June 18, 2011

Remembering strange dreams

The phone call to that dowser really made me confused. Did he really mean that aliens exist? I started to google and found I picture that made me a bit surpriced, because it reminded me of something. It was this picture:

I reminded me of a dream that I had in 1997. I woke up because I felt air coming into my face when the bed clothes fell down on me. I was lying in my bed on my back. (Normally I never slept on my back.) I looked up in the darkness and saw the silhouettes of two or three small beeings at the end of the bed! I didn't hear them, but I understood that they were surpriced that I had woken up. The next moment everything was black. I belived it must have been a dream.

But after talking the dowser (in 2008) I began to wonder... maybe it wasn't just a dream? Because I had experienced another strange thing 10 years earlier:

Black hooded figure 1997Our little daughter had been waking us up several times during one night, and that was not at all like her. Normally she slept very good. But that night something was wrong. Finally my husband and I let her sleep between us in our bed and we all fell asleep. Then something happened.

I woke up feeling paralysed and scarred, I felt as someone was standing behind my back. I felt a strong evil force against my lower back and it felt as I was going to die. I couldn't open my eyes but I saw a picture inside my head of a tall black figure in a hood standing right by the bed. I could not see a face, but in my mind I could actually feel that robe, it felt like something between a dolphins skin and rubber...

I was paralysed, full of fear and in my head I screamed:

"- Get lost! Get out of here!"

And finally it disapered and I could move again. My heart was beating very hard. Then the next strange thing happened. It felt as someone pured warm water through my whole body; from top to toe. I felt as I had been healed. Or druged. Then everything went black.

So... was it just two strange dreams or was it something else? I remember that after one of these events I woke up with three dots formed in a small triangle on my stomach (right side). I thought it was strange, but after just a day or two I forgot about it.

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  1. Anonymous7/2/13 07:06

    My son draws pictures and painting like this all the time I am afraid to ask him about it I feel he may be having alien abduction episodes with no memory of them but his subconscious may be manifesting these paintings and drawing you can check his artwork on Facebook/octaveblue