June 18, 2011

Talking to a dowser

Before the event with the scratches I had talked to a well known dowser (over the phone) about the disturbances with the noice in our house. I knew that dowsers can find water, so I asked him if he also could locate where the noice came from. But he said that was not possible, but he could locate me by distance and have a look at my home as we were speaking to each other...

Well, that sounded real weird. But I let him do so. Then he told me that I had ghost in my home, and two aliens... He said that I had somekind of six-edged-window at my house, a place where UFOs land - and that is not good. I nearly laughed at him, because I didn't believe in such things. Then he began to talk about me, about my health. It was as if he scanned my body on distance and knew exactly wich health problems I had! That was really strange.

So when he said that he could "take away" the ghosts and aliens (on distance) I just said OK and that was it.

Afterwards I really didn't know what to believe. If he was right about my health problems, then maybe he was right about the other things too... or?
A dowser, from an 18th century French book about superstitions

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