June 18, 2011

My haunted home - this happened

Because of the sturbing noices (from the company in the house) and the hauntings I couldn't sleep in my apartment, but I came there nearly every day and checked my post. It didn't feel good staying there. Here I have listed some of the things that happened during 1 year:

- Scratch Marks on me and my child
- Paralysis in bed, feeling pushed down by someone
- Sounds of things moving on the floor
- Bangings from inside of my bedroom wardrobe
- My mobile called up my home phone while I opened the door
- Feeling that hair on the head is standing right up
- Static around arms, hair really standig right up!
- Pain in heart, inregular heart beats
- Light bulbs braking a bit to often...
- Our parrot became angry and sick, got healthy after moving out
- Computor breakdown
- Problems with TV
- Alarm clock turned off by itself
- Dreams about being pushed in the bed
and so on...

In my mothers home the timer in the kitchen went crazy when I got up to make breakfast. It was counting up or down, but noone had started it. This stoped when I moved out from her house.

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