October 06, 2011

"The Hum" in Sweden?

In 2007/2008 I heard it the first time, that strange humming sound.

First I thought it was a car outside the house, standing with it's motor on. But when I opened the window it was silent. The sound could only be heard inside the house!

I could only hear the sound during evening/nights, never daytime. Most of the time it started about 11 P.M and went on until about 6 A.M.

It got worse and it made me sick. I got heart problems, high blood pressure, nausea and ear problems. I left home and slept in my car and finally I had to move out.

At this time the hauntings began, but they followed me when I moved out.

But, what was that sound? What did it come from? Well, I found out that there was a company in the basement that had an EMF-lab. But, they said that they did their test during daytime and that it couldn't cause any disturbance. So, could I trust them?

I checked with the city council if there where any underground work/drilling around my house. But they said no. But they did some test in my apartment and they said that they could see that it was somekind of disturbance, but they couldn't locate the source.

So did that "hum" come from the company in the basement - or was there some kind of military operations underground? An underground tunnel to evacuate "important people" from Stockholm? Well obviously strange things are going on in Sweden:

Humming sound close to Sweden's largest lake, Vänern

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