored in some kind of metal cabinet. I see a black coffer on a metal stretcher. I can see the coffer so clear, it looks old and has a thin gold line painted around it. That's the last thing I remember.

When I woke up I was so shaken because it all felt so real. For some reason I got the feeling that it had have happend in USA, maybe in a cottage near water. Could it have been in another life, from earli 1960ies, or earlier? Was the man a mass murderer?

I didn't think about that dream until recently, when I met that psychic therapist. At my first visit she asked if I had done an early life regression. Yes, I said. Then she said that the regression wasn't ended in a proper way, as if I wasn't taken out of it in a proper way. At the next session she held her hands over my left arm and said that she "saw" deep marks in my arm, like I had been tortured! That made me remember the dream i had 20 years ago, after that regression. Maybe it wasn't it just a dream? Maybe it was a glimpse of another life?

When I was about 4-5 years old I remeber I had lots of pain in my left arm. My mother knited a thing that I had around my arm, because she thought that I had some kind of reumatic deseace. But the doctors didn't find anything wrong. I still can feel a strange feeling in my left arm. Sometimes pain, sometimes just like "things" are moving around inside. Do my body/soul remember something from another life?

I have always been afraid of sharp knifes. And I have a big need of feeling free and not locked in. It's like I need to move around (to diffrent jobs, diffrent houses...).

A psychic therapist that I have been seeing since August 2010 said that maybe it's no coincidence that most of my paranormal scratches are on my left arm/hand. Maybe I have a weakness there from another life, because of what happend then...

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