June 18, 2011

Visited by ghost hunters

I think it was a week after I had got the scratches that I found a web site written by some ghost hunters. I contacted them and asked for help. They were interested and came to visit me in my home.

It was a well known psychic woman (medium) and two men. They moved around in my apartment feeling with their hands and they used two recording machines, to get EVP:s. They found two ghosts; an old man (probably the former owner, who had died 3 months before I bought the apartment) and a small boy. They said that the boy was mean, that they thought that he was the one who had scratched me. They helped both the ghosts "to the light" and before they left the woman said to me:

- I think you are psychic, I can see it in your eyes.

I didn't sleep there that night, although they said that everything was OK. But it wasn't. Just a couple of days after I got now scratches, and I got them nearly every day. I got them where ever I was; at my mothers home, at work, outside... I really felt haunted.

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