June 28, 2011

An owl!?

It has been calm for a long time now, but yesterday I started to feel that tingeling on my head again. Like something is crawling in my hair. And now I feel it even more. I don't know why it has started again.

Just when I logged in here at Blogger I heard an owl, it was as the sound come from the room that I am sitting in. Right above my head. Very strange. But this is not new, I have had invisible owls around me before.

Two years ago when a dowser checked my old apartment on distance he said that he had found an owl. So I guessed he ment a ghost owl. The strange thing was that I just the night before that I did some EVP-recordings in the apartment and - I got something on the recorder that sounded just like an owl!

So... What does it mean? Why do I hear owls around me? And why have that tingeling feeling on my head started again? Has my crown chakra opened up again or am I visited by ghosts?

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