June 18, 2011

Strange bumps in my upper mouth

One night in 2009 I had a very strange dream. I dreamed that I was sitting with my head bent forward. My eyes were closed and my mouth was wide open - and I couldn't close it. I took my left hand and felt some metal sticks that were pushed up in my upper mouth, so I took them out one after another. Then I don't remember anything more.

About a month later I noticed that I had three bumps in a triangular shape in my upper mouth! And I had never seen them before!

It is difficult to show on picture, but here is a picture where I have marked out the position.

I checked this with my dentist who didn't know what it was, but maybe some kind of bone structure. This hasn't caused amuch pain, but I think it is strange that they apeared just after that dream. Alien implants?

Another time I got real bad pain in my back. I talked to the dowser again and he said that I had an implant. He said he would try to take it away, on distance. He did - and the pain went away. Weird.

A psychic woman who worked with multidimensial therapy asked me if I have had problems with my nose recently. And yes, that day I had got bad smell in it. She said it was an implant and she took it out. The strange smell went away.

Really strange.

I have also had a dream about implats. I dreamed that I got it in my right arm and I was so angry that I pressed that metal stick out right through my skin. Then everything turned black. Why are all this strange dreams so very short, just like small flashes in my mind... never knowing what happened just before or after that event.

I took this picture after the dream about the implant in my arm. Notice the red dots, thats where saw the implant in the dream. I still have that red dots, after two years.


  1. Anonymous8/4/14 11:42

    Regarding the red dots. Do you remember a smell after this happened?

  2. No, I do not remember a smell after that happened.

  3. Anonymous17/4/14 11:58

    I have the same 2 dots on my left forarm. I remember the balcony door was open and I could smell cigarette (the smell could have just been circumstance But that's what I remember). That was just over 12 months ago. The dots are still as vibrant as the day I got them. I could not feel any pain. I also have a single red dot on my chest.