June 18, 2011

EVP:s from my home

The ghost hunters couldn't help me, because the problems came back. But they let me listen to some of the EVP:s they got. There were some voices that sounded pretty normal but there were also voices that sounded a bit robotic. It was scary.

I even did some recordings myself, with the recorder in my digital camera. The recorder was on during the night when I slept i another room. Well, I never heard any voices, but I heard strange poping sounds. A also heard something that sounded like an owl. And once I heard two bangings on my balcona door, although it is impossible to climb so high up without a ladder or something. I also once heard like someone scratched with a nail or something directly at the microphone.

I send some of the EVPs by mail to one of the ghost hunters. He then wrote back, telling me that when he had listned to my recordings he started to hear the same kind of strange noices in his apartment! That made me a bit scarred, so I didn't do any more recordings after that.

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