June 24, 2011

Scary dreams about future events

Today I read about Johan Huibers, 60 from Netherlands, who had built own Noah's arch. He got the idea after having a nightmare in 1992. This makes me wonder how many people have had the same kind of scary dreams about the future.

During my life I have had some dreams that had become true. I have been dreaming about death in my own family and among celebrities.

Before I even got pregnant I dreamed that I held a premature child in my arms. Six months before I gave birth to my child I had a scary dream of what would happen at the birth. Everything was so clear, every detail, so I even told my husband about it and wrote it down. And - everything became truth! Exactly every detail!

In 2005 I had a dream about a bomb in an underground train. I even heard the word "Explosion". The next day I read about the bombs in London.

I also have had dreams about water and tsunamis. And in 2008/09 I had a scary dream about darkness and fire, feeling like it was the end of the world. I was seeing it through a window with two people/beings beside me. The next day I felt very strange and two times I thought that I was going to pass out. I still don't know what happened, it was just like a very strange feeling came over me and I had to sit down to not faint. The dream was like in Michael Jacksons "Earth Song", darkness and fire.

Now I haven't had that kind of dreams for a long time, and that feels good.


  1. Hi! Wow, that is interesting about your precognitive dreams! I, too, have had a few precognitive dreams--not as intriguing as yours and not very many, either.

    My best precognitive dream was of a rooming house fire that killed 6 people (including 3 children). I woke up with a bone-shaking chill and a strong knowing that the fire would happen. Three days late it did. Two of the three people I saw in the dream died. The one person who survived (and her daughter) did so because she took my dream serious and did exactly what I told her she did in the dream to escape the fire.

    Great going on your blog! I shall return!!


  2. I had a dream last night that Me, my grandma, aunt, uncle , cousin, and her husband were all in the white village type building and there was a man going around shooting people and he would keep coming back to the room we were and shoot trying to kill us, the next day i get out of school and....my brother tells me 20 innocent little kinder gardeners in Connecticut. I feel like it's my fault even though i didn't know anything about it. Why did i dream that and it happen? HOW....

  3. I know exactly how it feels, because this has happened me so many times. But, these kind of dreams not always tell you WHERE the actions would take place. So how could you know? And how could you stop it? It's sad, but it is not possible to stop a dream like this to happen in real life. Sometimes my dreams about the future has helped me to prepare myself, and I have been happy about it. But most of the time you cannot use these kind of dreams to stop the things from happen, because you don't get enought of information before.

    Thanks for sharing your dream, Anonymus!