October 17, 2011

Orbs in my home

At Christmas Eve 2007 I caught the first orb in my old flat, but I didn't notice it until about one year later - when the hauntings had become real bad.

In November/December 2007 I started to hear the strange low frequency sound in my apartment. I was only heard during night and I think that it was the sound that dragged all the spirits to the house... About the same time the orbs started to appear on my photos.

This wing orb is unusual because I only got it on picture once. The other orbs were round.

Doesn't it look like a very small white bird?

October 16, 2011

Scared of darkness

When I was a child I was so afraid of darkness. I always slept with my head under the coat/cover and I tried not to breath, not to move - because then "they" maybe would belive that I was dead and leave me alone. Because I was sure that "something" was in my room.

I remember that I once woke up under my bed, not remebering how I got there.

I have had many nightmares about being in a dark room and desperatly trying to turn the light on, but the switches doesn't work. But this wasn't only nightmares. Maybe they were true? Once my mother found me in bed with the lamp in bed. It had been hanging on the wall, so she was surpriced to find it in my bed.

My mother also found me in bed sometimes with nose bleed.

This last year I have been wondering if this could be signs of me beeing abducted.

Update:Just when I had written this and logged out from Blogger - I got that strange beep signal in my ear again. But I am not surpriced, writing about abductions... This happens almost everytime I write or talk about aliens and abductions. No doubt that I am being watched, but I go on trying to block the signal out, letting it bounce away from me. It seems like it works. But the next time the signal is weaker. So, "they" don't stop, they just change the signal a bit every time hoping that I won't notice it. But I do, and I get angry every time - because it doesn't stop.

October 06, 2011

"The Hum" in Sweden?

In 2007/2008 I heard it the first time, that strange humming sound.

First I thought it was a car outside the house, standing with it's motor on. But when I opened the window it was silent. The sound could only be heard inside the house!

I could only hear the sound during evening/nights, never daytime. Most of the time it started about 11 P.M and went on until about 6 A.M.

It got worse and it made me sick. I got heart problems, high blood pressure, nausea and ear problems. I left home and slept in my car and finally I had to move out.

At this time the hauntings began, but they followed me when I moved out.

But, what was that sound? What did it come from? Well, I found out that there was a company in the basement that had an EMF-lab. But, they said that they did their test during daytime and that it couldn't cause any disturbance. So, could I trust them?

I checked with the city council if there where any underground work/drilling around my house. But they said no. But they did some test in my apartment and they said that they could see that it was somekind of disturbance, but they couldn't locate the source.

So did that "hum" come from the company in the basement - or was there some kind of military operations underground? An underground tunnel to evacuate "important people" from Stockholm? Well obviously strange things are going on in Sweden:

Humming sound close to Sweden's largest lake, Vänern

October 01, 2011

Strange object in the sky over Sweden

The 10th September 2011 I saw a very strange object high up in the sky. I live at a place where I see a lot of planes everyday, but this one looked real different. Here are some of my pictures:

Anyone who have seen something like this? The light was real strong and it moved real fast. Could it have been some kind of rocket?

On Youtube I found this:

Comet Elenin Burning Up In Space

UFO in Peru? Amazing video of what is thought to be a meteorite blazing across South American sky

UFO (Over China)

UFO (Over Poland)

Fire in the Sky

Strange phenomenon

Fire in the sky, what the f....

Doesn't it look like it's the same kind of object? It has been seen over USA, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, China, Dubai, Australia, Poland, Latvia, Finland and Sweden.

Please check out Rod Hilderman's videos of Hologram Planes too