June 18, 2011

Ghost from 1709?

Because of the disturbing noices in our house I had moved in to my mother. But I visited my apartment nearly every day, to check my mail and use my computer.

One day I noticed that I got terrible pain in my heart as I was there, so after a while I went to my mother. The next day same thing happened. The third day my mother came with me and she too got pain in her chest. So we understood that something in the apartment wasn't good. It also felt as if our hair stood right up, but it didn't... Very strange. A friend of mine came over and she too got heart problems, then I called the dowser.

He told me that he used a map and to locate me and that he found a ghost in my apartment. I think he used some kind of dowsing rod. Then he started to communicate with the ghost. He told me that it was a young soldier who had died in a war 1709. And he had been wounded in his heart, thats why I had got heart problems, because I could sense the ghosts problems. He told me that he would help the ghost to the light the next day.

The next day when I came to my apartment all felt just fine - and I had no problem with my heart. So, I really didn't know what to believe.
Lots of swedish soldiers died in the war in Poltava 1709. Could it have been a ghost from that war who came to my house?
Battle of Poltava (Wikipedia)

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